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  1. Where2next10, You brought up an interesting point, because I have identical situation with you. We can join forces to fight their fraudulent arguments. Please contact me at pochtazz at hotmail.com Thanks Tanya
  2. Be sure to check if the port is open, including for the cruise ships. Checking State Dept side might not give a clear picture.
  3. GastroGnome, according to this list, Spain is closed indefinitely. Norway thru August. German ports are not open. Travel and Tourism could be open, but not the cruise ports.
  4. Here is an interesting article “which cruise ports are closed” dated May 22, 2020. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/
  5. LMaraist, will follow your recommendations. Big thanks
  6. LMaraist, Did you reserved non refundable hotel directly with Marriott? If you don’t mind to give a hint What is the best way getting a refund for NR reservations? I booked Hilton FCO thru Expedia. Any help is appreciate. Thanks
  7. MightyMike, we booked B2B. The first leg is refundable and second non- refundable. My travel dates are in Oc. 2020. As of today, I don’t see how the cruises can happen, considering that all cruises are stopped thru mid of June- July. The ships are not even in Europe.
  8. Is it correct that if you have travel insurance or not, it has the same result. It doesn’t cover non-refundable deposit. So, what is a purpose of buying on?
  9. What are the chances not to lose the non-refundable deposit of $900. We are not interested in future cruises. We did purchase a travel insurance. It"s really hard to understand the explanation on the travel insurance cite. Please share any experience or recommendations.
  10. I booked B2B Cruises a year ago. Two months ago My husband decided to close one credit card. It’s happened the one we used for the deposits.
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