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  1. I voted yes but, sadly, it will be a long time before I will be comfortable cruising again.
  2. Navigator has per item pricing and a really good burger. Mariner had the cover charge and a not so good burger with cold fries. Its so inconsistent...
  3. Plastic or cans are just fine. In fact, we often get service while actually IN the pool.
  4. We find Johnny Rockets to be really inconsistent. The Express on Navigator had fantastic burgers in April. We went back a few times. The location on Mariner on the other hand, was uninspired with blah burgers and our side dishes being cold. We had ones on Majesty once that were so salty, it stung the tongue.
  5. We got 40% off at Jamies on Navigator. We were approached by a staff member while we were sitting at Cafe Promenade.
  6. We could not get a refund for renting snorkel equipment at CocoCay last year when it was raining all day. They will never get me on that again. I bought my own.
  7. We got our assignment 12 days before sailing recently.
  8. How do you go about this? Do you call the dining room to order or room service?
  9. For me, it’s just hand wash. Bring your own products.
  10. They are nothing special but they get the job done. I say leave it at home and leave room to pack more shoes. 😉
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