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  1. Hi all! I know I am posting on the royal board so answers are obviously going to be more biased towards Royal but still looking for feedback. My husband and I have had a horrible/traumatic year and I do not feel like I can deal with Christmas with our families this year and need to escape. Obviously it is easier to just tell everyone we are going on a cruise instead of coming up with an excuse to avoid the day. We also can't go anywhere with Zika so that eliminates basically everywhere in the Caribbean but the Bahamas. We are on a limited budget considering we already went to Hawaii for 2 weeks this year and probably shouldn't even be going on a cruise. But, like I said I just need to escape. I guess a lot of people have the same idea because the Christmas cruises are so much more expensive. The other issue is most of these cruises leave on 12/21, my husband works shift work and it falls on the worst possible timing for his schedule and will be taking a crazy number of days off. But, most after that leave on 12/28 which doesn't fix my Christmas problem. I am lucky to have off work 12/21 through the new year. With the price of flights, we are better off going out of one of the ports we can drive to so I narrowed it down to these 3 cruises. Anthem of Seas, leaving 12/21 8 nights to Bahamas, $1,018 PP. Thinking this one is best value/nicest ship. Cruisewatch says price likely to go down (not sure). Husband would have to take 5 days off work which sucks. We like Royal from past experiences. Norwegian Escape, leaves 12/21, 7 nights Bahamas & Florida, $949 PP We have wanted to try Norwegian. I also like that it stops in Florida. Same sucky dates though. Carnival Pride, leaves 12/23, 7 nights to Bahamas, $1,049 PP So this cruise appeals to me because the dates are way better which makes it feel like a better value since less days off of work. I've been on Carnival before and don't hate it like a lot of people do but obviously Royal is nicer. Cruisewatch says price likely to increase?? Why on earth is this Carnival Cruise the most expensive. If this was the cheapest, I would pick it. But spending more money for this then the other two seems crazy, right? What would you choose? How does NCL compare to the other two? Thanks!
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