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  1. Hi Babsi. So pleased to have found someone else on the same cruise :) We haven’t booked anything yet- have you? The ships excursions look quite expensive so we’ll probably do our own thing. I’m a little worried about pre-booking and paying though in case the weather isn’t kind to us, especially around boat/water activities. We are in Seychelles on Christmas Day and I don’t know what will be open so I think we will rent a car although I’d also like to see another island. What are you planning to do? Very excited :)
  2. Spambo2

    Costa Wifi Packages

    My teenagers have just realised that they'll be without the wifi unless they pay for it, which has caused mass panic and hysteria 🙂 I've searched and found some options but no prices. Does anyone know how much the social package and the full wifi package is please? Also either by day or for the length of the cruise? I think i need to include this in our budget or life as we know it will apparently stop! Thanks S
  3. Thank you so much - you've made me feel much better about things 🙂
  4. Spambo2

    Gala Dinners on the Victoria

    Thanks all. It's a rarity for me to dress up so I enjoy the novelty and sense of occasion :) although ill I'll be packing jeans and a t too!
  5. Spambo2

    Gala Dinners on the Victoria

    Hi We are sailing on the Victoria over Christmas and New Year for 14 nights. How many any gala dinners/black tie events do you think there will be? is there anything else that might catch me out like black and white night or other themed evenings? I'm looking forward to a spot of retail therapy and want to make sure I've got all my bases covered 🙂 thanks s
  6. I'm going on this one over Christmas. I love the itinerary - my expectations are very low of the ship and the weather so hopefully things can only be better 🙂 Please let let me know how you get on, I'm especially interested in the shore excursions.
  7. Hi We've only ever done fly/cruise before so have been limited by weight and luggage. Do you all still just use suitcases or is it better to take the majority of things in suit carriers to avoid creases/unpacking. How do you get your luggage on board? Again, I'm used to it going straight from the airport to the ship. If we're parking in Southampton do we take it to the ship with us or is there a drop off point? Sorry - if these seem like stupid questions
  8. Spambo2

    Saturday Night Takeaway UK TV

    My family is on this cruise - it fell perfectly in the Easter School Holidays and was a bargain price, plus my 3 teenage girls all love Ant and Dec so I booked it on a whim. Honestly, if it wasn't for the girls - we'd have stayed well away and I'm a bit nervous about it all but we can chalk it up to experience. I thought that the restricted access might be OK as I didn't think it would be warm enough to use the pool (never been this time of year) and we can get off for the majority of it in Barcelona. Stupidly, I didn't think about all of those free cabins they're giving away - that's probably the most off-putting about it. Plus - we probably wouldn't be going away if not on here as I struggled to get long haul flights for these dates without paying silly money and we already have our summer holidays arranged.
  9. Spambo2

    Tips for Saver Fares

    It's not the end of the world if we don't get them together, it would just make life a whole lot easier. My mum is a fit 81 year old. I have twin girl that will almost be 13 and my eldest daughter is 16. One of the twins wants to share with Grandma, the other two want to be together. They're good girls and I trust them - it's just other people I don't :). I would feel better with them sandwiched between us. Also the girls have a ton of stuff they share, think electricals, make up, etc so there will be much too'ing and fro'ing. Again not insurmountable. My biggest fear, which is something I've never ever considered on a cruise and makes me sound barking mad but... Sinking - it's just the thought of us being separated. I know it won't happen but I can't get the thought out of my head. The other option of course is for me and the hubby to split up and share. The girls would be absolutely thrilled with this :) i wonder if p&o would let me pay to upgrade to select fares? Although think of the fun we could have with the extra £2k....
  10. Spambo2

    Tips for Saver Fares

    Hi We got a great price on the Ant & Dec cruise (March 27). As we're a family of 6 (grandma, mum & dad and 3 teens) in 3 cabins it was almost £2000 more to opt for the Select prices and as it's all out of my pocket, I thought we'd be better off with that as spending money. I know we're allocated cabins and dining on arrival - however I'm looking for tips that would give us the best chance of getting these together i.e. getting there extra early, asking to pay on board, speaking to the Maitre D. What do you think is the likelihood of us being close together? I understand there's no guarantees of this was just looking for tips so all help gratefully received. Thanks in advance S