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  1. I suggest a bex, a cup of tea, a good lie down, and a dose of reality is called for from some posters here.
  2. Now, I know that when people refer to their spouse on web sites they often call them OH, meaning "better half". But when someone refers to their male partner as DH, it conjures my imagination ....
  3. One man's Leghorn is Reg Ansett's old boiler.
  4. In January this year my wife and I were having early discussions about the possibility of cruising from New York to LA (or vice versa) via the Panama Canal. Got as far as googling what was available, but couldn't pin anything down for when we were considering travel, about May 2021. Put off further consideration until later this year, because of the paucity of information. Now, between Covid, the decimation of our super by 25% (at least), and the suspension of our modest rental income because of Covid, it ain't gonna happen until a while later. Edit: 25% is actually 2.5 x decimation, isn't it? I must acknowledge that I was a lot more hopeful a week or two ago that this would blow over in two or three months.
  5. I haven't been following this thread too closely, but here's my take on things. Cruise lines will be suffering, and some may go bust, but their ships will still be there. Someone else will buy them, rename them, sanitise them, refurbish them, change their country of registration, and open for business as soon as it is practical and financially viable to do so. Australia has had a huge appetite for cruising, and I doubt that will change. The ships will return with the same itineraries as before, with some variations and additions, in order to exploit this battered but lucrative and cashed up market. Travel agents will be back in business to earn their cut. We are all wary, careful and concerned at this time. Many of us (most?) are on the elderly and most at risk side of the Covid equation..But the vast majority of us, including the elderly, will survive it, that's a promise. A new form of normalcy will return, and we will continue our lives, including our cruising activities. In the initial stages of recovery I expect there will be travel bargains to be had, and hopefully I will take advantage of them. Take care, and see you on the other side.
  6. I've just given up Lent .... Less trouble, in this world, anyway.
  7. Cruise lines can state what they want in their "Terms and Conditions" but they are still subject to Federal fair trading legislation. If they can't come up substantially with what the Punter paid for, they must give him/her a full refund of the fare paid. You don't pay for a pineapple to receive a lemon.* *Obilix and Astirix, Attorneys at Law. We have the gaul to sue anybody.
  8. In the bad old days at Fremantle prison the convicts were fed crayfish for their protein intake. It was cheaper than meat. I don't know if they complained as loudly as modern day cruisers when crayfish is OFF the menu.
  9. The Esplanade hotel, near the fishing boat harbour provides a good meal in good and salubrious environment, albeit on the pricey side. But honestly , a short stroll along the South street cappuccino strip and surrounds will find you any number of interesting and safe hotels and restaurants to suit all styles and budgets, and for Saturday lunch you probably wouldn't need a booking.
  10. Lawn Bowls in Australia is a sport heavily subsidised by the Federal Government, I believe. Well, some Clubs, in the right areas, anyway.
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