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  1. No cash crop. I just use the greenhouse to start plants for my garden. Hemp’s status as a cash crop is somewhat in question this year. A lot of people lost their shirts last year. The 80 acre hemp farm next door is fallow this year, as are many more acres in the Rogue Valley. Many entrepreneurs seemed to think farming is just planting and harvesting and counting the money but as is usually the case it is much more complicated than that.
  2. Really. You think Manhattan and Laramie should be in the same jurisdiction? That’s beyond beyond stupid.
  3. When I saw your photo I thought Cottage Grove. Probably actually a little south of your actual location. Your place clearly gets more rain than we do in Medford. I'm a native Oregonian and while my wife thinks I can be cranky I don't see it.😉
  4. Or you could make the final payment and get 100% money back after Regent cancels. As long as you can wait 90 days for your refund.
  5. I’m a little worried about safety too. They’ve had time to determine that it’s not poison, but what are the odds of longer term side effects?
  6. The success or failure of Sweden’s approach can only be properly evaluated in retrospect. We’re still in the beginning of the middle so too early to draw conclusions.
  7. We plan to be on that cruise as well. Our final payment isn’t due until July, and we will pay it unless something catastrophic happens. We did ask our TA to modify our reservation to get us the $1,000 OBC in the latest offer. Our fare went up $200, which makes the effective OBC $800, which is still way better than zero.
  8. That’s interesting. I just rechecked and my final payment date is July 14, 2020. That is also my dining reservations date. I’m not sweating any of the penalty dates. We will make final payment and either cruise or take the FCC.
  9. I don’t blame Regent for keeping mum. Every word they utter is an opportunity for more people to be upset by whatever they say. You might find their words comforting but I’m sure those same words would infuriate someone else. There’s no way for them to come out ahead no matter what they do or don’t do.
  10. We are still hoping to cruise in October. If that doesn’t happen our plan B is a road trip through the southern Utah national parks, if the parks are open and lodging and dining are available.
  11. I just received a flyer from Regent advertising their Alaska cruises starting with the August 5 sailing. I wish I could believe the cruises will actually happen. That would make it easier to believe our October 12 LA to LA cruise will actually happen. Now that Regent has begun issuing refunds for the cruises they cancelled I feel better about my plan to make final payment in July and “onboard book” a 2021 cruise when the thirty day window opens in September. No need to tell me I’m living in a fantasy world. I already know that but it’s a happier place than the real world right now. 😎
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