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  1. I was on the Solstice once, late in the evening, walking past an empty bar on my way back to my cabin. I saw a passenger shouting, and in the face of a smaller man, who appeared to be a waiter. The passenger then grabbed the waiter by the arm, but at that point realised I was there, and let him go. He continued shouting incoherently however, so I sat down on a chair near the two of them. I'm not a big man, but was a a front row prop in my younger days and have the build and ugliness to go with it. The passenger got the message, and moved on.
  2. Just askin', but has there been a thread deleted from the Australian/Kiwi cruiser forum today? There was only one post on the thread, with a video attached to it, which was quite funny, when I read it earlier today. Now it seems to have disappeared.
  3. Chiliburn, at least until next weekend, we all have leave to ask any Kiwi how the All Blacks are going in the Rugby. In fact, if you are an Aussie, it's mandatory.
  4. But we all know climate change is bunkum ....
  5. And that's before you leave the ship, I guess..
  6. I've got a Timex watch I bought 53 years ago. Mechanical movement (no battery). You shook your hand and it wound itself up. Hardly ever used it. Bought it to check the time during the WA leaving exams in 1967, and its been sitting in drawers ever since. Last ticked over in December 1967. It was the only one I could afford at the time. Probably still is. Now, if there was a collectors' market for vintage Timex timepieces .....
  7. Two visits to Noumea, 11 of my group on board on the last visit this year. All got on and off ship at different times. No one saw or heard about immigration control, nor was the need for it announced on the ship (admittedly mostly Aussies, Aussie residents, and Pacific Islander passengers). But yes, check with the cruise line or Embassy/Consulate.
  8. Just make sure you point the business end at all times at the most annoying member of your party!
  9. Of course you are right, Relaxing Robbies, but if you are in a group, especially with kids or the elderly, it would be less frazzling to catch an Uber or a taxi which would take much less time and cost not that much more for the group. When the Perth - Airport train line is completed in a year or so it will all become so much simpler to travel Airport to Fremantle with only one change of line at Perth Central Station.
  10. Continuing, don't know what went wrong just then! In any event, we ended up being fed as well. From Munich we rang our well known Australian travel agent and left a message that we would be missing our land connection in Thailand and told them of our anticipated new arrival time. When we checked in in Munich the counter clerk observed we had arrived business class, from Rome and booked us in business class for the next leg. Great! On arrival at Bangkok our transfer vehicle was waiting for us. Yep, things sometimes work out for the best.
  11. Things have a habit of falling into place. Once, due to a train strike in Rome we just missed our flight to Thailand where we were to spend a few days in Hua Hin before returning home. We were flying economy. After telling the counter clerk our tale, with a few well chosen expletives about the Italian railway system included, we were informed that a Lufthansa plane was leaving very shortly to Munich, which would connect us to a Lufthansa flight to Bangkok two hours later. We were told that we would fly business class to Munich, but no meal would be provided. For a one hour flight, who cared? I
  12. There's a hop on hop off bus for about $25 AUD which stops at about 8 or 10 popular spots around town and is pretty regular. It stops at Lemon Bay if I remember correctly. It gives you a chance to see the town and stop off at a few spots that catch your interest over 4 or so hours. Check on last service times and bus colours and note that there are at least 2 different companies that offer this service and they are not interchangeable. The complimentary ships transfer bus drops you off at the booking offices/ information centre and returns you to the ship. But please check online rather than take the words of a random poster as gospel!
  13. HAL didn't on a relocation cruise a few years ago.
  14. The amount of money you will spend on lawyers to recover the entire cost of one holiday will keep Mr. and Mrs Gut on annual overseas cruises for the next five years. Just sayin'.
  15. I'll bite. How does anyone accidentally book a 38 day cruise?
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