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  1. Is it still so hard for people to grasp that as more is learned about something, advice is going to change? The six foot rule was not just grabbed "out of the sky" and is a standard that has been around since the late 1800s. The reduction to three feet is specific to classroom settings with everyone wearing a mask. Six feet is still recommended in other school settings outside of classrooms. Six feet is still recommended for all adults in a school setting as well as for older children in high transmission areas. Too much nuance for some, obviously. It's not exactly rocket science to unde
  2. My theory: the cruise lines knew last week that these updated instructions were about to be published, and they launched that campaign to try and stop this phased approach altogether knowing it was their last shot at getting out of meeting the requirements.
  3. Communicable diseases are quite different than religion, which is protected under federal civil rights law. As far as political and social beliefs, there are stories every few weeks about some owner or another making it known that people who do not believe as they do are welcome to take their business elsewhere. Not illegal unless it is discriminatory under a state or federal public accommodation law. People can believe all sorts of things that are not true. Doesn't mean that businesses have to humor them.
  4. That's a very small response to a campaign, as such things go. Negligible on a national level, really.
  5. U.S. Representatives and Senators are rarely interested in a back and forth and neither are their staff. They get too much correspondence for that. You need to state your opinion for or against whatever it is and wish them a nice day so that the staff member can note the topic and your opinion. They're looking for public sentiment on issues and not a discussion. Personal letters get more weight than filling out a form on some website as part of an email blast. Routine matters will usually have a form letter response of some sort to send out, but it is an actual person who reads what you wr
  6. Yes. Celebrity is relying on the same document. Link below takes you to a page about it, and there is a link to the report on that page. https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/panel
  7. The Healthy Sail Panel recommendations say to limit trip lengths to less than 10 nights during the initial startup phase. I would guess that is the reason for the B2B prohibition.
  8. We still don't know how long immunity from vaccines will last and if/when boosters will be needed. Current guesses (based on other coronaviruses) are from five months to two years. The first wave of vaccines went to healthcare workers, first responders, and people in highly vulnerable demographics in the December-January timeframe and then opened up to other vulnerable populations over the January/February/March timeframe with many of the vaccines right now still going primarily to those with health conditions that make them vulnerable to the virus. January + 5 months = June. S
  9. I believe there is a distinct difference between someone residing here and someone coming in, getting a shot, and then immediately leaving the country. Florida did actually allow anyone to get the vaccine early on because no one was checking residency status. That was a loophole that DeSantis closed. It would be politically fraught to open it back up, especially until all Florida residents who want a vaccine get a vaccine. The federal government could also step in and say "no" since they're the ones ultimately controlling supply. The rate of vaccination in Florida would have t
  10. You keep saying versions of this but are not correct in the underlying facts. The cruise lines haven't finished their part of the first step in order to move on to the second step. Here is a quote from a news article earlier this week from Richard Fain: “Interestingly, [CSO] calls for a four-phase process, and now we’re four months into it, and we’re still in phase one and don’t know what’s required for phase two." To say they're waiting for the details of Phase 2 before they can finish Phase 1 is disingenuous at best (a distraction, as I noted in an earlier comment). Had they
  11. I cannot imagine the offer wasn't made, but who knows? The CDC has made their position known and re-confirmed that they're not dropping the phased approach, which is what the cruise lines are pushing them to do.
  12. The problem with doing test cruises in another jurisdiction is that it only gives the CDC more reason to ignore anything presented without direct observation. Why trust anyone who won't work directly with you? The cruise lines have not even completed the Phase 1 stuff that they were supposed to complete, so I don't understand this "we're waiting on the CDC to tell us what to do for Phase 2" talking point. That is what is called a distraction. The statements by Fain and others this last week were that they think the CDC plan of a phased approach to reopening is not needed. In o
  13. If your reservation is with a TA, X is not going to talk specifics with you about it. They might can give you general information about options, but those have been laid out in the thread already. If you want your TA to ask X what the options are, you'll have to convince them to do that. Maybe ask to be put on a 3-way call so you can hear X explain it. You should know the price range of a replacement cruise before you do any of this. I could see them agreeing to switch your current reservation if what you're paying is higher than you could book the replacement one. Otherwise, you're goin
  14. Everyone also seems to conveniently forget that cruise lines (including Celebrity) were sending ships out to sea hours before ports were to be closed last March, knowing that the shutdown orders were imminent. We sat on this board and watched it in real time. Pretty obvious that the powers that be running these companies cannot be trusted to do the right thing, especially since there has been very little evidence to date that they're making any effort to comply with the CDC order rather than relying on a pressure campaign to influence their place in line. The impatience from some
  15. The science isn't settled on how long immunity from vaccines lasts. A bit of a gamble to tie up thousands of dollars if the sailing goes on but you cannot get on it because you're waiting for a booster shot. People are desperately wanting "normal" to return but that is still a ways off. We're in the phase of getting some sense of normalcy. That is not the same thing as acting like there still isn't a pandemic going on.
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