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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. Your writing style is engaging, informative and fun. We were “never Edgers” for the first two years but now prices have moderated and we’re booked to try it out next November. Your review really heightened the anticipation. Thanks for taking the time to do it.
  2. Just reporting back on this. Was able to keep all perks and amenities and pay the difference in price. Perhaps they did behind the scenes pricing structure changes but net result for me is good.
  3. The TA said she would confer with Celebrity and let me know. I know I will have to pay more for the cabin. But I don’t want to lose my perks so I will see when they call me tomorrow.
  4. I have looked at the deck plans, I know a 1A is not an IV and have contacted my TA. Was asking for input or experience in this situation.
  5. I have a 1A booked on Edge for next November. Am not interested in the IV. I’m now interested possibly upgrading to an SV. There are lots of cabins available so that’s not an issue. I don’t want to lose my perks etc (loads of OBC and all four perks). Any experience with this - can I simply change rooms/categories, pay the difference in price and keep all the perks as is? .
  6. Our PALL has always shown on our Express Pass. This time, it is not showing. I contacted my TA who confirmed it was included so I don't anticipate a problem, but I have my original booking and written proof.... just in case... Don't want to be delayed getting my first Chardonnay!
  7. The expanded breakfast room service options are nice.
  8. We booked on board in December for Edge in November 2021. I called this morning and got the fourth perk added (and upgrade from Classic to Premium beverage package) for no change in price. Pleased with this outcome.
  9. I looked at the sticky but it appeared as all Concierge cabins had infinite verandas. Are there any traditional verandas and how would I know when booking to select appropriately ?
  10. Thank everyone. I will call. This was advertised as for a cruise in 2021/22 and itineraries aren’t even out yet. But I’ll see what they say.
  11. We booked an open passage for a cruise TBD in 2021-2022. Do I need to transfer this to. TA now? Not sure how they could assess perks etc.
  12. We always enjoy your reviews Paul. We were on Silhouette a couple of weeks ago over Thanksgiving also to the ABCs and GC. I found things a bit disorganized in terms of dining reservations, or proper stocking/restocking of bars (eg no Evian water anywhere until about day eight) and there were many large families on board, including many kids in diapers in the pool/hot tubs despite repeated attempts by staff to keep them out. I will look forward to your observations Enjoy!
  13. Going on Silhouette later this month for first time, with first time cruisers... Does the Silhouette offer 24/7 (or close to it) coffee at the Hideaway? I know on Reflection we can run there for an early morning fix before heading to the Oceanview or DR. Thanks.
  14. Where do you see the option to upgrade your drink package? I can never seem to be able to do that on line.
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