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  1. Sandwiches/ canapes were the usual - some canapes we liked better than others. The frequent request from our children were chocolate covered strawberries, and we usually ate 2-3 plates of those a day.
  2. Yeah, for all the "good" travel agents I've been referred to, I've had our last names misspelled MANY times. Not worth the hassle. I can book it myself in less time, and the time and aggravation saved is worth more than the $50 offered.
  3. http://www.seatrade-*****/news/news-headlines/will-new-trump-administration-policies-impact-cuba-cruises.html this article cites an NCL spokesperson.
  4. That's for sending money, it's not specific for travel. They haven't even announced what the travel restrictions will be.
  5. That's not what the announcement said. They didn't say anything about eliminating people to people visits, only remittances to the island.
  6. This was a bit surprising to me. We we have sailed NCL and disney - Dh has also done trips with his older kids on Princess recently. DCL had most certainly gone down hill since our previous sailing. We got a fair price for the cruise, and Star Wars day at sea was our instigation for the cruise, but after that cruise I was done with Disney. Food was mediocre at best - hollandaise and other sauces were obviously powder based mixes, our meals were sometimes awful. The pools were ok, but the ship felt tired and busy. Ice cream was frequently out of order. It made me miss NCL, and for the price point it certainly wasn’t justifiable - for the price of a balcony I would have been able to sail in a suite (perhaps haven depending on sailing).
  7. Did Blexie come to Havana for you? It looks like his tours start in Varadero.
  8. Does anyone know where Jomar is? I miss his "baby trees" in the mojito bar on Gem!
  9. That's so awful. I'm sooo soo sorry you had that experience. We've had slow service at Cagney's sometimes, but never inedible. I'd be ready for bed or the buffet after waiting that long too. I hope your other meals were more positive events.
  10. Had to call for something else - 4 to 6 months prior to sailing (we're just before 6 months now, so no surprise that bookings aren't yet available), and no priority for Latitude members. We're not sailing in a suite for this cruise so I didn't ask. Will be interesting to see how bookings go as it looks like only Insides/ Suites are only rooms available.
  11. 😮 Can't believe it - so sad. Did anyone follow up with you after? It's really appalling. My kids love Cagney's so that has me a bit terrified for our cruise.
  12. I thought on our previous bookings there were specific dates that groups could book reservations for cabanas/ dinner - ie Haven/Suite, Platinum, Gold. But I can't find it on NCLs website. I've PIF for our October cruise and just want to mark it on my calendar so I can book when available. Any ideas?
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