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  1. Personally if I was on a cruise, I would prefer that all be vaccinated, as opposed to just testing negative.
  2. From what I understand, the US government (CDC?) requires the COVID test, and it's the airline that checks that you have it. I presume the assumption is that if the airline let you on the plane, you tested COVID-negative?
  3. Let me translate the message from Vantage: "OOPS, we thought we could quietly do this to you without you not noticing until it was too late. I guess since you caught us, we'll put you back into your original cabin, lest you bad-mouth us all over social media (though I guess you'd have the right to!). Sorry, no harm no fowl???"
  4. You mention that hopefully the quarantine plan requirement will be dropped by September. I am just as concerned bout the negative PCR test within 3 days of flying. That's cutting it pretty close. I'm already imagining nightmares where I'm sitting at the airport waiting for our COVID result to come in so I can enter the country.....
  5. Also hoping that by September more airports are participating, we are flying BOS--Toronto--Calgary. Neither of those two Canadian airports are on the list.
  6. Thanks for the link @Daisi ! Though unless I missed something, fully vaxxed visitors will not have to quarantine--it's in the first full paragraph. Now I need to find out if the ArriveCAN portal is a phone app or a website---I 'll need t pester my travel agent if this is not easy to find. But looking forward to September!!!!!
  7. Have never traveled with Uniworld, but there have been lots of comments on these boards about the deterioration in overall quality with Uniworld.
  8. Using a phone app vs. using the website can often produce a different experience.
  9. For either river cruises or land tours, we have always booked air through the tour company for the reasons mentioned above. Also with many companies booking air with them includes airport transfers. We have a land tour scheduled where booking air with the tour company includes car service between home and airport at both ends of the trip!
  10. @Daisi, just read PM Trudeau's comments about reopening the border to fully vaccinated Americans by mid-August, and to the rest of the world by early September: YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to our northern friends who have 80% with one vaccine dose and 50% fully vaxxed. We have renewed hope that our September trip will happen. At this point, wearing a mask indoors or on a bus won't bother me much--vaccine has removed that fear and dread--still have to be careful, though.......... On a sadder note, it was difficult watching
  11. This may be a case where "cancel for any reason" trip insurance might have been desirable. Even last year, those who let cruise companies do the cancelling made out much better than those who canceled themselves.
  12. Jazz, I hope you paid your respects to Inspector Armand Gamache while you where there!!
  13. No, I did NOT suggest that you book a trip independently---I said exactly the opposite and spelled out the reasons why that would be difficult.
  14. Fair enough @Canal archive, it was not clear to me that your daughter was comparing the vaccine to HER case of COVID, as opposed to COVID in general. I apologise and take back my comment. With 4 family members who refuse to get a vaccine, I am very frustrated with this very preventable but dangerous disease, so I'm a little bit touchy.
  15. With all due respect, CA, is your daughter saying that the effects of the vaccine were worse than possibly dying? Because that's what COVID has done to 4 million plus people worldwide. Again, with all respect, those kinds of statements just fuel the vaccine reluctance that is holding the world back from conquering this thing. I am NOT looking to start a kerfuffle, but I cannot let that statement stand without replying to it. We have 4 family members who will NOT get vaccinated, and the country is literally coming door to door, couldn't make it easier. Not one of them can give a
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