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  1. LM1

    October 19,2007 Eastbound Transatlantic QM2

    Hi, we just booked, back to back transatlantic. Can't wait. It will be over a year since we sailed last, but it's worth the wait. Laura:)
  2. LM1

    Cunard QM2- Childrens Playzone

    My son is older, but he LOVED it. They kept the kids very entertained, busy, and he was well taken care of. Great security in place and a wonderful staff. We are going again this October and will definitely sign both my kids right up. Just so you know, sign your child or children up the first day. Go to the Zone and get the form because due to the sailing and how many kids may be aboard, they could fill up quick. It's recommended to sign up the first day, actually before you sail. If the Zone isn't open due to being in port, you can get the form from the Pursar's desk and then get up there and drop it off when they open. I think they open around sailing time or around there. And, of course they have different staff for the different ages so a 12 year old won't be with the 1 year old type of thing. Enjoy.
  3. LM1

    QM2 - Self Service Laundrette

    The laundry also gets very busy towards the end of the sailing, of course, so wash as you go if you can as there was a line on the 2nd to last day of our sailing, never mind the last day, so I said "forget it". We were on deck 8. I didn't want to travel all over the ship to find washers. There are only 2 washers and dryers on deck 8 to my knowledge and they have specific hours. Don't know why they can't leave them open 24 hours, but they don't, at least on QM2. My room steward said that the best time to do laundry when it's busy like that is between 1 and 3 PM . Seems it's less busy then. Didn't try it as I gave up, but just an FYI. And, my laundry bag was stolen on top of that when I did do laundry. So don't leave anything in there when you're not.
  4. LM1

    The Nursery - Port Days

    I was onboard QE2 in January and QM2 in April. Both had schedules posted for information on "port" days even though we were transatlantic. I asked alot of questions and the people on both ships,who were in charge of taking care of children, said there is babysitting, if you want to call it that, while in port and parents can leave their kids on board and go sightseeing. On port days the kids get snacks and meals unlike non port days where you have to pick them up various times of the day and feed them yourselves. Don't deal with Valencia. Ask when you board. Usually they are open right after the boat drill and will answer all your questions.
  5. LM1

    Drinks on board

    Nothing has to be sneaked on board. Airlines give you the go ahead as long as nothing is opened. Cunard has never questioned any alcohol we have brought onboard as long as it is not already open. If you ask them, Cunard, on the phone before going on a cruise they discourage it, but that is to their advantage. I have been told if alcohol is not in it's original container it will be confiscated. Just like any medications. They should be in the original containers, not in pill boxes. Once a mother was trying to bring on breast milk in a bottle and it was taken away. So, use your best judgment. If it's liquid and unmarked........good luck.
  6. LM1

    The Nursery - Port Days

    They do have the "nursery" and the zone open on port days most of the time. Ask when you board.
  7. LM1


    Usually it's me and Nana traveling transatlantic, this time we took my 8 year old. Only sleep in the cabin. Got a great deal on an obstructed view, cabin 8083. We have had inside, portholes, and the like, having done several crossings, but this past cabin was just wonderful. Not a great view, but hey, it's the middle of the Atlantic, but we still could see daylight, see the sea and get some air. If they give you a deal, I would go for obstructed view.......if on a budget.
  8. LM1

    QMary II Kids Programs etc.

    The Zone is awesome and they keep the kids very entertained. My son is 8 1/2 and had a great time. He didn't "live" in the Zone as he had fun in the pools and dancing in the evenings, but liked the option of getting away from Mom and Nana and being with new friends. There is smoke in areas, but you can easily move away from it. The Golden Lion seemed to be the worse to me, but you'll figure it out quickly where not to hang out if smoke is really offensive to you. Ask for a non smoking cabin we always do request one and seemed to have lucked out. If you don't get a balcony the worse is just stuffiness since you can't get any air. We have had inside cabins as well as balconies and never had that stale smell of smoke.
  9. LM1

    Kids' programs QM2

    Baby sitting in the cabins is available we were told, but we didn't need it. It all depends who signs up for it. You just have to ask those in the Zone and they'll let you know who may be available. Since the zone is open until midnight it's just not that popular, and again, like the food, you just need to ask.
  10. LM1

    QM2 room service- off menu items

    You can order whatever you want for food in your room, and if available somewhere on the ship, it will be delivered. Just have to ask. Even in the dining room, we asked for Shrimp cocktails every evening (Brittania) and my son loves strawberries dipped in chocolate. They were served every night and we never had to ask after the first request. Never on the menu, but available. Just ask.
  11. LM1

    Drinks on board

    I have always brought a huge bottle of rum and vodka with me for my transatantic crossings. Never confiscated, never a word said on both the QE2 and QM2. Always in plain sight in our cabin no matter which grade of cabin we had, from lowest of the low to pretty high up. But, the packages they have on board aren't too bad. $20.00 for a bottle of rum or vodka and I think 5 cokes or diet cokes. But it's a small bottle of booze, not like the ones I bring aboard. I was glad to have them with me on board and especially in England, as I found the liquour outrageously expensive. Couldn't believe the price of beer never mind liquour when you could find it to buy it. Love those nightcaps. Cheers
  12. LM1

    North Atlantic Weather Question?

    I've traveled in the spring and fall only and have always had the chance of rough seas and have had some rough seas. I have read on these posts that you take a chance with roughness in the spring and fall (April and October). That makes me think summer is best or early or late winter. January has always been great for us and we did get 60 degree days this past January, or so we were told. We didn't venture outside. This past April 23 crossing we had one beautiful warm day out of 6 days. But, for warmer weather as a rule, probably the summer is the best time for calmness and warmth in the North Atlantic. I'm sure others will know more about sailing during the summer.
  13. LM1

    Seasickness Shot

    Can't get the shot with certain medical conditions......like glaucoma. So some have to suffer, which stinks.
  14. LM1

    Commodore's last voyage?

    I heard the QE2 was going into dry dock and anyone on board had to transfer to the QM2. Although we did see the QE2 passing by on 4/23. Don't know the particulars, that's just what I heard from others. Bea says she will stay on land for a couple of months with family. First time in a long time. Then travel back home to the QE2 as I said before. She is so nice. I hope you get to meet her. She is very approachable and kind. I met up with her in the Chart Room. She was just reading. I went and talked with her. Had her 80th birthday on board and they made a fuss over her. I don't play bridge but hear she's very good. Hope to see her again.
  15. LM1

    Leaving the ship Self Help In New yORK

    On the 4/15 crossing to UK, Immigration was done on the ship. In the US both are on shore. Just be sure to ask which line to get in when reaching Brooklyn, as that seems to be very confusing and many were waiting in the wrong lines. US citizens versus other nationalities have separate lines and immigration/customs.