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  1. I want to cruise

    Mesoamerican Reef

    Sailing on Getaway July 1, 2018. Can anyone recommend an excursion to book to see the reef? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the current list of officers. Does anyone have a comment on Zack Fiesch?
  3. Does anyone know the CD for Getaway sailing on July 1,2018?
  4. Dont have the time to look thru 19 pages. Does anyone know the Officers on Getaway July 1, 2018? Thanks.
  5. I want to cruise

    Officers List

    Does someone have an Officers list for Getaway in July ? Thanks.
  6. I want to cruise

    Cruise Director

    Who will be our CD on Getaway , July1, 2018? Thanks. Please share your thoughts of him or her:)
  7. I want to cruise

    Shuttle, Taxi or Uber

    Can someone please share what would be the most cost effective mode of transportation for a family of 6 to get from Miami Airport to Miami Cruise Terminal on July 1(Sunday) and the reverse on the 8th of July. Thanks for any advice. Should we separate into 3 groups or 2 groups?
  8. I want to cruise

    Wasabi Questions

    Can someone please elaborate on this restaurant? Share menu, do they offer comp sea day or no. Thanks:)
  9. I want to cruise

    The Final Voyage of the Norwegian Escape from Miami

    Enjoying your review so much. I feel like Im on the ship along with you. Can you tell me if the Dailies are pretty similar fleet wide?
  10. I want to cruise

    UBP Question

    bbryan5 , CALM DOWN I didnt have my contacts in and I misread
  11. I want to cruise

    Opening Up Balconies

    Ill update after my July cruise:)
  12. I want to cruise

    UBP Question

    Huh, now im confused. Guess ill find out onboard myself
  13. I want to cruise

    Drink of the day

    Thanks callmebetty:)
  14. I want to cruise

    Drink of the day

    On some of the Dailies I can see the drink of the day but on day 1, 2 and 5 on Western Caribbean on Getaway they dont list it. Can anyone help?:tropical-drink::cocktail::tropical-drink:
  15. I want to cruise

    The Final Voyage of the Norwegian Escape from Miami

    Mexican Street Corn. YUMMY:)