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  1. My daughter boarded this morning. At check in she was told any OBC would be in her room. Not there!! She stood online at customer service and was told they don’t have her file and won’t have it until tonight bit it would get straightened out. In the meantime i called casino royale since she got the cruise through them and they said customer service would have the info for her! 🤯🤬. I just knew this would happen and i will be dealing with the same thing on Monday as i am on majesty on Monday.
  2. can you use it to "buy" chips in the casino so i can play black jack?
  3. How do you book a cabana or beach bed? I have looked all over RCCL and at all the excursions and can't find it anywhere
  4. Is anyone allowed to go here?
  5. is that considered a tour? or are you allowed to go to the tropicana as long as you take a tour during the day?
  6. Based on this thread am I to understand that I must choose a dining time option? It has been a long time since I've sailed RCCL and I kind of assumed I'd be able to eat anytime I want. Is that not the case? Also, how much does the Chef's table cost? Lastly, for this ship, is there any type of option for a "private" pool? I know that's a pretty stupid question, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  7. I did read that but i was not sure which of those two stops might be related to or near to the Colosseum. Thank you for your help!!
  8. Me too!!! I have spent far too much time on the site trying to figure it out!
  9. How does one get from the ship to the train? And where in Rome does the train let you off? Would love to know if it is the same station where the Colleseum is.
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