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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal trip video for us to get an insight of what's happening onboard. You definitely enjoyed yourself, particularly the good food, desserts and free flow of booze....! OMG! I always love that whole fish! The video is very balanced with some sightseeing points, a few places in Sicily where I visited many years ago. Entertainment was also welcoming... I can see there were considerably lesser passengers than usual, by the pool or at the Grand Bar. I noticed most Costa staff wore face masks, except for a few in certain circumstances when they were doin
  2. You mention 2 cruises are booked, Feb 2021 and Aug 2021. I believe you applied the FCC 10% discount voucher on the Feb 2021 cruise. You can reapply this FCC on another future booking if the following conditions are met: 1. At time when Feb 2021 cruise is cancelled, the FCC remains within the original voucher's validity period, i.e. book by date. This voucher will be reinstated back to your latitude rewards account. 2. If the voucher's use/sail by date is within the last date of your Aug 2021 cruise, you can apply it to the Aug 2021 cruise, even though it has already been
  3. It will! Longing for some prosecco, cava, gin tonic..... at the Grand Bar
  4. Genoa - A 78-year-old man, a French citizen, landed on October 14 in Naples from the cruise ship Costa Diadema in conditions defined as worrying by the doctors. The man reached the Irpinia hospital in the late afternoon, around 7 pm . He had been swabbed aboard the ship, which tested positive. The Costa Diadema left the port of Naples on the evening of Wednesday 14 October to head to Genoa. Costa points out: «With the gradual return to operations, Costa Cruises is rigorously applying the guidelines for the protection of the Italian Health Authority , through the Costa Safety Protocol
  5. Looks like you tried to book online direct and was unable to apply that CND option on the payment page. The auto system won't allow that option for selection because the last day of your intent cruise goes beyond the last day of your CND. You can still apply the 2x CNDs, but has to be done manually by the NCL staff. For direct booking online, you can proceed to book as before. 1. Choose the courtesy hold option on the payment page to buy time. 2. Call NCL to apply the 2x CNDs on the booking. NCL will do the necessary for you without hassle. 3. Ask the NCL staff to exte
  6. FCC discount coupons and certain types of FCC fixed cash value coupon are not transparent in the Latitudes account, unlike the CND. If you believe you are entitled to the FCCs, yet not appear in your account, you need to call NCL to confirm their existence. Notably, every FCC or CND bears an ID number and vital dates, such as book by and sail by (i.e. end of the cruise, not the beginning). Depending on the FCC discount T&Cs, these 2 dates can be the same or different when the latter is later than the former. Always ask for all info that you can't see and earmark them yourself.
  7. Is repricing the same as cancel and rebook a new one with new booking number?
  8. The NCL agent manually updated the code in my booking. Done!
  9. Promos have been extended to Oct 12, 2020. https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program/insider-offer
  10. That's good news that the NCL agent was able to add the code for you. Will do it. It was strange that after I posted yesterday, I made another fresh booking online for sailing in Oct 2022 and the LATITUDES code appeared on that confirmation, but not the one sailing in Nov 2021. I rechecked and both cruises have the same promo for past guest offer with bonus points.
  11. For this particular promo, it was mentioned "during" the booking stage, but not on the summary page, nor on the NCL confirmation. I understand that in the past whenever bonus latitudes points are rewarded, a dedicated promo code "LATITUDE" would be displayed, though NCL might create new codes for different purposes. My booking is for Nov 2021 sailing.
  12. Possible. Has to look for the following in the course of booking, if one books direct online with NCL. 1. the existence of the small icon "past guest offer" in the pricing table (click on it and see what it says) and 2. the explicit reminder which shows bonus latitudes points
  13. Called NCL PCC and he rebooked a new reservation with new promotion package to replace my previous booking. The new NCL confirmation indicates the follow promo codes, without mentioning the "LATITUDE", which should refer to the additional bonus latitude points. I wonder if these are the same codes for anyone who rebooked under this promotions in the last 24 hours. Should the LATITUDE promo code be there?
  14. You are correct. FCC follows the passenger's name and can only be applied to the cruisefare of the passenger named on the FCC. I booked solo fare and all FCCs are under my name.
  15. I refer to the 25% discount FCC.I have 2x 25% discount issued from the same cancelled cruise and 1x 10% discount issued from another cancelled cruise. I am able to apply multiple FCC discounts from different cancelled cruises, 1x 25% and 1x 10%, on a single new booking. However, I was told that multiple FCC discount coupons (under my name) issued from the same cancelled cruise can't be applied concurrently on a single booking.
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