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  1. When I say wind tunnel effect, I mean if you leave the veranda window open and try to leave the room the suction is so strong the door is hard to hold. The first time it happened it totally got away from my wife. I promise you if someone was walking by they would have been injured. I like the towel idea.
  2. Wind tunnel effect is real with the veranda window open if you leave the stateroom. The he bed was the most comfortable I have had on a cruise. We had the bed by the closet, I slept on the side near the veranda, twice I stubbed the hell outof my toe on the base of the sofa next to the bed.
  3. We cruised on the Edge 12/9/18, great service, food, love the dinner concept. There is no way I will ever book an IV again. It is a glorified ocean view. When we cruise I love sitting on the veranda. It was locked often. I remember numerous times I told the wife I needed to get out of the cabin because I felt confined without veranda access.
  4. If you have no savings wisdom would say you should not book a cruise...at any level. It’s discretionary spending. I am a big fan of delayed gratification! If it’s that important put off the idea for a few years, but it is attainable. Funny, when I didn’t have the money I wanted many things, once I acquired the money that provided me the opportunity to indulge myself these things became less important to me. I love the idea of people setting goals and working to achieve them. Be it a beat up ford or a phantom.
  5. I never said everyone can afford a suite. Tone of my posts = no tone , words on a screen. We can disagree, maybe even misunderstand each other, butYou labeled my previous post ridiculous. ( no need to interpret tone there) You being, “taken aback” by something I wrote. I am really not that significant. I am mystified by this “tone” you keep speaking of. I am not stressed,
  6. The fact that you can even take a cruise means you have more wealth than most people in the world. No one “needs” to go on a cruise, it is all discretionary spending. Nobody has to make a choice between dinner tonight or a suite on a cruise ship. The whole conversation regarding class on a cruise is hilarious. To bemoan the fact that people who spend more get more is a denial of capitalism itself. People buy what they want and what they value, at whatever economic strata they occupy. Show me your checkbook and I will tell you what’s important to you. If you have an IV veranda on the EDGE you paid a premium for it, far more than for similar accommodations on a different ship. The dream of a suite.... flip your pillow.
  7. Nowhere on a cruise contract does it state you have access to the whole ship. You can afford a suite if you wanted it, people spend their money on what the want and what they value.
  8. We were moved to another cabin on deck 11, better view, but I would never pay for a veranda that was not at my disposal 24/7. We are in Key West this morning light rain and they disable the window, can’t sit on the veranda and enjoy the fresh air. I have to leave my veranda an go outside to find a covered outdoor space to enjoy the weather. We ate dinner in Normandie last night, great meal!
  9. My point exactly! Wife likes to sleep in I like early morning on the balcony, motor is loud and goes on forever. Seems like a lot of moving parts to break. Came in after breakfast, I wanted to go on the balcony, light drizzle so they disabled the veranda window. My veranda once again became an overpriced ocean view. Horrible horrible design. Sliding glass door you control when you go out on the veranda.
  10. One suitcase full of luggage is wet, it appears that they let it sit in the rain! It was weird because they delivered it to us an hour and a half after they made the announcement that we could go to the rooms. All the other luggage was lining the hallway and ours wasn’t there. Funny, I remembered reading something on here about the porters so I tipped the guy to make sure I didn’t have a problem. Back to the martini bar!
  11. We couldn’t be more disappointed. This is the photo of the “upgrade” we received for our guaranteed sunset veranda. Worst accommodations we have ever had. That orange railing carries the magic carpet. The window is another cabin. About 55% obstructed view. To make matters worse the veranda window can be disabled by the crew. This turns my veranda into an ocean view room. We have not opened it yet. I have Always had a veranda because we like to sit out on it at all hours of the day or night. Promptly went to guest services to complain. I can see into the other room and they can see into ours!
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