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  1. There’s a sticky on Regent flights with a lot of good information about air deviation. In a nutshell when you get 270(I think) days before your departure you can request the flights you want. Maybe they will be covered by the free air and maybe you will need to pay a surcharge. Once you and Regent agree on the flights you will be charged a $175 per person deviation fee and Regent will book your air. as Jmariner said, it’s often cheaper to book your own air to Asia. Although that may not be as true when traveling from the east coast.
  2. IMO cruising is going to be a risky venture until vaccine availability has increased to the point that cruise lines can require proof of vaccination at boarding.
  3. Our first Regent cruise was also to Alaska. We went to Denali post cruise. The Regent add-on was more than we wanted to pay so we self-guided. In our case we took the train from Seward to Anchorage, then rented a car for the rest of the trip. We stayed at the Grande Denali Hotel, which was okay and has a great location. The people who were on the post-cruise extension appeared to have some extra activities that were beyond what we had available to us, although possibly not worth a extra $1,000. The onus was on us to arrange all activities but it was worth it to us for the
  4. I can’t remember the name but there is an excursion that includes an early train to Rome and a late train back to the ship with a bus tour of major sights in between. When we were planning for our cruise last year that gave us the longest time on the ground in Rome.
  5. I feel like the 125% FCC benefits both Regent and me. They didn’t have to refund my money, and I got a discount on my July 2021 cruise(if it sails). During the year I monitored the cruise before booking the price increased 0.5% so the 25% FCC “bonus” reduced my cost.
  6. Like sucking on a pacifier. You don’t get any actual milk but it feels comforting. 😉
  7. The risk of false positives is very near the top of my list of concerns when it comes to boarding a cruise ship. Based on some recent news reports it seems to me that the most appropriate response to a positive test is to run two follow up tests. our next booked cruise is from Copenhagen in July. If it actually appears to be happening I will be very interested to know what Regent will do if a boarding passenger tests positive at the pier.
  8. Can you point us to this report? I got the asymptomatic and low viral load info from the posted articles but no reference to external labs or poor testing. Where did that information come from?
  9. You forgot to add the emoticon indicating a humorous comment.
  10. The floor plan drawing shows a perspective that makes it a little hard to see but the shower is where Flgreg describes.
  11. We don’t have any cruises booked currently so didn’t get the email. When our FCC comes through for the October cruise that was canceled we will book a cruise for next summer. I wonder if the new perq will be offered for that cruise. We’re lowly Silvers in SSS and it will be interesting to see what the offer is for us.
  12. I don’t see it on rssc.com. Can you provide a link?
  13. I just spent a few minutes on rssc.com looking at 2021 cruise prices and comparing them to the prices in the July 2020 through May 2022 paper catalog. My search was not nearly as exhaustive as yours but I did not see any of the large price increases you have been reporting. Most prices were unchanged and the other increases were $200 or less for Category E, which is our preferred category. What specific cruises were you looking at that were double the price? I was looking on the US web site. Are you shopping the US or UK site?
  14. Aside from your little corner of the world Covid-19 is already everywhere. I suspect that soon after your government opens the borders You will have it too. I hope vaccination can keep outbreaks small but I think Covid-19 is with us for the long term.
  15. In Concierge you also get multiple network logins. If it matters to you that both of you can be online at the same time that is something to consider. if you’re not too much of a coffee snob it can also be nice to have the in-room coffee maker.
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