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  1. @elf426 Thank you so much for this review! This is probably the first "live" I have ever read all the way through! I have cruise several times but July 24th will be my first time on Celebrity and I am beyond excited! 

    Just a couple questions:

    1. Cafe al Baccio - are the specialty coffees "free" I have the "Always Included" drinks and wifi and I am hoping to get some good coffee every day. I love a latte just like you!

    2. The Solarium - is that part of the spa or can anyone enjoy it without a fee?

    3. How many people would you say are on the ship? 50% capacity? Less? Did you have trouble ever finding a chair by the pool? Long lines at the buffet?

    4. If I have a 3pm arrival time to embark but get there early, is that ok?


    Again, that you for this informative review for a Celebrity first timer like me! 


  2. Does anyone know if I can bring one of those folding camping chairs with me on the ship? I want to bring it to the beach one day. I thought I saw somewhere that you could and you can even put a luggage tag on it.  Anyone know? 

  3. If I go to Somerset water sports in the morning, will I be able to get a ride to Horseshoe Beach afterwards?  Like from Somerset? Will there be taxis or mini buses going that way from Somerset?


  4. Hey everyone!

    I will be in Bermuda on a cruise in late October.  A couple things I want to do are shopping, beach and the caves. I am thinking of going to the caves on the first daya nd the beach the second. Then the 3rd day just kind of hang out near the port. 

    But here are my questions. Since the ferry to St. George from the dock does not run in the fall months, what's the best way to get there? Something simple and cheap. 

    Then if I decide to go from St George to the caves, will I be able to find a way there from st george?

    I want to go to Horseshoe Bay on the 2nd day and I heard you can take a mini bus for $7? Is that right?

    What other things can I fit in to my visit that I shouldn't miss?



  5. I am thinking of going on a cruise in early October 2019. It will have 2 nights in Bermuda. But I have never been there and have not really researched it cause I never thought i wuld go there. I have no idea what to do while in Bermuda. Any ideas?

    I like beaches, tours, boat rides, really open to anything, I did see a nighttime Bermuda Triangle boat ride that looks interesting. And the pink beaches...which is the best one? I don't mind crowds but I want to see a clean pretty beach. 

    Thanks everyone in advance!


  6. 8 hours ago, navybankerteacher said:

    This whole thread is depressing.  We have seen many cruise lines cutting amenities, reducing entertainment, eliminating much of the live music, downgrading MDR food quality, reducing staff, etc. —- all to reduce costs so as to be able to hold down fares to attract budget-minded passengers.  And now, when the quality of the experience has been gutted, we hear that cruising isn’t cheap enough.


    Somehow, I do not empathize with OP.

    Oh, I'm not looking for sympathy, just an answer to my original question.  I had no idea I would find so much criticism from people! (I guess that's the internet for ya!) 

    I was merely looking to see if the idea of "cheap" cruises were still a thing. My friend has never cruised and was just hoping to take a short trip so see how she would handle sea sickness and all.

  7. Good morning, 

    I have cruised several times on NCL.  I have a friend who would like to go on a short 3 or 4 day cruise to the Bahamas just to see if she would like cruising. We live in Georgia so would like to leave from a Florida or South Carolina port.  I used to see really cheap cruises, $99 pp or so, but I can't seem to find any now. We are not picky about when we cruise either. Does anyone know if these cheap cruises exist anymore? Not picky about cruise line. 



  8. Ok, so let's say hypothetically.... My father booked he and my mother a cabin.  He received a discount because of his casino play.  Well my father is now not able to go on the cruise.  Will my mother still be able to sail? Will she have to pay extra? Will they not let her board since he is not there?  The room has both of their names.

  9. I have never done the bids for an upgrade so I'm sorry for my ignorance! I have an inside room & was offered a bid for an ocean view for $50 per person. Does that me $50 a day for each person, or just $50 one time fee for each person?

  10. What are some of your favorite buffet combos? What do you make your own with what is offered?

    For instance, I like to take a small box of cereal and then for dessert, I sprinkle crushed up cereal on my ice cream.

    Another thing is to take a biscuit, a chicken tender and make a fried chicken sandwich. I even pour some gravy over the top.


    What are some of your ideas??

  11. I like to bring a coupe of these to keep things I use to get ready in the morning. Hair products, makeup etc. I pull them out when I am getting ready and then put them on a shelf when I head out for the day. The vanity are in the bathroom is small and so is the desk/table. This keeps things from being spread out all over the place. I also like to bring the small tray like ones for small items


  12. Just a note, I posted earlier in this thread, I took someones advice about Woodwind... They were AMAZING!! Best excursion I have ever done! The staff was fantastic, I was a first timer and never felt uncomfortable. They can supply you with anything you need from masks to swim shirts and flippers. I HIGHLY recommend Woodwind!!

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