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    Just off Liberty, any questions?

    Thanks for your reply and warning about the warm water! Haha!
  2. angelflowers

    Just off Liberty, any questions?

    Did the gym have free weights? Was there a place to get water there?
  3. angelflowers

    Royal Caribbean Dining Options

    Does anyone have any experience with MTD and a large group. I have us set for the 5:30 but now I am rethinking it especially the days when we head off port. I hate to rush! We have a group of 10 and would like to sit together. Wonder if it will work?
  4. angelflowers

    For All You Summer Cruisers!!

    My cruise is also in July. I am hoping to lose @ 5 lbs. I know its not much but I have been working hard and losing since last September. I started at 170 and am now at 142. I've been working out at least 5 times a week and eating clean. I am also doing Jamie Easons live fit trainer and liking it although I dont follow her diet plan.
  5. angelflowers

    Review of Blue hole

    What is a good tip considered? It will be our first time on a cruise and doing any type of excursions and I want to make sure I have enough cash to tip the guides throughout especially since we are a family of five.
  6. angelflowers

    Live on the Liberty

    Following as we as set to sail on the Liberty, July 24.
  7. angelflowers

    hiring a driver for the day

    It will be our first time traveling to Cozumel and we are thinking about hiring a driver. Maybe Santiago? We will be with another group. Is there any recommendations on places to visit that would keep kids aged between 10 to 15 entertained?
  8. Do you think my husband would be eligible to receive a discount on RCCL for a summer 2016 cruise? He wouldn't be "active duty" when I book (now) but will be the first half of 2016, but not when we depart on cruise. He does have a white card.