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  1. We are retired but not Medicare eligible until next year, and our Blue Cross insurance covers us overseas.
  2. Very nice @Jazzbeau, the cottages near Acadia NP where we have stayed for the last 30 years is not opening, and may not open next year--owner is elderly, and cannot see how he and his staff could properly sanitize 1930's era cottages properly between renters--very sad situation. Enjoy! We are jealous that our state, MA, is not allowed into ME without a 2 week quarantine, or recent test. Given that NY, NJ, etc residents are allowed in, we find that to be a head-scratcher, since MA numbers are now low.
  3. I believe that Jazzbeau's reference was to Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. The "A" in the Scarlet Letter was for "adultery"---which is why my mind went in the direction of Hawthorne--he did not choose a "C" for "covid" but an "A", like in the novel.
  4. We were in the lowest level on Viking, and it was cool to watch the swans from water level--they came within a few feet of the windows!
  5. We've been told that our Sept. Canadian Rockies trip is "still on". 45 days out (late July) tour company will "re-evaluate". I am 100% we still won't be going. Here in MA, numbers are way down. In the "what, me worry?" states, numbers are exploding. USA is exactly where we were in April. If I was Canadian, I wouldn't let an American come within miles of my border! We need to let THEM cancel so we don't lose $$. So we just hope that a month from now, when the trip is actually cancelled, there will be openings NEXT fall--there are openings now for next fall. Fingers crossed.
  6. We have a land tour scheduled for September that we are convinced will be cancelled--we have no interest in going, frankly, until next year. Our tour company is cancelling trips 45 days out, I assume, to spread out the chore of handling refunds/rescheduling. So we expect (and hope) to hear from them late next month. If Viking or anyone else canceled an entire season all at once, handling all the cancellations/refunds/rescheduling would be a thankless task that would torque off a lot of people expecting instant service.
  7. I was hoping my post would not run afoul of the rules--sorry Jazzbeau, thought that would be OK, apparently not! I figured that since the not-to-be mentioned organization does lots of things, travel being only one of them, it would be OK. Lesson learned!
  8. @Daisi, what are you hearing about opening the Canadian border to Americans? Our Canadian Rockies trip starts on Sept 5, and frankly we are hoping it doesn't run! I have read some things in the Canadian press about maybe reopening the border in August, but with a 14 day quarantine? The sooner things become more firm, the sooner we can make rescheduling plans. The tour operator is making decisions 45 days out. Our final payment is due early July, and 45 days out puts us in mid-July. We're going to try to have the payment delayed a couple of weeks, so that we aren't potentially making our final payment, then 2 weeks later getting credits/refunds/rescheduling, etc. Thanks for your thoughts and info about things in general. My grandparents came to USA from Quebec, so I have an affinity for our neighbors to the north!
  9. There are 2 Zurich train stations. One is the main station in town, and the other is Zurich Flughaven, which is in the lower level of the airport terminal.
  10. OK, now I see what I missed. We had a land cruise cancelled last year. We had an Allianz policy for the 6 months prior to the trip. When the trip was cancelled 2 months before departure, I asked Allianz for a 1/3 refund, thinking that was a fair request (1/3 of coverage period was left). Allianz refunded the entire cost of the policy! That made me an Allianz customer for life--went way above what I had requested.
  11. If Viking cancelled the cruise, wouldn't the refund/future credit be coming from Viking, as opposed to filing a trip insurance claim? Terms Viking has been offering seem better than most. Unless there is some part of the story I'm missing.......
  12. There was a piece here in MA on the local news about a consumer having difficulty getting a refund from Grand Circle Cruise Line, which is owned by the same folks who own OAT. It was clear that they were due a refund, but it took the intervention of the station's consumer reporter to get what was due to them. We have friends who swear by OAT and GCCL, but I would be leery using them in the future! We've sailed with Viking, and would have been very happy with the terms they offered for those whose cruises were canceled, had our cruise been canceled last year.
  13. Benny our cook-to-order omelet chef, was also amazing! Viking Vidar, last October.
  14. On the Rhine, waiters raved about the osso buco, but our favorite dinner was the chateubriand. Unbelievable!!!!
  15. The two companies mentioned by @steamboats also sail the Columbia River. We have much more interest in the Columbia than in the Mississippi--more dramatic scenery.
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