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  1. I thought that to even take an international flight to Europe you needed to be vaccinated. If that is the case what is the point of the mask? I mean, isn't that the goal of getting the vaccine in the first place, to put yourself in a position to return to normal. Seems like the mask thing is overkill is that is the case if Rob-Rob is vaccinated.
  2. I think NCLs goals are 2 fold. 1) Go with 100% vaccinated and run 100% capacity so everything on the ship is the same as before. 2) Challenge Florida's law that the state can interfere with their business on their ships. If #2 is successful in court then any follow up laws will be ruled unconstitutional.
  3. While technically that may be true now. When the CSO goes away then I think they won't need to do this since the CSO made the requirement I believe.
  4. If there is a threat to the state the state can take action just like last year. But I think the more likely scenario would be the CDC would not allow the ship to dock until all the passengers and crew are tested.
  5. You are correct the CSO invalidated in federal court means its invalidated in the whole US. I also believe the ATRA is also invalidated since the ships can't get a CSO certificate now.
  6. This is the basic inevitability. There is no reason to mediate based on the judges stance. Because anything mediated on would be non-binding since the judge basically said the CDC can only make recommendations. The judge just wants a settlement so it won't be appealed. The CDC will just wait and go to appeal and ask the appeals court to hold the CSO until the appeals court rules.
  7. If the ATRA requires a CSO certificate and no one can give them a certificate because of this ruling the whole bill is dead. Congress will have to pass a new law and hopefully ratify the CDC authority more explicitly this time so judges don't get confused.
  8. Its going to be a long haul on this one. We won't know the actual results of all this probably till after or near November. The appeals court will probably hold up the CSO while it decides the case from July 18th on and even then it will most likely go to the supreme court.
  9. Since the judge says the rules will be non binding. What are you going to mediate on? The only reason he wants mediation is a settlement so it doesn't go to appeals. But the CDC is just going straight to the appeals court on July 18th. They will go to mediation but will not negotiate on anything. Why would they do that when its all non binding anyways? Appeals is the only way forward. Its silly that the judge is even trying to get a settlement when he said what they were doing was unconstitutional. If he believes that, he could have killed the CSO now and the CDC would have appealed ri
  10. Well I guess they will have to add language to expressly ratify the CDC CSO when they pass a new ATRA bill now that the old one is dead. Then this ruling can just go away or the Alaska season can go away.
  11. The scary part of that waiver is the close contact and being denied boarding at a port. So theoretically if you are on a excursion with a passenger that test positive after an excursion you could be handed the same fate.
  12. They will probably have to wait till July 18th to make the appeal. Lets hope a 3 judge appeals panel will have better jurisprudence when looking at the data and constitutionality.
  13. I agree, they would probably be forced to really lay out the CSO as constitutional in the next bill instead of just mentioning the certificate. That won't pass easily.
  14. Mediation didn't work then and mediation won't work now. It would have been better for the judge to lay out what in the CSO is constitutional if some of it is. If not then how do you know what to mediate? Seems like the judge just wants the ruling to stay and not get appealed so hoping mediation will solve that for him by getting a settlement. Unfortunately mediating something that the judge called unconstitutional seems like a path to nowhere. Hence appeals courts seems like the only path forward.
  15. Congress would need to pass new legislation which will surely be blocked especially now.
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