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  1. Just had our first Elite experience ( 16 day cruise) and our thoughts: Upgraded amenities : pathetic, we didnt use any of it. Four qtips and cotton puffs, three small containers of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Laundry: excellent, used twice during cruise and clothes came back clean, undamaged and pressed, value to us about $80. We did not send any delicates. Did take 3 days due to high number of Elites on cruise. Not much of a benefit on shorter cruises, useful for us since we started the cruise after a week of travelling on land. Free minibar: exchanged for two coffee cards. Wonderful, saved about $75 Additional 10% boutique discount: Saved about $40 Special lineup at guest services: not a big deal, lots of staff to service everyone. Special parties: Did not attend any Priority tender: no tenders required this cruise Hors d’oeuvre on formal nights: tiny amount, nothing special In general, some additional benefit to us but really the best benefit came when we reached Platinum and received free internet benefits.
  2. Just returned from the Crown which has the OM. Our experience: as Canadians we had to pick up our Medallian at check in. No problem, no line for us, they checked that the photos we submitted were acceptable, gave us our Medallions and we were on our way, maybe five minutes total. Did not buy any accessories but many did buy the wristband, we just put it in our pocket since we dislike lanyards. Door entry was mixed, sometimes the door was opened 10 feet away, other times it required a tap directly to screen. We dont like to be burdened with a phone on board and after many attempts at using the various ocean apps with varying degrees of success, we just didnt bother with it anymore and used the OM as a cruise card. Did notice many frustrated passengers at the OM help centre. I think it is still a WIP, maybe things will improve in future.
  3. We experienced very rough weather throughout a Princess Transatlantic that started Sept 22 in Southampton. First the tail end of a hurricane prevented docking at Portland, England and then we missed Ponte Delgarda since our Captain significantly altered course south to avoid Hurricane Lorenzo. I have to say I am very thankful he made those decisions for our safety and I dont recall hearing a single complaint by passengers. However I probably will never take an autumn transatlantic again.
  4. I have also seen some use their iphones or tablets to research answers. One can only hope the internet on board is too slow to be useful!
  5. On Medallion ships, will there still be priority lines for Platinum or Elite cruisers on boarding?
  6. Just refared our 29 day Asia cruise. Kept our cabin and our refundable status, our cabin price went down slightly, lost about $100 OBC pp. but with free gratuities we are saving about $900. So glad I checked.
  7. We usually request a table for six. Larger tables make conversations difficult and the tables for two which are separated by six inches are just awkward as explained by a previous poster.
  8. Thanks so much for this info. I have requested a flexible head with holder for our 16 day cruise, hope it is there when we board, it will make all the difference!
  9. We recently sailed on Celebrity Eclipse...beautiful ship( some venues a bit sterile) but for us Princess excels in almost all areas. Celebrity prices on board are outrageous, e.g. specialty coffee twice the price as Princess. Our dining experience on Eclipse was poor, unremarkable food and very slow service in the MDR. Buffet however was good if you could get at it; extremely busy. Princess is our preferred line for so many reasons: Love, love the IC, MUTS Lots to do in the evenings Relaxed, comfortable venues Friendly efficient service Free internet once you get to Platinum OBC for shareholders that you can stack with other OBC On our next cruise we become Elite so looking forward to the new perks.
  10. We sailed on MSC Opera a few years ago to Norway, have to say never again. Quite a few issues for us. -kids sailed free and there were lots of them with many completely unsupervised and behaving badly. -food not to our liking, geared perhaps to European tastes -entertainment was passable but not excellent -extremely expensive excursions and no offerings for reasonable port shuttles -smoking is prevalent and that alone makes MSC a never again if you are sailing MSC in the Caribbean, things may be different however...may be geared more to NAmerican tastes.
  11. I have bought an RFID wallet for our upcoming cruise. Most of the perks Medallion offers are not of interest to me and I consider some of them to be intrusive. To each his own, but I think Princess is being a bit invasive. Pleased to hear from this board that they have at least given you the option to turn some features off.
  12. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. This PVP also seems a bit aggressive which is off putting. Think I will stay with my current self help system. Has been satisfactory in the past.
  13. We have been assigned a Princess PVP. Several emails to us have indicated that the PVP can get us some extra perks (not specified) that are not available if you just call in to Princess or book online. Any experience with this? I have my doubts and bring this up because I have always received excellent immediate service without the PVP and prefer to do it this way (faster) or book directly online.
  14. We have sailed on most lines and have just reached Elite on Princess and I do have to say that Princess remains our favourite. ( really love the IC). We are generally motivated by price, itinerary and value for dollar and Princess does usually deliver. We have noticed an increase in cruise prices lately though so we are on alert. Our last cruise was on Celebrity and we were very disappointed...while the price of the cruise was a deal, once on board everything was overpriced...eg 6$ for a specialty coffee, a charge for oj, specialty dinners starting at 50$pp, 15$ for a mixed drink and on and on. Small adjustments that many lines have made such as no animal towels, no chocolates on pillow, do not bother us and as long as the food in the main dining room and the entertainment are good we are generally happy. Viking has been mentioned but we feel their all inclusive model wouldn't suit us since we do not drink and prefer to make our own air and shore arrangements. PS. also enjoy HAL Any idea if Princess would provide a chair for those passengers who request one? e.g. for a bad back
  15. We sail on the Crown out of Southampton in September. Would dearly love to see a kettle in the cabin. Then I could have my Starbucks instant in my pajamas and wait for DH to wake up. No, Room Service is not the answer... never sure when I will wake up and then have to wait for delivery. Also room service always wakes DH then a crabby guy to deal with. I know, self indulgent!! Also a thermos overnight with hot water becomes lukewarm in the AM. Princess, are you listening?
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