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  1. Hello :). My husband and I went to Orient Beach last week and had an amazing time! We hung out at Friendly Bar (next to Paradisio and Mexicano Bars) and had our every need attended to by a young Frenchman named Ludwig. He was so helpful and welcoming. Now I am trying to get the bar's address to send them some pics and a thank you note. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  2. You mention showering at the spa. Is it free to use the sauna, steam room, showers, etc?
  3. I agree with the $2 bill idea. I read about that here on CC a while ago and have been collecting them for my cruise ever since. Dh and I go everywhere on board together so we always need to tip in increments of at least 2 dollars. This is our first balcony and I plan on using room service quite a bit so we need to get our tip stash together ;). Last year on our Mexico cruise, we were sooo tired from walking everywhere in port that we came back to the room and weren't interested in dressing for dinner. For some reason, we wanted basic "comfort" type food. We ordered (mostly dh) a BLT, PB&J, plate of cookies and brownies, tea and of course juice to mix cocktails. It was perfect. Not lobster, but perfect in it's own way. :)
  4. My husband would never pack/wear as much stuff as the OP. Actually, he wouldn't cruise if he had to dress up that much ;) :D. I have to pack his stuff for him. If he was in charge, it would all fit in a gym bag. Every guy feels comfortable with their own style- I like my casual guy.:)
  5. We are planning on hangin out at Orient Beach. Where should we go to get some local, casual, and inexpensive eats?? Thanks:)
  6. Thanks for the work yo've done! I would love a copy at christi4birth@aol.com Thanks :D
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