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  1. This is a lovely review. I will be on this ship I just a few says so I’m especially like reading about the Ruby, but your review is lovely and I’d enjoy even if I weren’t sailing on her soon! I do have one question. We (my parents and I) are planning on doing a glass bottom boat and then drop off at Medano Beach. Did your mother have any issue getting off the water taxi? I believe they drop you off and you step into the water? Also, how did you return to the port area?
  2. I’m traveling with a larger person and want to know if there is anything that might prohibit them from going through the caves. Mobility isn’t an issue and he can band over fine and maneuver. Just want to be sure there won’t be any too tight spaces guy with a big waist and upper body.
  3. So at the last minute my roommate will not be able to cruise with me. Do I need to let Princess know before I go to the port and check in? I do not have trip insurance. I don’t expect any kind of refund or anything. Just want to know if it is better to let them know ahead of time or if I should just show up at the port on my own.
  4. Thanks so much for the replies! This info is so helpful! Andrea
  5. We have an overnight in Cabo on the Ruby. Our second day we depart the port at 1:00PM. What time will tenders begin running from the ship to shore that morning? We are trying to figure out what we are going to do with our time there and it depends on how early we can get off the ship.
  6. I haven’t cruised out of Seattle before but I am at SeaTac airport almost monthly. You should try to be at the airport by 9am. Often, security is lengthy and can be close to an hour. You may luck out and breeze through, but in my experience the extra time at the airport has usually been necessary.
  7. We’ve cruises on the Fantasy twice as well as Oasis of the Seas and two Princess Cruises. The Fantasy has nowhere near as many adult oriented activities during the day as Princess or the Oasis class ships. We were so spoiled by the activities on other lines and then went back to the Fantasy and we were not impressed after we had seen what was out there for adults on other lines. That’s not to say that it isn’t a wonderful cruise, because it is. It just really lacks in day activities that aren’t already built into the ship. I’d choose the Western as you have one additional port day so you feel like you have less time to fill on sea days. Also, I found that character pics took a lot more time than I was expecting. if you are into that, picture taking with several characters during the cruise really takes up a good chunk of time.
  8. We dined at the crab shack on the crown just about a month ago. The seafood was very fresh and cooked well. We weren’t upset we spent the money on it, but both of us said it want worth it to do it again. Our biggest disappointment was the dessert offering. The same desserts we’d just snacked on in the buffet. For the up charge they should offer at least one specialty or higher quality dessert.
  9. We've booked a cruise so far out we can't look at excursions specific to our cruise yet, but going by the website we'd love to do Rhythms of the night. We are also interested in a morning excursion on our PV day and I'm wondering if we can do both. What time block is the carnival excursion to ROTN? We are in port from 8am to 8pm.
  10. Post Cruise recap of what we did and how it went -- We ended up renting a car from Alamo at FLL. We arrived at 5:15, grabbed our luggage, and were in our full size rental and on the road by 6am. First stop was the beach in Fort Lauderdale to watch the sunrise and the see the ships come into PE. It was a lovely morning on the beach and we got there just in time to see the Crown Princess, the ship we would be boarding in just a few hours, go into PE. Next stop was Lester's Diner for some breakfast. One of our original options was to just pull up here for a few hours with our suitcases, which I didn't think would work out well. Many others had the same idea and there were two large groups (10!!! and 19!!!) doing just that - hanging out with their luggage until it was time to taxi to port. Their luggage took up one whole wall of the restaurant. So it can be done. But I'm glad we didn't end up doing it! Atmosphere was cute but the food was mehhh. We left there about 8am. At this point we were really needing a little sleep. Across the street is a cafe that doesn't open until mid day with a large parking lot against a shaded wall. So we put the seats back and took an hour and 15 minute nap. We felt very safe. It wasn't glamorous (hah!), but it was a much needed little siesta that perked us up for the rest of our travels. We used the handy dandy waze app (how did we drive anywhere without this?? It is so handy!) to find the nearest Winn-Dixie to get supplies. We picked up hand soap in a pump, a bottle of champagne, and a couple of 5-Hour energy drinks, just in case. We left there around 9:50am. My husband LOVES Bass Pro shops. We don't have one very near us. He had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in his pocket and we found out it was very close to the port area. We got there right at 10am, when it opened. We shopped for about an hour. I LOVE tiki bars and try to check out any we run across during our travels. So we were off to Paradise Tiki Bar, which is right along one of the canals just outside the main part of the city. We each had a yummy drink, saw a big 'ol iguana walking around like he owned the place, and took some cute tiki bar photos. We left there around 12:15. Next stop was Alamo drop off location right outside PE, and we got there right about 12:25. Luckily, just as we pulled up a shuttle arrived that was heading to Crown Princess and not many people were getting on it. So we hauled our luggage out of the back as fast as we could and ran over to the shuttle just as it was finishing getting the last bags inside. Easy peasy ride around PE with one short stop before ours and we were checked in and in our room right around 1pm. Because we are lucky enough to have several vacations planned this year, vacation days are tight for my husband. So it was either not do this 8 night cruise or, come in the morning of so we only had to use 5 vacation days. We went with flying in the morning of. Sooooo, would I do it again? If I could fly in the day before, I absolutely would. But that wasn't an option this time and I'm glad we were able to fly in the morning of and take the cruise. If circumstances were like this again, I absolutely would rent the car and find some fun ways to kill time. We ended up having a really fun morning.
  11. I didn’t even consider Spring Break timing when I booked our 8 night on the Crown leaving March 3. Do you think that sailing will have many Spring Breakers?
  12. We are new to your trip reports and are thoroughly enjoying so far! Your pictures are lovely and the commentary really keeps the reader engaged. We will be on the Crown for our first Princess cruise for the 8 night Eastern the first week of March. the patters and Sanctuary photos are much appreciated. Husband noticed in your pub lunch photos that you had a nitro can of Guinness next to your glass. Is there anyplace on board to get a Guinness on draft, or are the nitro cans the only Guinness available onboard?
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