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  1. On the general topic of guarantees, I also would add that you could be likely to get one of the least desirable cabins in your category. It actually makes sense. People who choose to book in that category and pick their cabins pick the best (eg closer to mid ship). On the recent half-world cruise, we were assigned a cabin too near the bow for my liking, the most forward cabin in the category we picked. However, we later accepted a nice upgrade for a reasonable price, so it worked out OK. But I have learned to look at the "worst" cabin in the guarantee category and decide whether I would be hap
  2. Before we left the Amsterdam I asked Henk if I could leave my gala dresses on board for the Grand Africa followed by the 2021 world. He actually paused for a moment before saying "no."
  3. I would be waking up at a safari lodge in the Maasai Mara, returning to the Amsterdam and world cruise this afternoon on Mombasa, Kenya. [pout]
  4. How did you get a final statement? The last I got was a preliminary statement through 3/20.
  5. Given the Zaandam passenger deaths just announced on HAL's blog, I doubt corporate will make future cruise announcements today.
  6. And thanks for starting this thread. I was updating on Facebook and now on my blog (www.WriterOnDeck.com), so will just say here briefly that we had a long but uneventful day or so getting back to Dallas. I'm thankful to be one who can't stay awake on a plane so I mostly slept. I know we all have a lot of processing left to do. And my sister Elaine and I are self-isolating at home for 2 weeks to be absolutely sure we haven't contracted the virus in our travels. I hope others are doing the same. Thanks for following us -- I really appreciate all the comments on my blog.
  7. Having seen what the Zaandam is still going through, in highsight I think HAL made the best decision for us. At least the Zaandam has three HAL ships who can send medical staff and supplies to it. We would have been by ourselves in the middle of a very big ocean. And who could say that we would have been virus free on the ship (the Zaandam thought it was and it had been several days since it had been in a port -- although no one knows what illness is there yet)? Yes, there was risk in flying home, but also in the drive home from the airport.
  8. On the world cruise just now ending she still has sat near the Lido bar for a late lunch, usually with a glass of wine, and plenty of stop-by chats with crew and passengers. She also was a regular in the piano bar when Diane was performing. A rousing rendition of Hello Dolly on Diane's last night.
  9. Lots of betting going on here as to how many itinerary changes there will be, as no one thinks this will be the last. Some are putting their money on 10! (seems excessive to me). We'll just go with the flow. I for one don't mind the seven sea days in a row.
  10. A follow-up letter tonight from Capt. Jonathan saying that if you make independent travel arrangements to Indonesia and/or Singapore, you will not be allowed to return to the ship. I suspect that HAL is trying to protect our who had Asia. Our stop in Tonga today was only approved by the government last night; the last four cruise ships were denied stopping. (Interesting articled in the local paper online this morning, and some shop owners were not pleased that we stopped.) Obviously a lot more info to come, as Singapore was a segment end/beginning.
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