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  1. Yes, I agree. I like the bed by the balcony door. Its nice to have a bit of room to get ready in.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your review with us. I am enjoying it immensely...........
  3. I agree......I do love all the planning and details involved with cruising. I also have always enjoyed reading other cruisers trip reports and look forward to reading more in the near future. Enjoy your upcoming trips.
  4. I love booking the trip, talking about it......planning our pre-cruise stay over at the starting port, planning our excursions, exploring the ship, meeting wonderful folks from around the world and having beautiful ports to visit and wonderful foods to try. I also very much miss reading all my fellow cruisers trip reports. Cheers to all!
  5. That was a fantastic video..........it made me laugh....and cry....and miss cruising so much. The people you cruised with over the years....be it family or friends....look like a blast to hang out with.........Thanks for sharing your video!
  6. Fantastic video's........I have seen your video's in the past and they are so polished and professionally done. I've been (like so many others) missing cruising and its been wonderful to frequent this site to see past cruisers trip reports and wonderful video's to give us a dose of what we've all been missing so much. Thanks again for sharing your lovely video's...........hope to see more when we all resume cruising.
  7. what you said "The beauty of cruising is the memories we retain for future remembrances" is so very true. Its what keeps me going through all this pandemic craziness.......the thinking of past cruise trips and memories we've made...........as well as all the future planning and memories ahead for all of us. My mom, who is 85 and years ago was an avid cruiser with my dad taking numerous cruises using many cruise lines made many wonderful friendships and memories with all of their experiences. Even though in present day my mom has become quite forgetful in her at present memory........BUT if I bring up her past cruise trips that memory is as sharp as the day it was made. (lifting a glass) here's to future happy travel memories for all of us. Cheers!
  8. We were there February 2020 on NCL Getaway cruise......we had a great spot as well.....loved the food and view. Staff was very attentive as well.....a great spot.
  9. Love your video.....thanks for taking the time to share it. I SO miss cruising as do many of us. Your videos bring a smile to my face. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for your review..............it makes me miss cruising SO much more...........Pictures are stunning.
  11. Thank you for sharing your wonderful video....its very appreciated by me and I'm sure lotsa other fellow cruisers. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all my cruise critic friends.........Cheers!
  13. Fantastic video.....looks so professional and makes me wanna hop right back on and take a cruise. II miss it so much!
  14. Thanks for posting the pics.....Its nice to know the Gem is docked down there.....It's a great ship. I've sailed on her 3x. 😄 Enjoy your vacation!
  15. Good for you! I totally understand and have been planning a Key West get away for us..........Enjoy....cant wait to hear about your adventures.
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