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  1. Most of would prefer that other passengers not put us in danger by trying to sneak on prohibited items.
  2. I was under the impression that where the cruises go is typically too far south to see them, especially during the summer months when the days are longer. Those who do see them usually go as part of a land package to Fairbanks (inland) for the experience. You need a dark, clear sky, so even on those two days of predicted higher visibility, the conditions would have to be just right.
  3. The dining packages will show up in your cruise planner if they're available for your sailing. Sometimes they come and go so it doesn't hurt to check in regularly. As with any cruise line, you can certainly try to negotiate prices once on the ship. HAL offers additional discounts as part of their loyalty program, so they seem to be a little more rigid with the pricing.
  4. If you have an onboard booking bonus, you should always transfer it to retain the OBC for a future reservation. If you cancel the reservation outright, that OBC bonus goes away. However, if you booked with two perks and the new cruise is only offering one perk, then you don't get to transfer the two perks. You also have to pay the current price for the new cruise. It's a little more transparent if you've been booking suites because those all-in offers have been available for several years now for most cruises (though not all of them).
  5. Of course the real blame lies with the passengers who were acting atrociously and there are also strategies to keep yourself away from itineraries that will have a lot of families. However, there does come a point where the company cannot be excused for not dealing with the problems when it's impacting so many others. That's the measure of a well-run organization, after all.
  6. The "kids sail free" promo was available across the fleet. Celebrity had to put all of their cruises on sale because the initial asking prices for most sailings this year were so outrageous that people didn't book.
  7. It's Italian food. I'd suggest googling the terms you don't know rather than relying on what someone with different taste buds says.
  8. Steamers are on the list of banned items, which means they may be confiscated. A Facebook post isn't going to override that. There's always a table full of such items removed from luggage for people to pick up at the port exit. Certain items that generate heat or produce an open flame are not permitted on ship. This includes clothing irons, hotplates, steamers, candles, incense and any other item that may create a fire hazard. Curling irons and hair dryers are allowed.
  9. The one of the telephone and the one of the nightstand both show the outlets pretty clearly. Now that I look closer, though, one side has both types (US and European) and the other has just US. Both have USB plugs (single on one; double on the other). There are more electrical outlets on the same wall at the corner of the desk.
  10. If you scroll the professional photos posted to Cruise Critic, you can see them--one of each type on each side https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/zuiderdam-266/neptune-suite-410338/
  11. This video is of 6132. If you go to about 2:53 into it, you'll see a shot of that side. This thread has a picture of that side of the ship with cabins labeled
  12. This announcement about the roll call search tool has been posted for a while at the top of every page. In short, you have to find your roll call by going to the roll calls and search by ship and sail date. The search tool does not work. Creating a roll call is no different than creating any other post, though.
  13. I always tell people to ignore the descriptions and focus on what the base dish is. There's usually a pasta dish, a red meat dish, a chicken dish, a fish dish, and a vegetarian dish. Always ask the waiter for recommendations and listen to them. They've yet to steer me wrong. If you don't like the entree, they'll bring you something else, so you don't have to go hungry if you pick the wrong thing. I'd err on always trying something from the Luminae menu versus picking anything from the MDR one because the quality of the latter is not as high.
  14. Luminae is the primary reason to book a suite. If he's going to only eat MDR food, then I'd factor that into the decision. The Sky Suites on M-Class are not that big.
  15. Constellation is an M-Class ship so fewer amenities than the S-Class ones like Reflection. I like it, but it's a different experience. Many of the Deck 6 suites have views of the top of the lifeboats.
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