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  1. Thanks, Janmcn! I am in a vista suite. I bought a wipe board with magnets to leave messages but I suppose I could always just leave it in the desk!
  2. Thanks. I sailed on the Veendam and they weren’t
  3. Are the walls inside the Volendam cabins magnetic? How about the door? Thanks!
  4. Do they offer bridge tours any longer? If so, who do we contact? Sailing on the Volendam June 12
  5. When I taught school in NC, it was nearly impossible to get anyone on the phone in the downtown school system office. And this was one of their employees calling and leaving messages about an important topic...about children. I quickly learned to suck it up and physically go downtown and knock on doors to get answers. While I understand you can't physically go to the HAL corporate office, I think your switching cruise lines over waiting for an email answer is a bit over the top. Pick up the phone.
  6. I have noticed a "t" sign (plus sign) outside the BC category of cabin on the Volendam. Does anyone know what this symbolizes?
  7. Thanks so much everyone! So even if we originally had an ocean view and got an upgrade to vista suite, we still get double mariner points?
  8. Do vista suite passengers have any perks, such as priority boarding? I’m on the volendam in juneJune
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