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  1. Fortunately you don’t both have to upgrade - many times I’ve upgraded myself (online or on the ship) and not my mum. Definitely worth the upgrade for me for the martinis and better wines. Wendy
  2. oh my goodness - even smaller world! Right to get it back on topic the Apex martini bar crew are the best ever and once they stopped laughing at me always made my drink perfectly and even made special ones for me. The last night I handed over some extra tips and they were practically in tears - and I’m only speaking $10/20 - I wished I’d thought earlier to keep ordering drinks as they would have got more built in tips.
  3. Oh my goodness - small world! I can speak Doric but don’t tend to - was brought up to speak “proper”!! some shoe shops survive - but not as many. My school does a lot of Highland Dancing but that is not one of my skills. And yes barmen tend to remember us as I always ask for half shots in martinis/cocktails - half the alcohol so I can enjoy them!
  4. Oh Canuck - this was my mum’s biggest joy running into past crew! From Anna in the coffee shop to Melissa the Captains Club host. People always say they are just pretending to remember you - well when they see me the first question is where is your mum! i didn’t hear any Glaswegian accents - in fact there were very few guests or crew from the UK on our sailing. yes, we are a couple of hours further north - Aberdeen.
  5. Definitely her! Even though proportionally The Retreat had more guests than the rest of the ship we had amazing service. Though to be honest that was the standard everywhere.
  6. I’m pretty certain that’s her! Her husband is also onboard.PS it is Denisa - found the birthday card she gave me!
  7. My mum says thank you! She honestly comes alive on cruises and I was so glad we could do this one, and in a suite. I always book speciality restaurants as soon as I board - after depositing mum at Cafe al Bacio! - but much easier in The Retreat. Deniza was lovely.
  8. She looks amazing for 87 - she has missed travelling so much. I was taking advantage of being in a suite (probably one of the few times I’ll be able to!) and booked it as soon as I boarded (about 12) with the concierge in The Retreat.
  9. Just be careful - Ian seemed to have a different menu last week so it seems to be changing!
  10. We were given a PCR one for UK reentry and honestly it was painless. Euro fin rep recommended it and I wasn’t going to argue!
  11. It wasn’t too windy - my mum is permanently cold hence the jacket! Yes, I was surprised re the menu change - I meant to post these photos a couple of days ago. I would have loved the foie gras!
  12. @Couple-Somerset I was on the 9th July sailing and yes I’d say the Retreat area was the busiest BUT still quiet and exceptional service. I would go to the main deck pool and be able to do laps and have it to myself! I’d think Dubrovnik will be your only time change - we had none with the Greek Islands. The app actually shows the time changes - you can look at any cruises on it. Wendy
  13. Just to show different the menu is - this from the Apex 9th July sailing - I think it was $139 each but I had so much OBC to use.
  14. @ian441672 thank you so much for all your posts - allows me to relive my Apex cruise! For next week, if you let the testers know you are returning to the UK they will do a PCR test so you won’t have to do both the antigen and PCR tests at that point. I’d also remind them at the appointment next week just to be certain. They are all onboard and enjoying the experience! Wendy
  15. Depending on when you eat it will be a “normal” dinner but the food is amazing. We loved the Edenists on Edge but the shows on Apex are very good also. On the 9th July sailing we did occasionally see them trying to sell the meals but I already had a 3 night package so didn’t stop to ask. Wendy
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