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  1. Would you know if the chairs on the beach are open to everyone or are they reserved for those using the cabanas
  2. cabin 218 on windstar is quiet but has the stairs going by the window when going to the tender
  3. No one checks your bags when you get on the ship and they don't check when you come in from port. Bring all the Mezcal you like.
  4. They will cancel and charge $50/person. They will re-book at the lower fare and give you a $50 OBC. No problem.
  5. I was on Windstar 2 weeks ago. We went to Candles the first night. It was casual. There was info in the cabin suggesting what to wear in Amphora only. No jeans, no sandals. I saw jeans in Amphora. I saw sandals in Amphora. The food tasted the same. After reading posts like this on CC before I went, I decided not to bring jeans. I wore travel pants and dark blue Ecco sneakers with a polo shirt to Amphora. Princess required me to wear a suit on an Alaskan cruise if I wanted to eat in the dining room. That was my first and probably last Princess cruise. The Bar B Q on deck was casual and very enjoyable.
  6. We are going on Windstar smaller than most cruises I like the idea of sailing the Greek islands
  7. Between 90-120 days the most they will do for OBC is $300 the rest will be future cruise credit
  8. I very much would like to go on Seabourn. Knowing that there are discounts would make me think twice about booking directly with the company. It feels like ticket scalping. The discount travel agent buys up a block of rooms and charges more than they paid. I would expect more from a luxury line. Windstar changes their fare almost weekly. It became frustrating feeling like I had to check the current fares. so to answer the OP ...... yes it would lower the value of the brand in my opinion. And I would tell everybody at my muster station what a great deal I got on the cruise.
  9. No need to bring the card burnt is a form of government ID if you don’t have the enhanced or real drivers license when flying.
  10. Does Windstar enforce the corkage fee for a bottle of wine that I bring to the dining room ?
  11. We brought bottles in the dining room twice and we were not charged a corkage fee. This is what I had read before we boarded.
  12. I purchased a pair of Carson 3D 10x42 binoculars for an Alaska trip I chose them over Nikon and was very pleased with them. $250 on Amazon. Great reviews
  13. I started out over $5000/person I followed it and got down to $4,000 pp it felt like a lot of work to rebook and call and wait for a response My last call was at 92 days out they gave me $300 pp on board credit and the rest in a future cruise credit the worst was when they cancelled my cruise after it was charted They did right by me and gave me a credit and paid for the airfare change I booked over a year out and paid a deposit and like Muden I don't want to feel like I should have waited. For $200 Windstar can give an on board credit and have a happy customer. Why should a passenger have a negative feeling before they step foot on the ship ? From what I see on CC I’m sure you’ll have a great cruise but for what it’s worth you’re not alone I doubt speaking to the main office will do much but perhaps it’s worth speaking to someone once your on the ship. Maybe you’ll get a bottle of wine or some other token of goodwill
  14. What bus station did you leave from ? Fabrika ?
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