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  1. When this happens, Google 'Proxy Server' and select a Free Web Proxy Site, then copy and paste the required URL from CC onto the Proxy Server field and you are Steaming!!
  2. Not aware of any massages; there's an on-board doctor but I'm not aware of any facilities for massages, there's no spa or gym. Usual Viking options; a free tour at stops and optional tours. But the 2020 cruise is a new route so you'd better check with 'My Viking' for details of the 2020 tours as they are not stopping at some ports they did in 2019 and are calling at new ones.
  3. And we have never even thought about leaving water in our sink 🙂
  4. Me too! I opened this thread because I have never heard the term 'pickleball' and wondered if it was a type of condiment with a different name in Europe.... As, according to Wikipaedia, it's a type of tennis I think @Daisi has pointed out the salient issues. Better to go with the flow and enjoy the cruise.
  5. 301 is not 'right next to restaurant'. It's separated from the restaurant by the staircase and elevator. People talking in the restaurant shouldn't be audible to occupants of the room. And as @Nanna Fru says, the restaurants is only open at meal times and you will be in the dining room yourself at those times. That said, however, if you are worried about noise outside your room and it's possible to move, say to 308-315, as these are in the middle away from stairs at either end, then do so. The area immediately outside the restaurant has the self serve drinks and cakes bar at which
  6. I think only you can answer that. It depends on what you want to buy. We got a little Ukrainian money so we could buy coffees on trips. On our first day we had a walking tour and our local guide pointed out places that changed money. Remember all your meals drinks, coffees on board are included
  7. Pricing and what that includes also varies depending on where you are. Your profile doesn't show your location but @AliceSprings suggests Australia. The same cruises booked in Australia, UK and USA include different things. For instance UK prices include travel by air or rail. With Viking gratuities are included while fellow cruisers from the USA on the last two trips didn't have included gratuities. What I've done in past is drawn up a simple chart with columns of what I wanted and then have a row for competing cruise companies with a tick or cross whether they were in
  8. Good point, but it's something else to carry. I suppose it depends on how many electrical things one brings, and how frequently they need charging. Another reason for bringing a Euro adaptor is to use at the airport/s
  9. If you go to the Viking website and look for Viking Tir it'll tell you what is in each cabin type. Every cabin type is listed as having 110/220 volt outlets & USB ports As standard in Viking Longships there are both USA type flat pin 110 sockets and European round holed 220V sockets, as well as USB sockets. Sockets are on the desk and by the bedside. https://www.vikingrivercruises.com/ships/longships/viking-tir.html They can be seen - albeit small - in the 360 tours of the rooms. As you are coming from the USA you shou
  10. No way! No Champagne! The house sparkling wine is a sweetish German Sekt.
  11. Hopefully your connections to Kiev/Bucharest won't be too awkward. The reason Viking changed the itinerary in 2020 is the difficulty of air connections with Odessa
  12. @highland cruiser Mary - the boat is not a Longship, it's a Russian built boat reconditioned to Viking standards and you'll recognise many touches. However they couldn't do anything about the steepness of the stairs, hence I often used the lift.
  13. Not really. More important to consider journey to/from start/end point However engines have to work harder going upstream so maybe more noise in cabins closest to engines. Can't say I noticed difference, it wasn't an issue.
  14. None; gratuities were included. We used Euros for drivers and guides. As per my review on page 8 of this thread the same drivers and guides were used throughout the trip. But 2020 has a portion in Romania so maybe there a different coach is used.
  15. Have you looked at the deck plan?* 300 is as far from reception as it's possible to be on the middle deck. But it is closest to the restaurant. Reception is on the deck below yours, at the other end of the boat. * https://www.vikingrivercruises.co.uk/ships/ukraine/viking-sineus.html
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