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  1. One thing Mrs Sharkster and I agree on---- when life returns to "normal" we will go where we want to go, no doubts, period----we only have a precious few years to enjoy retirement before poor health becomes an issue, and have lost one, maybe two of them. 2017-2019 we did one big trip per year, but we will have some catching up to do!!
  2. @Host Jazzbeau I am similarly optimistic about 2022, not so much about 2021, especially the spring. Frankly, we have a land tour that was rescheduled from Sept. 2020 to Sept. 2021 that I do not expect will run. Mrs Sharkster and I have discussed whether we should look into booking something for 2022--our travel agent expects bookings to be tough to get once the world becomes quasi-normal again. Of course, she may be saying that to drum up business, who knows? I admit I only skimmed the thread and was not aware of what year's bookings were being discussed! Mea cu
  3. I would also go back into CC posts and evaluate how well or poorly each cruise line dealt with cancellations/refunds. There was a wide variety of aproaches and time tables. Given the uncertain landscape of travel, I would protect my investment. Some companies refunded promptly, and other folks are still waiting months for their money back.
  4. Nekkar River, Heidelberg? They have the monkey statue at the base of the bridge, and we saw monkey motifs on signs hanging over shops.
  5. If they were Hussar, wouldn't they have wings and armor? Just saw an episode of Murdoch Mysteries that featured Polish Hussar horsemen.
  6. Agree 1000% with our esteemed moderator---- @oracer, erase from your mind the ocean cruise model of being in port for an entire day, with an arrival/departure schedule that is known months in advance. Two ships from the same cruise line may both be in port at the same time, headed in the same direction, and have completely different schedules based on traffic levels passing through locks, availability of berths at the next stop, etc. You may even be told one departure time in the morning, and then be advised of a change at lunch------it's all very fluid.
  7. I believe Viking has built slightly-shorter longships (125 m) to sail on the Seine and dock in Paris proper. Docking the standard sized longships in Le Peq has been less than optimal and used against them by other companies in marketing. I witnessed this myself at a travel show.
  8. @oracer Also, your assumption that the ship will be in port from 8AM to 10PM is unrealistic. In some cases, you may be dropped in one port and bused to the ship in another town. The ship may have to queue up to navigate locks, for example, and there is no better time to do that while passengers are on excursions. Some days we left port just before dinner. Many times departure times are determined by local authorities, subject to change at any time. That makes booking independent excursions impossible. As many have said, the only similarity between ocean and river cruising is
  9. @ljandgb, our guide in Cologne mentioned that the black on the cathedral is due to pollution, but the soft stone would be damaged by any attempts to remove it by powerwashing, etc. Frankly the dark color adds to its "German-ess"!
  10. A performance of German music had just finished up in the lounge and the captain came on the PA and suggested we go outside to the top deck. It was about 9:30 and we were departing Cologne. One of the photos I took is still the wall paper on my phone!
  11. @Daisi, here in the US many walk-thru lights displays are being staged as drive-thru, so I would think your lights display will be good to go!
  12. There are about 5 midwest/western states that have positivity rates over 20+ percent, with SD at the top of the list.
  13. The projections for the US are for over 100K new cases per day in a week or two. South Dakota, which has a population of only 880,000 had 1300 new cases a day ago. Here in MA, where our population is about 7 million, we are getting very concerned about 1000 new cases per day. Shows how dire things are in a place like SD, which is much more rural than MA.
  14. Wow, that shrine looks an awful like the shrine to the Magi in the Cologne cathedral. Luckily, a quick answer allowed be to avoid making a wrong guess!!!
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