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  1. You mean the WHO we left earlier this year? Probably will change but yeah I agree something like that would do it.
  2. I guess that depends, can you get the virus and transmit it even thought your technically immune. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. If you have a vaccination you should be safe to travel. I mean you can wear a mask as a precaution but what else would be needed?
  3. Well, I guess what I am saying is that cruises usually have people from different countries. I can't think of a single cruise where I haven't seen someone from europe or asia. So it might be a good idea to create some type of international form of vaccination card or are they only going to allow americans on cruises in america until the virus is gone?
  4. Yeah its just ridiculous. Cruising with that many cases is like a recipe for disaster. Put that in context when the initial cruise ships were infected the cases were not high and now we want to start cruising with that number? Make absolutely no sense. I think even in Europe they shut down all the cruises rules or not.
  5. This is the most likely scenario. I suspect whatever rules are currently listed by the CDC will be changed drastically by February. They are talking like 250,000 cases a day in the US by January. They need to get some universal vaccinated card that can be used world wide. Might be a good idea to get the UN to help with that. So until the virus is irradicated world wide you need one of those to board the ship.
  6. They had it very rough in the beginning. NY will not let that happen again. They didn't have all the tools available that we do now to help people recover hence the bad mortality rate early on and also no tracing systems. Governments have to be really on top of their people and understand where things are going wrong and quickly get it under control. As long as we can get a majority of people to take the 3 simple steps that the CDC is telling us to do there won't be a need for a shutdown. I think NY even subpoenas you if you get infected and don't want to help them with contact tracing.
  7. That's the game they are all playing. Best not to feed them till this is over.
  8. Well its easy to understand once you look at certain people that declared victory on this virus when we had it down on one knee and turned their back and now its up with 2 more buddies who are all now wailing on you. As far as the cruise lines they are just going to keep taking peoples money so they can stay afloat. They really need that money since they are starting to get rid of their ships to stop the bleeding. Paying for a cruise right now without being close to an agreement with the CDC is just plain crazy. Once they are close to an agreement then yeah knock yourself out bookin
  9. The mask requirements and social distancing will be just temporary once they get more data on the efficacy of the vaccine. Which will happen as more and more take it. As for the vaccine, there are so many companies working on this I think we will see a huge surge in availability. They are already talking about a huge amount of doses at onset. I am sure you'll probably be able to go down to your local walmart or cvs and get a shot. Some people will hesitate and rightly so as we have not developed a vaccine in such short a time so there is some concern about long term effects on the vaccine
  10. Yeah, why do you think so many jumped on the vaccine bandwagon. Its all about the benjamins.
  11. Here is one. But there are a lot. https://www.newsweek.com/texas-woman-diagnosed-coronavirus-twice-four-months-1511197 A lot of them show around 2-4 month span. Which seems to correspond to the Spain study saying that antibodies don't last long.
  12. The last trials will probably be into 2021. The vaccine might only make you immune for a short period of time if its based on antibodies. So will take multiple doses over a period of time.
  13. I hope they have 6 billion laying around because they are going to need it.
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