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  1. I read there was a jetski accident on an excursion in Bermuda and the lady passed away. Im thinking the delay in returning was due to this tragedy.
  2. Is beer served in can or cup? My dad will bring his Yetti if he can get it in a can. Can he request a can?
  3. My mom will be using a wheelchair off and on during cruise to Bermuda. What forms of transportation are wheelchair friendly? Can she use the free NCL ferry?
  4. First time having Specialty Dining Package. Can someone clarify how many apps, salads, desserts you can get before being charged. I think I understand only 1 Entree. Ive read so many different things on this topic and would like to know for sure my choices. I know Bayamo took the upcharge away. Looking at the menu can i order anything at no cost or is there a dollar amount limit? Im confused.
  5. My 81 year old dad, who is in good health, wants to experience the caves. Can someone tell me if this sounds like an ok idea. Are there railings to hold onto and adequate lighting?There will be a group doing this with him so its not like he would be alone. We could get someone behind him and in front.Thanks for any feedback. Just dont want him to slip and fall. On a totally different subject he wants to search for sea glass, any hot spots for that besides Sea Glass Beach?
  6. Were trying Castaway Bermuda. It accomodates up to 20 people and they supply all snorkel gear.
  7. I like the Bermuda triangle idea. Thanks to all.
  8. Will be in Bermuda with some serious shoppers August 7 - 9. Any recommendations for souvenir shopping stores? T shirts, hats, etc. I also heard I can get better prices on t shirts on the cruise ship towards the end of the week. Any advice would be great.
  9. Bare Foot Boat Charters in Bermuda. Excellent TripAdvisor reviews>
  10. I found Dailies for NCL Escape out of NYC to Bermuda that are from April. Does anyone have current ones or will these be ok to plan with? Not sure how often they change.
  11. Thanks njhorseman, Ill check out the NCL boards.
  12. I found Dailies for NCL ESCAPE out of NYC sailing to Bermuda. They are from April, does anyone have current ones or will these be good to plan with? Im not sure how often they are updated or changed.
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