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  1. OP, just out of curiosity what company made the charge on your credit card?
  2. That's interesting because the first part states "Carnival" as the ship and employees etc. Which those people outside haven't encountered yet.
  3. I wonder when that cruise contract that was stated earlier in the thread takes effect. Is it when you get on the ship or when you buy the ticket?
  4. If its off season (not summer or holidays), your best bet is to book 1-2 months out. You'll get the best prices then.
  5. Not for cruising. I probably wouldn't take a European cruise. I'd rather go by land as there are places to see that boats can't get to. It just limits what you can see too much. Caribbean its all about the weather, sun, beaches. All the things most people up north want to do 6 months out of the year because its freezing. Most of the ports you can't get to by land easily which makes cruising the obvious choice. That plus you can cruise 2-3 times on what some people pay for 1 cruise + airfare + hotels.
  6. That's one of the big reasons I live in Florida. You can basically leave on a moments notice and get the best prices 2 weeks out usually. Everything until then is just over inflated.
  7. There is some truth to this. Its kind of like playing blackjack and the guy next to you has 17 and asks for another card and gets a 9 and folds. Then its your turn and you have a 10 and get a card that doesn't help you but the 9 would have won the hand. Very frustrating when people don't know what they are doing and cost you money. The same applies here but its not money its the cabin upgrade. Some people have no clue what the cabin they are bidding on is worth. They don't check the price history and just overpay. They could have booked it cheaper direct earlier on. So your appropriate bid just gets denied because of this.
  8. Murano by a mile. Don't hold back either, surf and turf it.
  9. The least the steward could have done is top the bottle off to the line with some water from the bathroom. That's 5 star service right there. End sarcasm. Love Murphy Goode. At the end of the day you can't sugar coat a turd and make it taste great. Hope Carnival reads this and takes some action.
  10. I do understand what a guarantee is. You get whatever they select. Now, I also understand that it does seem somewhat unfair that someone who came after me maybe even the 2 days before the cruise and is assigned a much better balcony than me when I made my reservation 6 months ago. What should happened and what this guy is used to in the past is that the all the guarantees are assigned very close to the cruise date and the assignments from best remaining balcony to worst are done in time order. But since Celebrity has a new bidding process like Norwegian, they need to save the best cabins to have people bid up to make more money. The way the OP is describing it will never ever happen again. What the other people have said it true. You got the balcony you paid for. How it was delivered compared to past sailings is the OPs issue. Unfortunately, you will be assigned the worst guarantee they have as soon as you book now. There is no getting around that.
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