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  1. And you don't think the operators at Celebrity are just as busy, if not more busy, than your TA? Why is their time less valuable than hers, not to mention the time of all the other customers who are waiting for you to get off the phone while you're doing something that you're supposed to let your TA do since she's getting paid for the reservation? I did see your follow-up explanations about status, which is why I said I was reacting to your initial (that means first) comment. I'm not the only one who took it that way, either, so rather than being overly defensive, maybe consider that what you wrote initially (again, that means first) was not exactly as clear as you intended. You requested that they email you back but are ranting about how they didn't do that within a few hours, which they rarely (if ever) do, even in normal circumstances. So, you know everyone is operating under unusual conditions, you know how long you sat on hold, and you should have enough experience to know the way they handle emails yet you're upset enough to rant and rave about it. Is this what you consider a "meaningful" contribution? Or is that the part where you yell at people for reacting to what you wrote?
  2. I think that the OP saying they have a TA that they don't want to bother because she's overburdened is comedy gold. I read the elite comment in context, and it came across initially as "don't they know who I am?" Especially after complaining that an email sent the day before demanding that someone call them back wasn't returned. Add status level with being on this board for almost 20 years, and you don't know that's not the way any of this works? I mean, c'mon. These are legitimate complaints but unreasonable expectations.
  3. There is also a Smithsonian Channel app for devices like Roku. There are free and paid versions that affect how much content you see, but it might be an option depending on what you have. If you subscribe to cable, that often gives you access to more content.
  4. I read your response as "jerky," too. I cannot see how anyone wouldn't, whether you meant it that way or not. Beyond that, I think we are all curious to know where you got this idea that people who use TAs are paying more for their trip? I've done it both ways, and I always price it both ways, and the cost is the same cost either way. I sometimes even find better room selection with the TA because they have access to inventory that the cruise line may not have on sale via their website.
  5. What article? The only thing I see on that date is an article about a range of CDC numbers based on scenario planning that was done in February. The numbers had not been made public yet. 200,000 on the low end and 1.7M on the high end are the numbers cited for potential deaths in that article and others that reference that article. The headline is "Worst-Case Estimates for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths" Even more interesting is the deck headline: "Projections based on C.D.C. scenarios show a potentially vast toll. But those numbers don’t account for interventions now underway."
  6. You were hearing but not understanding then.
  7. I don't understand why the OP thinks that passengers are the ones who will be coming up with solutions. Most of us are not developing new tests. Most of us are not cruiseline executives. Most of us do not work for CDC. We as passengers are the ones who are going to make the breakthroughs happen? By magic? Happy wishes? Posts on a message board?
  8. Yes, sorry. Just a little joke about all the acronyms used. 😁
  9. I've seen at least two articles this week talking about the heavy toll the virus is playing on transit workers in the U.S. Transit is an essential service when it's needed to keep essential personnel moving. Not so essential to take tourists to a Diamonds International for "shopping" fun.
  10. Did you watch the clip? Have any corrections you'd like to make?
  11. You should watch John Oliver's show this week that talks about sports. In short, not as easy as imagined.
  12. They're also heading into winter & their regular flu season, so it makes sense for them to remained isolated.
  13. More concerned with being able to see family in other states first. Resigned to the fact that no vacation will be happening this year and probably not until at least this time next year. Secondary consideration is that I'm holding onto my vacation days at work because those get paid out should I get furloughed. I have a certain number of "use or lose" days that I will use to take a day or two at a time. I'm already at home most of the week, so I guess the difference will be working vs not working on those days.
  14. I think your sister is right not to worry if the agent who is going out of business is affiliated with an established TA company that would take over the reservation. What is your concern?
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