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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the information and helpful comments! Since posting this question, the itinerary for the July 1, 2020, Enchanted Princess sailing changed, and no longer includes a stop at Le Harve! So we have also changed our plans and booked a personalized tour with Overlord's on June 27, 2020, well before our cruise begins. We'll be staying in Bayeux for two nights since the tour starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:30/6:00 pm. Guess we don't need to worry about a crowded van, even though there will be room for more people, as the chances of anyone from our crui
  2. From all that I've read, it seems that almost everyone is happy with Overlord Tours! For those of you that have done this Private Tour (#9) from LeHavre Port with Overlord, how comfortable was it travelling in the van if you had the maximum of 8 people ? Would it be worth the extra cost if you had 6 people instead? Thank you for any information or suggestions!
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