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  1. They claim that if you have chosen the Aurea package that you get preference of cabin but that is not true. i had originally booked the aft facing cabin with the fantastica package. I decided to upgrade to aurea, but they would not let me keep my rear facing cabin which made me very sad. I would have much preferred that cabin than my side facing cabin on a higher deck. I made a choice, but for the cruise line to say there's a preference/choice is just not true.
  2. smrtypnts

    How does MSC compare to Celebrity and Royal Caribbean?

    What is the Yacht Club?
  3. smrtypnts

    RCCI excursions or DIY Athens?

    following, but seems like it's kind of old.
  4. smrtypnts

    What to do in Mykonos for the day??

    How were you able to make sure you got a cab back to the windmills or town or whatever? Did you just get lucky? Or did you ask your cab driver to come back at a certain time or what?:confused:
  5. smrtypnts

    What to do in Katakolon/Olympia for the day??

    Took me a couple of hours to figure out that there's a big difference between Akistours.com and Askistours.com Not trying to be offensive or say anything mean or disparaging. Just letting others looking at this thread know.
  6. smrtypnts

    Are B-2 cabins always "Fantastica" experience?

    I think this must be what happened with me/my purchase. I suspect the difference may be booking in the USA is different. Thanks to everyone for all the help. Much appreciated! :hearteyes:
  7. smrtypnts

    Are B-2 cabins always "Fantastica" experience?

    Definitely not. I only made one reservation that I have never changed. But when I was looking at booking on their website when i picked the cabin I wanted it "offered" me this additional option for an added $70pp
  8. smrtypnts

    Are B-2 cabins always "Fantastica" experience?

    I booked a balcony and for an additional $70 pp i added the fantastica package and my reservation says I have a B2 category. Could it be that had i not added the fantastica package that my reservation would say B1 category even though i would be in the same exact cabin?
  9. Does that mean that in addition to the 12 vouchers for drinks you also receive drinks during dinner for "free"? Does that include alcoholic drinks? Is there a limit?
  10. I am only now doing a little research. I booked the fantastica package (I must have booked the fantastica cabin without realizing it) because for the extra $70pp it was worth it just for the drinks. But what does that mean "guaranteed dinner choice"? This will be our first time on MSC although I've sailed almost all the main lines in USA.
  11. smrtypnts

    MSC Poesia

    What kind of tour did you do in Athens? Do you remember how much you paid for this private tour? Any and all info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  12. smrtypnts

    MSC Poesia - Albania excursions

    What did you end up doing? We'll be going next July and I am wondering what to do in this port also.
  13. smrtypnts

    Princess Alaska cruise question

    I'm kind of sad to hear this since I rented a tux for DH.:( My daughter just got married a month ago and I am wearing my mother of the bride dress.:confused:
  14. smrtypnts

    Skagway: I have an excursion, but what else should i do?

    Thanks a lot, Northern Aurora
  15. smrtypnts

    Skagway: I have an excursion, but what else should i do?

    Thank you so much Budget Queen--I am going to take all of these recommendations under advisement and make a decision.