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  1. My question is this: Do they email you the results on your computer and then you make a copy and take that to the cruise terminal? I don't use a smart phone...have an old fashioned flip phone but it keeps me connected. I don't know apps or how to get them. For those of you who have already cruised and you took a copy of the test results did Carnival accept that? Thanks from anxious in Texas!
  2. I have a back to back and was told that the ship will give you the test at their expense.
  3. I just got off the Miracle and at least on that ship, you had to make a reservation for sea day brunch.
  4. I am not a fan of the Hub because I use a flip phone. Have no idea on how to text or even answer the phone. You may think that I am the only one on this planet like this but I am not. I am 64 years old and I choose to stay with the phone I have used for years. I recently was on the Miracle and I felt lost the entire week. Carnival assumes we all use a smart phone but frankly, there were quite a few who were in the same boat..so to speak. At the dining table for 6, we were issued 3 printed menus. This now took longer to let us order because we had to pass the menus around and by the time they got to 2 or 3 people, some forgot what they wanted. It became a joke for us to chuckle but I hope you get my drift. Leaving the dining room and walking by the tables, I also noticed everyone was on their phones. They weren't talking, they were texting and it made me sad because dinner conversation is a highlight for me. I love talking with others and finding out about their lives. I wish Carnival would put the activities and menus on the TV or have a spot at Guest Services perhaps where you got get a printed copy of the days activities. I also don't think you should have to make a reservation for sea day brunch. You are on vacation and not on a time clock.
  5. sI am driving across country and was wondering if this 72 hour health form is filled out and sent to Carnival or if you print it out and take it with you. I am somewhat nervous as I am not a techno person. I still have a flip phone. Also, are these forms available at the terminal if you dont have one. We are cruising out of Seattle. Much Thanks Ya'll.
  6. I always get a room by the middle elevators. We don't go too far towards the back of the ship because you will run into overhead noise from the galley. I would only go about 4 rooms down from the elevators. Going towards the front of the ship, I would go 4-5 rooms. Hope this helps.
  7. I have been advised that in addition to the health form that we filled out 16 days before sailing, there is another health form to fill out and take with you..it's 72 hours before sailing that it becomes available. Problem for me is that I will be driving from Texas to Seattle and not have a computer available. Did any of ya'll need to bring this to the terminal? Were there forms available at the terminal to fill out perhaps? Thanks everyone
  8. Thank you everyone...you have given me "food for thought". Luckily the cold beer is year round. Maybe I will try the fish. Just glad we are cruising again and in such a beautiful place.
  9. My excursion in Ketchican is to eat some great crab and sip some good, cold beer. Anyone have recommendations? Needs to be close to the pier also.
  10. I have a cruise in Alaska on July 27th. I noticed that Faster to the Fun was offered but sold out. I also understand that priority boarding is not offered for these early cruises. So what gives? I think that if they offer FTTF, they should honor Priority boarding. Anyone know more to this? I hope I am understanding it wrong.
  11. I don't anything about this new "requirement". Can ya'll fill me in?
  12. We are staying at the Hampton Inn in Burlingame CA and I am hoping there is a good restaurant nearby? Seafood would be a plus.
  13. thank you all. I made a reservation at Hampton Inn in Burlingame that offers the park and stay package. Very reasonable.
  14. thank you for the replies. Yes, I am driving in from near Houston, texas since I don't fly. My husband also uses a scooter which makes my search a little harder. Is parking at the airport and then using transportation the could load our bags and his scooter an option?
  15. I have been searching for 2 days trying to find a hotel with a cruise shuttIe for an 11 day cruise..Miracle..or a parking lot with a shuttle to the ship. I hope ya'll can help me cause I am lost. I am willing to stay near San Francisco and drive in the day of the cruise..may 11th. I just can't find a parking lot with a shuttle.
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