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  1. That’s what I was thinking. Worse case get nothing!
  2. I received one of theses letters on my oceana cruise in October. If I remember correctly it had to be used with 6 months of issue. Luckily I was back on for Christmas. At the end of the Christmas cruise I was given another letter but the terms had changed. In order to get my “free play £250” I need to book a new cruise and use by October 2020. Interestingly it says any further information to contact P&o players club, I can’t seem to be able to find anything regarding this. It did have phone number which turned out to be just P&o booking telephone number and placed me in a queue I was too busy to waitin. I may give them a call at some point as I book most cruises well in advance, booked right up to April 2022 so can’t really book any more.
  3. Hi We have just returned from Azura at Easter. I can confirm that there were more children than places in the kids club. We were told that P&O have changed the policy regarding child numbers as they believe that some of the children will be taking part in other activities with their parents. We never had our children turned away but others did. It seemed to affect the 5-8 year group, but this could have just been this particular cruise. On this cruise we were told by kids club there were 150, 5-8 year olds and only 80 places at a time in the club. Queuing to get into kids club did become a problem and queues began forming 20 mins before opening and signing in was extremely slow.
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