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  1. Right under "What I have learned on this thread"
  2. Omg, I haven't heard mention of the Mile High Club since way back when I was a high school teacher and my students used to proudly invoke it. Was a fun reminiscence.
  3. Fires and everything/everyone involved with them really terrible to think about. So sad in so many ways. (Wendy: We're ok. Missed being on board Explorer for my husband's 90th in May. Will, I'm sure, miss being on board a cruise for our 50th anniversary in December. Bummers. I do read the boards; I just don't especially feel like commenting anymore. Thanks for asking though.)
  4. Wendy: To add my "condolences" to your having to miss that long-looked-forward-to WC. I feel kind of like the way I did for those Splendor folks on the Canal itinerary who had for such a long time planned, looked forward to, and CC'd back and forth about that particular cruise. I'd had a special 90th birthday celebration cruise booked for me and my husband (he's the birthday-boy), mid-May, but it's scrapped as well (presumably formally by Regent in a couple of days). I'd looked forward to the ports (some new, some old favorites), as well as to some terrific pre and post travels in
  5. Echoing Z. I've been following along on all the various posts, including even the roll call for this canal cruise. I just haven't bothered commenting, but feel a wish to add my "SO SORRY!!" to everyone, but somehow especially for this cruise. (We had a cruise booked on Explorer for May 18, in order to celebrate my husband's 90th birthday on board ship, our favorite place to be. Had various dandy days set up for before and after cruise as well. Had worked on the details endlessly. Hurt to have to cancel.) Crossing fingers that people remain safe, and, again, sorr
  6. We find Regent ships quite cold, always need some sort of sweater or jacket or wrap. Yet we see guys in CR, e.g., in short sleeve shirts, and women with lots of bare skin. We just can't do that (my husband winds up wearing a blazer and long-sleeve shirt virtually every night). Thank goodness the suite temps adjust nicely to one's preferences.
  7. My husband drinks non-alk beer, and we always order O'Doul's Amber and Clausthaler (sp?) or St Pauli Girl for our suite. I just call Regent and do that. (Obviously could ask TA, but we just find it easy to call directly.) When he orders a non-alk at any of the dining venues, only thing ever available is Heineken, which he tends to like less well than those we order for the room.
  8. What are some interesting things to do in the Brest area of France? Is there anything especially handsome/scenic near that port? Any excursions that might be memorable or at least interesting? (We're not interested in things military.) Thanks in advance.
  9. We did White-Pass Railway two different times on Regent Alaska cruises. First time we did Scenic Rail and Yukon Suspension Bridge (I don't think there was an up-charge back then — was a number of years ago). We enjoyed it very much. I wouldn't say that the Bridge (short) and the area around it are a "Do Not Miss" destination, but area (the gorge, etc.) was handsome. Second time we did the train up and the bus back down to Skagway: enjoyed it very much as well (different perspective from bus, and we stopped at a look-out). In any case, dandy scenery all around. (Our first trip
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