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  1. Hoping Australia opens up by Nov. 2022. I am booked on a roundtrip New Zealand cruise from Sydney on the Carnival Splendor. I live in the U.S. and have traveled extensively but I've never been south of the equator. I am looking at staying a week before the cruise at the Lord Nelson Hotel and Pub maybe a 10 or 15 minute walk for the cruise dock. Anyone familiar with this hotel?
  2. I was told here in Virginia when my drivers license was about to expire I had to get the Real ID license. The cost was the same as the license before. I have a passport, Real ID, and a Global Entry Card. Actually global entry is worth it if you're flying in from another country. Last time I flew back from Panama there was a huge line going through immigration and I was the only person in the global entry line, put the passport into the machine, machine read it and printed a receipt, gave the receipt to the immigration person and walked right through. Also a few years ago returning from a
  3. I don't know if its been mentioned, but the last time I was on the Horizon January 2020 they discontinued the art auctions. May only apply to the Horizon, I really don't know.
  4. One thing not mentioned is if you fly into Heathrow you can catch a bus from Terminal 3 or Terminal 5 to go to Southampton. The company is National Express coach and you can purchase tickets online before you go. It takes you to the coach station in Southampton and you can take a short cab ride to your hotel. As well as being convenient it is also inexpensive. If you're adventurous and going from Heathrow to London you can now take the subway or the British say the "tube". If this is your first time to London I would recommend you take a shared shuttle service into London.
  5. I believe all cruise lines will eventually require the Covid-19 vaccination for both passengers and crew. It will probably be midsummer or early fall before the cruise lines can obtain the vaccine and begin vaccinating the crew. There can be exemptions for passengers who cannot receive the vaccination. There will be herd immunity if more then 70-80% are vaccinated. There should not be a problem for the few that will be unvaccinated but the medical staff on board should be prepared just in case.
  6. Princess has announce to sale of the Pacific Princess, buyer not identified. Pacific Princess is a "R" class ship same as the Azamara ships. This is just speculation but Sycamore Partners is probably the purchaser. If Carnival Corp. gets desperate enough I could see them reducing dramatically the HAL and Princess fleet and merging the two lines into one.
  7. You would definitely fly into and out of Panama City. Flew down last year and stayed for 6 nights. I would definitely book my hotel in Panama City and get a transfer to Colon the morning of the cruise. On the way you could plan a visit to the new visitor center for the new locks on the Colon side before you embark. Would not stay in Colon, Panama City has many improvements over the years but somehow Colon has not. There is now a major highway between the 2 cities. Copa Airlines now flies from many destinations in the U.S. to Panama City nonstop and is less then a 5 hour flight from Washin
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