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  1. Coy94

    Escape aft balcony

    I was on the Escape in May on 9th deck Aft. It has the bed next to the balcony. I believe there are others with the bathroom closer to the balcony. Does anyone know which decks have which H6 layout? Thanks, Coy Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. My Upsell to the Haven was similar. The type of cabin you originally booked (mine was BA) stilled remained on the documents. The new room number changed for the luggage tags and the entrance into the port.
  3. Coy94

    The Great Escape - Live 5/7/16

    After a great introduction like that...I have to join in. I want to read all that happens. It will make my week go by so much faster. We sail next week. 7 more days!
  4. Coy94

    The Escape Live 4/2!!

    I love following these live cruise threads. One question: how much is Bingo? We aren't casino types and played bingo all the time on our Carnival cruise in December. Thank you. Coy
  5. Coy94

    Escape - Live 1/30

    I hope you enjoy your trip. I have to wait until May. I see you are a beer drinker. If you get this message before leaving, can you take pictures of the latest beers available on the ship? Especially what on draft at the District Brewhouse. Thanks and have fun! Coy
  6. Coy94

    Carnival "Amazing Race" excursion

    So a question in regards to the swimming/diving...do we need to bring a mask or will there be one on the boat? Thanks. The whole family is looking forward to this excursion over the Christmas break. Coy