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  1. Thanks for the article. I still haven't been refunded for the Feb 23rd - March 1st cruise we took that ended up being a bit of a disaster. I saw your signature... were you able to cancel your March 2020 cruises with no penalty/full refund or FCC? If that was an option when I sailed, we'd have gone that route rather than taken the cruise.
  2. I initiated a chargeback with my credit card company yesterday, citing "service not as promised". I'm faxing them a copy of the letter we got in our stateroom, promising a refund, tomorrow. We'll see what happens.
  3. Still nothing for us, either. The letter says 30 days...
  4. I was on this ship as well and haven't gotten a refund. I'm thinking of providing the letter to my CC company and requesting a chargeback refund.
  5. How did you apply for a refund? The difference is that I took the cruise.
  6. I was on the cruise before this one (the one that got denied porting at Jamaica and Grand Cayman) and came home very very sick. I was knocked on my ass for two weeks. If testing kits were available two weeks ago, I'd have definitely gotten tested. I either had the big C, or a very bad flu. OP, I hope you are doing well. I relied on Tylenol Severe Cold & Flu for ten days.
  7. Correction: I have not received *anything* from MSC in the form of refund. I'm giving them their full 30 days to refund me, as stated in the letter we received in our stateroom. After that, I will request a chargeback from my credit card company for the cruise-only fare (which was around $1400), using the official MSC letter as proof we were offered a refund.
  8. I was on this cruise as well. We didn't have much luck finding loungers after the second day of the cruise. Not like it was nice weather, anyway. I don't wanna hang on deck when it's only 70° and cloudy. You can have the fridge emptied. There's small cartons of milk everyday at the buffet at breakfasttime, so grab a few then and bring them back to your room for your kiddo.
  9. I was on Meraviglia last week and my steward had no issue in emptying it (Oceanview room). Tip: the bartenders didn't crack our Miller Lite cans, so we ordered two each and stockpiled them in the fridge 👍🏻
  10. Probably trying to sell rooms that people are canceling in fear of the current virus situation.
  11. I just got home from the Meraviglia that was denied access to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. I hope moving forward that you're able to make other stops.
  12. I'm sure it's been covered but we are getting refunded 100%. I was able to step on land at Cozumel yesterday and besides being a little chilly, it was lovely. Still not the cruise I planned at all. But it's free.
  13. I just spoke to a server, she said we're cleared to go to Cozumel tomorrow!!! Ugh I need land.
  14. Update: We've been offered $200 refundable credit per state room and the captain just announced a 30% refund of the cost of this cruise and 20% discount on a future cruise. Very thick Italian accent but I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Will update as I know more. I couldn't understand if he said we're cleared to stop at Cozumel or not. Ugh.
  15. We just got notice that we were denied because one of the staff has regular influenza A. They're in quarantine but the officials at Jamaica won't clear us for this reason. The captain has decided that we will leave now. I hope this doesn't prevent us from getting clearance at our next three stops 😕
  16. I'm honestly not sure. We're now 3.5 hrs past due for getting off the ship. No reason is being given except it's out of MSC's hands.
  17. I've never experienced this before. The MSC Mera is currently being denied access in Jamaica. I believe that we were supposed to be allowed to enter Jamaica starting around 9 o'clock. It's now 1140, and there's no sign of them letting us get off of the ship. Cruise director Jean keeps updated us that we haven't cleared security yet. I mostly just feel bad for people who booked excursions. Has this happened to anybody else on MSC or in Ochos Rios?
  18. We all know that's not a drink package. It's a pool of money where your $9+ drinks will come from. It's not the same. Even MSC offered a 12-drink package for those who wanted to save a little on a la carte bevs but don't need unlimited.
  19. I assure you that their marketing is aimed 100% at people like me. DINKs who love to dance, drink, eat, get tattoos, see live shows, etc.
  20. Hahha, I was definitely on that cruise (and knew you were going) but I don't remember the specific people at Teopenyaki. That's so funny.
  21. The fact they aren't doing a drink package is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I'm not paying bar prices on a cruise I'm already paying more for. Include package options (doesn't even have to be unlimited, but a la carte is crazy)
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