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  1. Loving your review! The crew are enjoying a lot of the guest areas. On Instagram you can see what they are up to using #celebritysilhouette. Do they same for the Edge - they all got a Balcony stateroom and some even got a suite - totally random and it has been lovely to see their faces! Obviously they are also doing drills and deep cleans but they are trying really hard to make it as fun as it can be.
  2. On Edge some are getting to enjoy the “Suite” life and practically all have been given a balcony stateroom. Whilst they are deep cleaning the ship they are also getting to enjoy being on the other side and eating in the MDRs etc.
  3. Noreen, I love your reviews so thank you! It’s bitter sweet though as I was supposed to be doing this itinerary on April 5th and now won’t be. So I can pretend through yours! Wendy
  4. Yes, Sue Denning was the Cruise Director this week on Edge.
  5. I’m in the same situation but with the April 5th Celebrity Silhouette - one says pending rest say expired. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
  6. Looks like we might have won a suite bid which makes us want it all the more. silhouette is one of our favourites too. And delighted by your news!
  7. Looks like we might have won a suite bid which makes us want it all the more. silhouette is one of our favourites too.
  8. Jim, I hope you have a wonderful time and that everything goes well. I’m hoping to be on the April 5th Silhouette sailing if the flights/cruise isn’t cancelled.
  9. I travel with my 86 year old mum, we are still going. We’ll take the usual precautions and she’ll take even more weeks of medicines than she normally takes. We are flying from the UK and are hoping to have a wonderful time.
  10. A body bag has just been taken off the ship and a crime scene set up. Looks like it was a fall onto a lifeboat. Just watched a live video from someone onboard.
  11. The work around works (making sure to change location to Unites States etc) - I just wanted to point out that the link those in the US can use doesn’t directly work for those in the UK and it wasn’t people doing anything stupid! I know I’m one of the first to think I’ve done something wrong rather than realising what works in one country won’t work the same one in others. Wendy
  12. As I’m now back in the UK I thought I would try the link again, but no, as I explained above it doesn’t work directly for us - it defaults to a sorry, this page cannot be found. Hence why we have to use a work around to check until/if we receive an email. In the past I’ve had an email and the links on those do work but only for that sailing. strangely the link did work directly in Poland! Wendy
  13. So glad I could help - I remember getting so frustrated when following other people’s directions and realising it just wouldn’t work in the UK. Enjoy Aqua class!!!
  14. To be fair in the UK it doesn’t directly work. What you have to do is scroll all the way to the bottom of the main page and change from UK to United States. Then once on US page use the search option for move up, then you can enter your reservation number and see if you can try. In all my cruises it has never appeared under manage reservation. Wendy
  15. Honestly there is so little difference in the rooms. Aqua used to have fancy showers but not any longer. In fact for one cruise we’ve dropped down to a window to save some money!
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