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  1. Philpcruiser, Our stay in this cabin was several years ago. I am doing my best to try and respond to your questions. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific time we heard the Coastal Kitchen noise. We tend to not spend much time in our cabin except for sleeping. We were never kept awake at night by noise. We may have heard some noise starting at 6 AM but we are early risers and this did not bother us. It was a good excuse to get up early and go next door for breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen and find out what the noise was about. In our op
  2. Very little noise from below. When you out on the balcony there is a ship’s walkway on the deck below just beneath you but is a good distance below and we didn’t have any noise. The noise from the Coastal Kitchen was noticeable. A lot of banging and clanking of pots and pans. We only noticed in the morning and late evening. It didn’t last more than an hour and it really didn’t bother us. Hope this helps.
  3. We just returned from the October 8, 2016 Oasis of the Seas Western Caribbean cruise. We were originally booked in an Aqua Theater Suite (A4) cabin 14330. The day before the cruise, Royal Caribbean called and asked if we wanted to upgrade. Evidently, there were several guests who cancelled or could not make the cruise due to Hurricane Matthew. We upgraded to the Grand Loft Balcony Suite (GL) cabin 1758. The cabin is on deck 17 next to the Coastal Kitchen and Suite Lounge. The upgrade included moving from a Sky Class Suite to a Star Class Suite. We were looking forward to the Sk
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