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  1. There seem to be several . I'm hoping that people can suggest which one might be the best. Thanks in advance.
  2. poss

    Windsor hotel?

    Thanks for replies. Problem is that we won't have a car and don't want to have to take a taxi into town. I guess the choice comes down to MacDonald or Castle Hotel? It amazes me how many poor reviews all 4 of those hotels receive on Trip Advisor. Some great reviews too, of course. Between MacDonald and Castle, is there a significant difference? Thanks again.
  3. We're thinking of spending our last night in Windsor instead of Oxford for our noon flight from Heathrow to the States. I'm wondering what hotel in Windsor might be most pleasant, e.g. reasonably quiet, comfortable accommodations, good bed and bathroom, nice view if possible. Thanks.
  4. poss

    "Best for feasting"

    Hey, Gill — thanks for posting!
  5. poss

    some Malaga questions

    Great, thanks. Btw, if a person hadn't been to the caves in Nerja (and if they like that sort of thing), I'd certainly suggest going there. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Malaga area some decades ago. But this time we'll stay put. Our cruise ship has many included excursions in the city itself, so we'll probably do one of those and then do a bit of exploring on our own. (We can't walk more than hour or so at a time and we can't do big hills — but the little tour bus can!)
  6. poss

    New Shore Excursions!

    Cerinda: If you don't mind, I'd be curious to know which itinerary you so like that you repeat it regularly. And good luck with the excursions. All will be well again.
  7. We much prefer classical music to any other kind. We also enjoy quiet jazz. (And in certain settings/at certain times, we enjoy folk, rock, disco, reggae, many other kinds of music, but classical is our main pleasure.) Would love to have more on Regent.
  8. poss

    Blarney or Kinsale?

    We had no interest in seeing or kissing the stone. We spent about three very pleasant hours exploring the grounds — loved it.
  9. poss


    SIX (6!) category upgrade?? WOW!
  10. I appreciate the suggestions and am looking in to each. Btw, we don't want tours outside of London, just within the city. And cannot afford private cab for hours at a time.
  11. poss

    New Shore Excursions!

    Hi Tc: If you're interested, take a look at the excursions for "our" itinerary: May 20 -June 1 on Explorer. There are lots of tours which have both the "regular" tour and the small group tour — where the details are identical. I'm mystified by that.
  12. poss

    New Shore Excursions!

    One thing that I wish weren't the case (though probably not a big deal) is that the regular group and the small group for the same tour leave at the same time. I'm not sure how that works. I.e., if two groups go to the same place pretty much at the same time, wouldn't things be more crowded rather than less? I don't know — maybe the order of visits is reversed in each group? In addition, though, I wonder if it'd set up some "Oh, look at those people, the hoi polloi" kind of thing. We shall see. But for sure, the "go local" aspect looks great.
  13. poss

    New Shore Excursions!

    Thanks, Jason. Btw, choosing this time was quite difficult well before the fine new additions. So many of the excursions sound more or less alike to me. I read through them again and again, and can't find significant differentiation that I can grab hold of. I don't remember having this quandary (some quandry!) for any other cruise.
  14. poss

    Cartagena question

    Stay in Cartagena or visit La Manga as well? Thanks!
  15. poss

    some Malaga questions

    Our ship has the following excursions from Malaga: Atequera and El Torcal or Pedregalejo I'm trying to decide whether to choose one of those (can't find much info about either of them) or just stay in Malaga and tour the city (we've been there for several days about 20 years ago). Thanks