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  1. In my post, I said I admired her for NOT being embarrassed. No one was assuming she was embarrassed. But some women are.
  2. On a cruise with a 14 year old, I barely saw her. She met some people at the club- after that, they only used the club as their meet-up point, but they found plenty of things to do on the ship. When she was 18, however, it was harder. There's no club, and no real place to meet others her age.
  3. Many women are reluctant to dine by themselves. I know women who won't go to the movies by themselves! And a woman dining alone may feel that others are looking at her and pitying her. I don't feel that way- I travel for business and often dine alone. But not everyone feels comfortable doing that.
  4. That's tricky on a cruise. Where do you go? Do you give up the opportunity to be served in the MDR? Or do you say something to someone? Those servers in the dining rooms work hard- and most are really hustling all the time. I've had cases where no one came to take drinks or wine orders until we were well into the meal, and it's annoying, but understandable when there's one wine steward for 100 people!
  5. Yes, you are apparently at least in the minority, since cruises do what appeals to their customers. I know plenty of 20-somethings who enjoy doing the electric slide- especially the women because most men their age won't dance with them. It's a great way to get a crowd up and dancing. Then the music usually changes to more recent stuff, with some slow numbers for the couples. Don't be such a snob! In a city like Toronto, nightclubs can specialize, and people can choose what kind of music they want to listen to. On cruise ships, especially the low-end lines like Carnival, the musicians are gett
  6. The OPs point was not that the ship's crew had done anything wrong. We're all on here to share experiences as a solo traveler, or, as is my case, to decide whether to travel solo or not. It helps to be prepared for situations that might arise. Knowing the OP's experience, I would be more likely to go to the maitre d', report what happened, and ask for different seating. We're all interested in people's stories.
  7. I thought Heald retired long ago. I was on a cruise with him in 2006. I haven't cruised entirely solo yet, but I did take my teenaged granddaughter on one cruise. She quickly made friends, and I really only saw her for dinner, so I was on my own a good deal of the time. It was fine. No one really knows that you're along most of the time. Last year, I was on a cruise with 5 friends, and we noticed a woman who always dined alone near us. I admit that we felt a little sorry for her. One night, she was joined by another woman- I guess they had met up somewhere. There are, of course, other options
  8. What line were you on? I've never seen any of that on cruises I've been on (though I haven't cruised alone yet)- the only gatherings were the Bill W for alcoholics. I've actually sort of envied the fact that they have a community of people to get to know! (not really- don't jump on me for that, but you get my point). I've read that NCL is providing more receptions and events for singles.
  9. This was a little harsh. I didn't say it was the ship's responsibility- but from what I've read on some other boards, cruise lines do want to attract solo sailers, and NCL seems to be the most pro-active by grouping single cabins together and having a singles lounge. I am not an extrovert like some of you seem to be, but I do like to talk to people when we're involved in activities like cooking classes, excursions, organized games, etc. I have no trouble eating or going to shows by myself.
  10. That is my concern about cruising solo. Other people don't seem to be interested in meeting new people. My best success was at the trivia contests, when people need teams. I don't know what cruises could do to address this, but i would be nice if they did something.
  11. That's a British thing. Most Americans wouldn't recognize that as a breakfast dish.
  12. My personal opinion is that NCL makes the food in the MDR deliberately mediocre so that people will pay the extra for the specialty dining rooms. That said, there is always a variety on the MDR menus, and, in my experience, always a steak option.
  13. One of the best things on NCL is that they have smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet. But on HAL, they deliver breakfast to your room for free, and when we have a balcony, we like to eat breakfast in our room, on the balcony. Omelette and fresh fruit- coffee of course.
  14. Since it's a matter of calories in and calories burned, in balance, that's not really true. I walk a lot more on a cruise- around the ship and in ports. I would guess that the people who spend port days sitting in a beachside bar drinking might gain more. I do walking and snorkeling tours. I've never gained any weight on a cruise. I also like to stay on a floor in the middle so everything is a couple of flights up and a couple down- and I only use the stairs.
  15. I like the food on RC. The one cruise line where MDR was really disappointing is Norwegian. I think they do it deliberately to push people into paying extra for the specialty restaurants. The food on HA is fine, but I have to say that the seafood pop-up restaurant is outstanding!
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