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  1. Also, the government of Bermuda issued new Outbreak Restrictions on Tuesday of this week, which include travel rules for immunized people. It requires applying for Travel Authorization 1-3 days before going there, upload of a negative pre-arrival test result, an arrival PCR test and quarantining upon arrival until receiving negative results of the arrival PCR test. Sounds like a complicated pre-cruise experience. Their Outbreak Restrictions also include a curfew, alphabetized shopping schedules and restaurant take out or delivery only.
  2. Cases have spiked significantly in Bermuda in just the most recent weeks. Higher than they've been since the beginning of the pandemic. CDC has Bermuda at level 4 "very high" and "Travelers should avoid all travel to Bermuda". I'm sure that's helping drop the airfare prices.
  3. OK this is bizarre. This is the new deployment flyer, with a brief "repo". Thought you couldn't sail from one US port to another without visiting a distant foreign port. Normally they don't list non-revenue sailings on these flyers.
  4. Freedom is also sailing from Cape Liberty to Bermuda in summer 2021 then returns to doing sailings from San Juan in November 2021
  5. Under cruise with confidence, how is it determined how much gets refunded to your CC and how much goes on an FCC? Website description makes it sound like everything you’ve paid goes on an FCC. But your example has almost everything except your original deposit refunded. Is this what happens if you’re before final payment?
  6. Just remember that 2009 H1N1 infected 60 million US citizens. 60 million! Over 12,000 US deaths. That president didn’t close anything. Didn’t declare a health emergency for 6 months. And didn’t get criticized for it every day.
  7. Got an email from Celebrity this morning about the situation and it reiterated the Cruise with Confidence policy of cancelling by 48 hours before sailing. Also stated their enhanced screening procedures. No mention of shutting down at all.
  8. OK. I think I also read here that you can apply an FCC to a fully paid cruise and then the amount is credited back to your credit card. Is this true?
  9. How quickly is an FCC issued for a cancelled cruise? I know for refunds back to a credit card you usually have to wait a few days, but is the FCC issued immediately (do you get an FCC # while you're on the phone cancelling, or an email or snail mail later?) I am seeing big price drops for my current cruise, but am beyond final payment. I may want to cancel and then use the FCC to re-book at the lower price and then use any remainder of the FCC on a future cruise.
  10. I echo the point about how taxi cost can quickly add up, when considered along with the resort pass itself. I wonder if a clever approach might be to take the $7 shuttle to Horseshoe and then get a taxi from there to Elbow or Coco Reef? Same for the return trip.
  11. I know the rules about not bringing food on or off the ship. But does that apply to packaged items you can buy in port? I’m thinking Bermuda Rum Cakes from the Dockyard shop. Was thinking of picking up a few to bring back home. Is it allowed or will I be in the naughty room? Thanks
  12. Just had to cancel today due to a back injury. So if anyone wants to try and grab it, it's available now.
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