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  1. Scenic River Cruises has had their “Scenic Tailormade “ devices for a few years that included the typical around-the-neck radio and cheap earbuds. This year they introduced their Tailormade app for smartphones which apparently provides the solution you’re looking for. Reviews so far have been mixed at best but that might be the usual “it’s a new thing so I hate it” response. We’ll be cruising the Rhine with Scenic next month and I’m looking forward to giving that a try. I’ve already downloaded the app and it looks good so far although most of its features are not available until we get on the ship.
  2. I’m not sure “elegant dress” and “wardrobe malfunction” belong in the same paragraph 😉. Although most of the people being interviewed were well dressed I saw plenty of people in the background in more normally casual clothes. I tend to live on the casual end of the dress code so I was keeping my eye out for it.
  3. The afternoon sail out is normal. They used to do the evening lights cruise the night before but after the collision between a river cruise ship and a local tour boat earlier this year some cruise lines apparently discontinued the practice while others made it up to the judgement of the captain. It sounds like your captain judged it to be unsafe this week. That’s too bad as it is a very nice excursion.
  4. 3:15 in the morning? That would be disappointing.
  5. Taking the limo from YVR to the ship. Is that because the limo can’t cross the border?
  6. As notamermaid says, things look good on the Rhine portion of your cruise. The Danube portion looks a little more precarious but still not likely to be a “glorified bus tour”. Maybe a ship swap between Regensburg and Passau. There is another thread about Danube water levels, also started by notamermaid that will help you keep up to date on Danube river issues.
  7. Actually if you read to the end of that thread the poster was surprisingly upbeat about the overall experience with good things to say about the crew, food and excursions.
  8. I never New I was well heeled until I watched that video. Yay for me!😜
  9. We have a Canon camera with WiFi. It won’t connect to the ship’s network. Instead you create a two-device network comprised of the camera and your iPhone or iPad. You can also create a Bluetooth connection, although I just use that to geotag my photos using the GPS in my iPhone. For me, the best way to transfer photos from the camera to iPhone or iPad is to get a SD card adapter from Apple and do a direct transfer from the memory card to the Apple device. If you have a. Odeon iPad the transfer is very fast.
  10. I use a Lightning to SD card adapter to get photos from my DSLR to my iPad. That way I don’t have to worry about the connector match on the camera end. Transfers to my iPad pro(10.5”) are very fast.
  11. I was on the Explorer in April. I too was worried about leaving my keycard behind when leaving our room so I used my library card. Sometimes I would pull the card halfway out and leave it, then just push it back into place to turn on the power when we returned. If if we had devices charging I would leave the card in place. If the room stewards serviced the room while we were out they usually half pulled the card when they left but we did get some extra charging time between our departure and theirs. I was also uncomfortable with the idea of leaving a credit card in the slot but Between my library card and a couple of supermarket cards I found lower risk alternatives.
  12. House wine prices vary quite a bit. In April we had a nice Sokol Blosser Pinot noir in Prime 7. Available online for $35-40.
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