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  1. I live in NY and I honestly had no idea.
  2. Carnival already cancelled a cruise for September???
  3. They missed dinner? Just throwing that out there. hahahha
  4. Now I understand why knowing the actual bid is helpful to you in your spreadsheet and analysis.
  5. I have to disagree--I have found this board to be very informative. At times it's also been entertaining. Maybe your definition of entertaining is different than mine, but when I am entertained I am happy, not annoyed. So finding it also entertaining in addition to informative is a win-win for me. I personally feel on of the threads, if I don't have something positive to say or add, I just skip it. If I feel someone is asking a dumb question like if a given cabin is nice I just skip it. There's no need to be rude or negative. And no, I do not feel you have been rude, but you have been less than positive with this post. And yes, you are allowed your opinion and you are allowed to post almost anything you want.........just sayin'.
  6. Thank you for providing those pictures--with that I was able to figure out what you guys were talking about with relation to "pending" etc.
  7. Great attitude, but I suspect the food will not be comparable--so be prepared to be slightly disappointed in that area.
  8. clearly i booked "too late", but i booked the restaurants the day after I booked the cruise. 🙄 Do you think when I board I could go straight to wherever and change the timing?
  9. Having already booked our dining last week for 3 specialty restaurants I can tell you it was very difficult finding a restaurant and time we liked. As a matter of fact, we were only able to get 1 restaurant at a time we liked; the other 2 we have reservations at 8:30. So checking the restuarants and times for the # of people in your group may answer your question.
  10. I have boarded NCL in NYC numerous times. I generally go early and the check in line is "quick". Because I get there early I generally have to wait to board for no other reason than they are not boarding yet. How long I have to wait depends on how quick they start the embarkation process and where i fall in line. They hand out these "tickets" that tell you when you will board. If you're number 1, then you're in the first group of people to board. If you're number 120, then you'll have to wait for that group to be called. The only time i have had to wait a particularly long period of time was when they started the embarkation process late due to something related to immigration. Immigration did not give them the "go ahead" for everyone to disembark so it held up everything. Typically I'll arrive around 11 and be on board by noon.
  11. I attached a picture here--is this where you found your reward(s)?
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