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  1. Sorry to be out of the loop but what hearing is taking place tomorrow?
  2. Hopefully people who aren’t vaccinated won’t book a cruise where vaccinations are required ...
  3. I did see that. I was able to add it from a pick list but maybe that’s not good enough. I will call. Thanks.
  4. I guess I better call again. I am within the 330 day window. Though being from Canada could add a wrinkle I suppose.
  5. Thanks for responses. I just called HAL. They said it was too early for my cruise for flights to be loaded.
  6. I didn't indicate it meant it was allowed to resume passenger travel (in fact the CDC specifies this coding does not translate to approved for passenger travel). My question still stands though as to why a large number of ships are coded "green" and many of Celebrity's are not.
  7. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html This link to a CDC list of ships that have been coded "green" as having plans submitted and approved ready for commercial sailings is updated regularly (most recently last week). As someone scheduled to sail on the Silhouette in November, I have been concerned that it is not on the list. In fact, Celebrity seems to have very few of its ships coded as green. Perhaps this will become moot if CDC allows cruising to resume in mid summer as intimated last week, but does anyone have any kno
  8. I am booked on a HAL cruise for February 2022. I like to monitor and compare flight options, both by booking direct, and through the cruise lines. We normally sail Celebrity and have used their flight program in the past. It came in especially handy when we were on the ill-fated cancelled three days in cruise last March. Celebrity made all return flights for our party. I have been trying to access HALs Flight Ease website with no success for over a week. I thought maybe it was down for maintenance or something ... but its been more than a week. Has anyone used it lately? And
  9. That first evening when we pull away from port and pick up the sea breezes!
  10. I decided to play along and check our 25 day Hawaii/Mex Riviera for Feb 2022. We already have the View and Verandah (I think), and free wi-fi. The Have it all Promo is $5900 (Cdn) more than we paid, plus we would lose the gratuities. Three shore excursions might be nice inclusions, but lesser value than the gratuities.
  11. Did anyone catch the Pete Buttigeg comments today ? Hopeful tone. I certainty care a lot about seeing the cruise sector thrive. I know that the CDC is hopeful that a lot of these operators will be in a position to be sailing by mid-summer"
  12. Over many years of cruising I’ve come to take some things for granted. When I get back to cruising here’s a start of what I won’t ever take for granted again. Sailaways. Sunsets on the ocean. Wonderful meals in lovely settings. Not all perfect. But pretty damn good. Anyone else?
  13. If its a Tuesday ... expect that RCL and affiliates will follow suit.
  14. Call me naive, but I view this as a good news story. With all the difficulties of a return to service, to me the fact that the cruise lines are "thinking about" and seemingly going to help coordinate/manage or arrange vaccines for crew is positive. I much prefer that than leaving it up to crew members world wide to figure it out on their own. My fingers are crossed for November 2021.
  15. I just did an on-line chat with HAL and asked "if I book a room under the View and Veranda sale, is the deposit fully refundable?" The reply was: Yes, the deposit is fully refundable up until the day of final payment. I said thank you and left the chat. However, now on reading the cancellation policy it doesn't say anything about refundable deposit, simply refers to the general cancellation and refund of cruise fare once final payment is made. Does anyone know the true answer on this.... or should I call and speak to someone directly.
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