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  1. I think think the dinner in Ephesus library is a great experience. It is a ship excursion for all passengers. Has anyone been to Kusadasi recently? My understanding is the city’s main economy is tourism from cruise ships. The day we are there the only ships are the Windstar with148 passengers and a Crystal ship with 100 passengers. The overall consensus on this post is Turkey is great, no problems. Is this a port you would want to bring your kids/grandkids to? How is it to be one of a few tourists walking past a rug store in a once popular port ? Windstar has cancelled this port a few years ago. Does anyone know why ? Any chance they will have the water/sports deck open in a port?
  2. Windstar cancelled this port 3 years ago due to safety concerns. At what point does the cruise line decide to cancel a port?
  3. I will be going on the Greek isles cruise in August. I am very much looking forward to this. However, the second port is Kusadasi in Turkey which currently is under a level 3 travel advisory (which means reconsider travel ). Windstar hosts a special event/dinner at this port. At what point would the cruise line cancel a port? Sadly this was a popular port but recently it appears that most of the larger ships are no longer going. Has anyone been recently?
  4. The cost was the change fees $300 plus additional fees for not booking with the airline directly there was no extra airfare
  5. Windstar cancelled my cruise in November for Aug 2019 because it was charted. The offered me $300/person to change the airline tickets. It cost me $1,700 to change the 4 tickets and they refunded me $2,000 this week. I appreciate them making me whole. I had asked them for the $1,700. It did take multiple calls and e-mails but they came through in the end. Good job customer service
  6. My ship, Windstar, leaves at 9 pm. i wanted to see the sunset from Oui in August after reading this I’ll skip sunset at oui and get the cable car down
  7. I know this is off topic but.... I'm doing Windstar Greek Isles in Aug. 148 passengers on a sailboat.
  8. I found that there are a lot less people on the Royal Caribbean boards. I have been on NCL and there are active posts/reviews and roll calls. I thought that it might have been that I was going on a smaller/older ship but my friend was recently on NCL and had active roll calls and message boards. Overall I think that CC has lost something since the recent update. I used to like the ability to view the individual ship. Now it is a search feature instead of a sub-group so I have to look at all posts and find it less enjoyable. I do find it much easier to post pictures on since the update. Hopefully CC is still evolving and with return to it's former glory.
  9. As I was originally making a suggestion for a power strip for a CPAP machine without surge suppressor I thought this would work. The discussion devolved into whether or not this would pass inspection on ALL ships as it looks like a surge suppressor and has a cord. As this is a little off topic since it will not be used for a CPAP machine I would like to update anyone interested and say that due to this post I bought this.... no power strip = no problem !? I can charge my phone, iPad, kindle, charging bricks, some cameras.... but not a CPAP. I hope the OP got as much out of this topic as I did.
  10. The app is less than perfect. I uploaded photos of the family and when I would look online before we went, the pictures were there. When I got to the port there were no pictures. Even so check-in took all of 10 min at noon. You can use the wifi on the ship without paying for internet to use the app. We kept our phones on airplane mode. There is no messaging on the RCI app as there is on Norwegian. Basically the app is used as the cruise compass and keeps track of your onboard account. It's worth using but it would be much better with messaging, which I think they are working on.
  11. Table for 4 was never a problem. When I changed my time I notified the head waiter so I could be in his section. All the servers we had were good but I tipped the head waiter the second night. I would tip our waiter individually every night. It's fun re-visiting my trip.
  12. You should book the Escape room BEFORE you go. When we did it you could not sign up as they were full. My son did the laser tag without reservations. He did it with the other teens and I'm not sure if it was through the teen camp or by themselves but he didn't have reservations. It may have been like the Skypad that those with reservations had priority and didn't have to wait but everyone got a chance to go. The flow rider private lessons were booked on-line and I couldn't do it but once on the ship we were able to book the private lessons. I would imagine this is the case with most things....except the Escape room. We did My time dining which we booked for 6 PM and one night at 8:45 (the times weren't exactly when I wanted to ea) but there was no problem whenever you showed up. We would wait on a short line for 5 min, sometimes the line for no reservations was shorter and I would go to that maitre d'. We changed one of the 6 PM times without a problem. I found the Windjammer buffet to be fairly empty at dinner. My son liked to go there as there were more vegetarian options and he wanted to do activities with the other teens. I did not reserve the show and I only went to the show on the first night. There was plenty of good seating and no wait. It's not like it was when we were on the Allure with 6,000 passengers(or Norwegian) and we needed reservations for everything. Hope this helps.
  13. I haven't see Noon. But if you want to walk on and go to the cabin get to the port 12:30-12:45. I went at noon. Couldn't have been on faster. Maybe 15 min including picture. No lines. Cabins were ready by 1.
  14. It's not a surge protector. They sell it for cruise ships. What would be allowed on a ship ? Are they OK with just USB ports ? There are many posts about what is and ins't acceptable. This one was started in 2017 and picked up a few months ago. In the future I'm going to bring a USB outlet.
  15. I was on Mariner 2 weeks ago and they had Chivas, Crown Royal, Dewars, Glenfiddich and Glenlivet This was only in one bar, different bars had different drinks
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