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  1. I did confirm with RCL's FAQ that it is included if done pre cruise and that 18% is added on if done on the cruise. If I get exceptional service, I'll do a little extra but IMO, 20% would be over the top for this situation. A coworker and I were discussing at lunch about tipping including cruises. Personally I hate the system but since it's part of the process one would need to simply stay home to not tip reasonably on such a cruise.
  2. I often leave a little extra in cash for waiters, cabin stewards, etc and would expect to do so with something like this but technically ins't the tip included in the surcharge for the specialty restaurants when purchased in advance?
  3. I hear what you’re saying but in this case, that would not be accurate. The 2 PCR’s are self administered through my office and the Ag test is a walk up option where no appt is required. Unfortunately we’re traveling and if there are test problems, we will have very few options. Dealing with this on a daily basis I’ve seen Ag and PCR test results never come through and recently, PCR tests taking 4 days to come back. Actually I got one back yesterday afternoon that was done on Friday morning for a patient. I did look at scheduling an Ag test in or around th J’ville to Daytona area as a back up if the PCR didn’t come through by Saturday but didn’t partly because that would have taken an appointment slot. It doesn’t take many reports of people having test result issues to cause me to remember one of my motto’s, “A pessimist is an optimist with experience”.
  4. Does CVS or Walgreen's do anything for free? Whether it would be covered under insurance would depend on the insurance. Locally they tend not to be covered at all not even just for a copay. But we have other free or included testing in our area with one major option 6 days a week 8-4 that can do both Antigen and PCR testing. We're going to double up on a PCR on Thursday and Friday for a Sunday Sailing and then get an Antigen test on the Friday as a backup since some of our PCR tests locally through LacCorp have been taking up to 4 days and very often at least 72 hrs. A few weeks ago I was getting them back routinely at 48 hrs but I've had few that have come in that quickly lately and most have been between 52 & 72 hrs (LabCorp sends out results in batches).
  5. It's by day not by hour. So you could get it it 12.01 AM Wed for a Saturday Cruise.
  6. That's my understanding as well which is why I stated "It is my understanding that Izumi/Teppanyaki is now included but with a $10 PP uncharge." Maybe I should have specifically excluded the Sushi option to be more clear.
  7. Here is the wording from the cruise planner for one of our upcoming cruises. "For ships with these venues, Teppanyaki/Izumi Hibachi is included, with a $10 surcharge, which will be charged onboard" This is c/w what I've seen listed by others. But it's not a big surprise if there is variable enforcement such as they often do not charge for the wine corkage fee.
  8. Can't speak for every ship but on many they are listed as Izumi Sushi and Izumi Hibachi as options but on the deck plans simply as Izumi in one location. In these situations they are not separate but separate options within a single restaurant, Izumi.
  9. It is my understanding that Izumi/Teppanyaki is now included but with a $10 PP uncharge.
  10. I made that note many years ago for far more important reasons than bacon.
  11. Bringing back this thread since this topic was debated extensively. From RCL's directions on vaccines. For Cruises Departing from U.S. Ports The U.S. CDC has clarified their position regarding mixed vaccinations and provided updated guidance to Royal Caribbean. Currently, the CDC does not recognize any mixed combination of COVID-19 vaccines as fully vaccinated. To be recognized as fully vaccinated, guests must complete a vaccine series with products from the same manufacturer with the last dose administered at least 14 days before their sail date. The CDC has provided the following reference to support their decision: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/clinical-considerations/covid-19-vaccines-us.html#Interchangeability We continue to encourage the CDC and other U.S. government officials to re-evaluate this policy.
  12. I'd get the experience then do specialty dining on future cruise.
  13. I think it depends on the Deck. For the most part on the lower cabin decks and decks with public spaces, there are 2 entrances to each side of each set of elevators with at least one option to cross over to the other side of the elevator bank. For most of the upper decks with mostly cabins, there is only one access to each side of the forward and after elevator bank but it varies by deck. You'd really need to look at each deck and both the Forward and aft elevators to figure out how it would apply to you if it affects your cabin choice.
  14. Were you able to book it from the app?
  15. First and foremost, have a great cruise and I know we all appreciate your offer to gather and pass on information. As such, anything I mention is with the understanding that you're on vacation so no worries if it doesn’t work out. We will be B2B in a couple of weeks on the Allure. It's our first time on an Oasis class ship with 6 cancelations in a row with 4 of the 6 being due to NON Covid reasons and non by our hand. We are fully vaccinated and it’s just the 2 of us. My main questions center around the shows and dining. Specifically how and when were you able to make show reservations? We are contemplating the all inclusive specialty dining package for the 2nd week and wondering how this might work out from a reservation standpoint. If we do it I’m hoping we can do a specialty restaurant for lunch on transition day and get in to all the best options at least once in the 6-7 pm time frame during the week. If you get a chance and it’s convenient to ask anyone who might know and then post it, I’d be eternally grateful. I understand the information and process might change, just looking for the best info possible at this juncture. My last thought would be that we’re in a Junior Suite so any information on getting into Coastal Kitchen in that situation.
  16. I hear you're frustrated and you didn't give enough information to understand the full issue. However, your cruise isn't for a month and it is still happening. At the time you scheduled (before Covid), the cancelation policy would have given you back only 25% of the cruise fare. I presume you used a CC to pay for the cruise and if so, they will refund you to the CC which does take time for any company of size that I've ever dealt with. I do hope you can calm yourself and enjoy your milestone Anniversary.
  17. Good luck, I hope it works out for you but it doesn't sound promising. I would suspect it's cost prohibitive to fly to the US to get another dose but it would be a potential option would it not? I also assume that there is no way to get it privately in your area.
  18. Could you travel somewhere to get it done? Could you pay OOP for it?
  19. Probably not Haiti either with the unrest, some ships have already had that removed from their itinerary.
  20. Could you get a second vaccine in the next few days for one or the other of what you've had to meet the requirements?
  21. Correct, Covid disease clearly gives a lower immune response than the vaccine, similar to Tetanus and others. But it does offer some protection at last temporarily. So it is helpful to some degree but does not appear to be long lasting.
  22. I tend to look at these things big picture. While the CDC has said to consider those with mixed doses as fully vaccinated, they also say "Any currently FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine can be used when indicated; ACIP does not state a product preference. However, COVID-19 vaccines are not interchangeable" as well as "The safety and efficacy of a mixed-product series have not been evaluated. Both doses of the series should be completed with the same product.". One has to realize that anything outside the FDA approval, which means within the stated time frame with the same mRNA vaccine, is simply a compromise. It would appear that RCL has decided to avoid the compromise situations at least for now.
  23. I'm not trying to be anything other than a voice that says, as do you, that there are multiple ways to interpret this issue. One is that of the most stringent interpretation, that of the FDA approval. IMO the emotions don't play into it from a decision making standpoint. It will change over time but the CDC is not known for making changes quickly. RCL has a difficult job, that of coming up with "reasonable" requirements based on the various situations and countries their ships visit. They want the business but they want to be as safe and consistent as possible both in general and to be able to keep sailing. The hard core evidence for Pfizer and Moderna is what was presented to the FDA and the FDA acted on for approval. That will change as more studies are done and that will take time.
  24. One would go back to the FDA approval of the vaccines. I realize that this is an emotionally charged subject with lots of pieces of information that don't fit together and will be changing for years. Still, the interpretation by RCL is a reasonable one at present given the situation.
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