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  1. Calling people slobs because they don't exceed the dress code requested by the cruise line is ignoring them?
  2. The suitcase is offered as a reason as to why most people are glad that cruise lines have relaxed the dress codes. It was only a little over 10 years ago that you could check two bags for free on most every airline. This was the standard for decades. The introduction of fees for the first checked bag with an even steeper fee for a second bag has changed how people travel. No one is "blaming" this for why they don't want to dress up but are pointing out the realities of travel in the modern era. When space has a price put on it, people begin to assess what is and isn't necessary for a trip. The real reason why formal nights are gone from almost every cruise line is that society in general has become more casual. What those who adhere to the dress code are tired of is people saying they have to exceed the dress code or be considered slobs (which itself is a value judgment based on an arbitrary standard).
  3. Also, I have read reports that one's spouse was receiving communications so if Celebrity also had his or her email, it's possible the password resets went there? They've been updating their website for a couple of years now and creating messes along the way. That's why I think you're ultimately going to have to call if it isn't working for you.
  4. AFAIK, you have to be logged in to your account and add your reservation to it. When they first rolled this out, they required you to first sign in with your username and then "migrate" the account and then your username became your email address. I don't really remember what the steps were (it was in May of last year). Everyone received an email about it at the time. If you didn't, then there's something deeper going on (maybe you registered with an old email address?). I think you're just going to have to call them to sort it out at this point. Q. I can’t reset my password using the security question and answer, or email link. A. If you recently migrated to Guest Account, or have just created a new Guest Account, and need to change your password, please call us. If you have not yet migrated to Guest Account, please reset your password using the link found in the email we have sent you. If you do not remember your password, please call us.
  5. I would never wear anything from your list of what "slobs" wear. I meet or exceed the dress code set by the cruise line. The staff are wearing uniforms, so I don't think it's accurate to say they're dressing up, unless you concede that the antiquated ideas behind "formal night" espoused by many are, in fact, in service to a costume party.
  6. They merged systems with RCCL almost a year ago. Your username is now your email address, so if you're using your old username, that won't work. If that doesn't help, you're going to have to call them to figure it out.
  7. Formal wear has gone the way of the dodo most everywhere (even at formerly "formal" events), just like "Sunday dress" is a lot more casual these days. Many of the people who still wear formal wear on cruises look awful in it because a lot of what is seen is very dated. Gowns from 30 years ago, complete with 80s-style shoulder pads, often accompanied by makeup and hairstyles to match . Ladies, it's not retro if you owned it the first time around. Tuxes from 20 years + 10 sizes ago straining at the seams, a violent cough away from putting an eye out with a projectile button. Those cheap bow ties worn with a winged collar where you see the clip mechanism. Wearing winged collars at all, for that matter (technically for white tie but often it screams 90s prom when seen in the wild). Now that I think about it, I notice a lot more fashion-don'ts when someone decides to put on the costume pieces to play dress-up. One consideration for men and packing is that I do not want to waste space on bringing a pair of dress shoes for two nights of a cruise. Like many, I try to do carry-on only these days and shoes are the first place to scale back. My day-to-day shoes pair nicely with slacks but wouldn't look good with a tux.
  8. This board does not support the private messaging function between posters. The messaging function is only used by moderators and site staff.
  9. Sorry to hear about your mom. Celebrity's Equinox is in dry dock for its "revolution," which is why there is nothing in May. The only sailings from the U.S. are Alaska or Bermuda (from NJ). You might check Royal. You would get reciprocal status & perks based on your Captain's Club level. The May 26 cruise from FLL on Allure of the Seas has suites available. It's a 7-night Eastern.
  10. They have a list of laundry prices in the FAQ of the website. It's toward the bottom of the page at the link below. Sometimes they offer a "stuff the bag" special for less money (typically around $50) but that can vary. That's also for wash and fold only. It's an industrial laundry facility so while you can write "cold water only" on your form, I don't think there are any guarantees as the standard is hot water and hot dryer, so safest would be to send only pre-shrunk items. I'd not send in anything delicate or that you treat with special care when you do it yourself. Many people do hand washing in their rooms, especially for delicate items. I'm sure someone will be along to offer their tips for that. However, Cruise Critic is full of threads about doing laundry yourself if you use the search function. https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/customer-support/help-and-faqs/during-your-cruise/all-during-your-cruise-faqs If you look at a deck plan for Reflection, the casino is on Deck 4. That area labeled Shops on the Boulevard is a walkway that goes around the casino, so you can avoid walking through it. You can also walk through the casino if that walkway is crowded. The great thing about Celebrity is that the casino is non-smoking. The daily planner is called Celebrity Today. There will be a paper copy provided in your cabin each night. While Celebrity does have an app available that can replace this, it is not yet on every ship. The app is available for Reflection. You do not have to have an internet package to use it, should someone you're traveling with wish to download and use it once on the ship. I don't know that it would work on a Kindle, though. It's offered for Apple and Android devices but I have no familiarity with how Kindle fits within those ecosystems. https://www.celebritycruises.com/celebrity-app/
  11. You get more benefits as a suite guest with Club Orange. That is indisputable. Whether or not it's worth it to you personally is a matter of your opinion. Many of us are fine with the "loss" of breakfast in Pinnacle Grill, since it's the same menu but in a different venue.
  12. Honestly, many of the people who wear formal wear look awful in it because a lot of what I've seen is very dated. Gowns from 30 years ago, complete with 80s-style shoulder pads, often accompanied by makeup and hairstyles to match . Ladies, it's not retro if you owned it the first time around. Tuxes from 20 years + 10 sizes ago straining at the seams, a violent cough away from putting an eye out with a projectile button...
  13. School starts in August for a lot of districts. Peak season for Alaska is mid-June to mid-August.
  14. So you stick your finger in your mouth and then reach for whatever bottle and pour what you want on the salad? Please just ask the attendant.
  15. Interesting. Wonder if RCCL will divvy up their days between the brands or keep them for Royal only. They'd have to rework a lot of the existing 2020 itineraries if they want to include Glacier Bay.
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