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  1. Reading between the lines i think they are panicking. Prices are very low for this cruise in peak time and OBC on top. I dont think they are getting many package sales either since its port heavy and very costly in general. Im expecting further discount and then possibly the cruise being cancelled if Italy deteriorates further with this virus. Im due to fly to Italy on Sunday to Ski which is just amazing given the proximity to this virus. Im not too concerned with the virus im more concerned with being quarantined for weeks because ive got a sore throat on way back (which happens most times i go)
  2. So logged in this morning and the price has changed. 151 GBP for U Dining package 49.50 per day for Delux Drinks Seems too much for a currency change and seems to little to be an actual discount. Possibly 10% ? At this moment im more inclined to think that the whole cruise might be cancelled due to Corona in Italy
  3. We sail 19th July. Last year they discounted some packages randomly but we had drinks included anyway so it was only the dining packages which appeared. I thought when you booked the drinks it no longer showed you the prices? With the OBC it doesnt go very far towards the drink packages and meal package we are after so ideally id want 20% off if i can find it.
  4. That is a considerable saving but i will only be D. Does RCCL still offer discount on the packages before sailing or has that changed? If i have to ill leave until the last minute to buy the packages. At the moment they are full RRP.
  5. Does anyone know if you get discount on Delux Drinks when on board? A regular cruiser says he gets 40% off for being Pinnacle on board, 30% for D+ With Royal changing things up so often is this still the case? I run the risk of VAT out of Barcelona if i get this wrong...
  6. Does anyone know if unlimited dining package still allows you to eat in playmakers and johny rockets for lunch for free each day?
  7. You have this down to an art 🙂 Certainly the second week might be worth us changing our drinking habits if this drinks package doesnt become reasonable. It feels only a short time since i was paying less than half of the above rates. Some sanity needs to come back to these prices because the price has gone up and the quality certainly hasnt.
  8. Does it cost $55 USD to eat in chops now?!?! Is it me or has the price of everything sky rocketed on RCCL?
  9. I dont really drink any less on ports. As im back to back ill miss some port anyway. i like when the ship is quiet. Id hope the drink package would be cheaper because most will be off the ship which means less sales of packages. They seem desperate to sell. I got a sea view balcony for £1680 for 14 nights pp with 700$ credit. They called me 3 times increasing the OBC until they said they couldnt offer any more. I paid £1000 for Ocean view inside cabin for 7 days in 2016 on same ship and this time its been Amped up.
  10. So i just booked back to back on 19th July On Allure. $700 OBC for the 2 weeks. Ocean view balcony. Drinks package says £45.60 per day which is as you say $60 USD. So is this a good or bad price per day? Edit: Just realised they at 16.8% gratuity on this price making it £53 per day which isnt good
  11. Do you know if your 56 USD price includes the gratuity? That works out for £43 per day which is less than the £53 ive been quoted so far. I have been offered 700 USD OBC for the 2 week cruise by RCCL. Im guessing there is no way to spend this OBC until you get on the ship and are at the mercy of ship pricing? Also we hit diamond on the second week. Does this mean we also get 3 free drinks vouchers per night and happy hour too?
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