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  1. Received our refund after 64 days.
  2. Yes PSR, you are correct. If a cruiser purchases the Meal Vouchers for the Land portion, gratuities are included: YOUR GREAT LAND DINING PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING MEALS ON THE OVERLAND PORTION OF YOUR LAND+SEA JOURNEY: Breakfast, including a menu entrée (or buffet, if available), plus coffee or tea and gratuity Box lunch on the Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour Lunch on the McKinley Explorer® with an entrée, non-alcoholic beverage and gratuity included
  3. The cruise transfers (at least the ones we have taken) are based upon your date and arrival of your flight. I am not aware of any "choosing" the time you can pick up your shuttle -- but things change all the time and maybe someone else has opinions on that aspect. Depending upon your arrival time, and the number of other people arriving at that same date/time, you may be asked to wait and then loaded onto the bus as a group. So you arrive at the airport, go to the baggage claim area and gather your bags and the find the signs/persons that say Holland America. Sometimes this process is quick, b
  4. It is true if you pre-book, you pre-pay. Advantage is date and time if you really have a preference. However, if you have a Mariner Society discount coming, they refund you the discount onboard the ship. Usually your ship charges will have that discount marked as Loyalty.
  5. We were on a B2B and it worked out seamlessly to carry the wine forward. If you have a concern, talk to your wine steward. You should not have any problems.
  6. I’ve never seen this promotion for HAL before and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it. Thank you!! We did this promotion a couple of years ago with a trip to Europe and it worked out well for us. It provided us with free airfare ($800 with HAL/FlightEase goes farther than booking yourself) and all the other perks. If there is a cruise you would like to go on, and this is a good deal for you, do not hesitate to book it.
  7. I would second "highland cruiser!" If this is your only chance to get there (meaning you are not going to travel to Bayeaux or any other place closer to Mont St Michel in the future) I would go. I have been to the Abbey, but not from Cherbourg. But I have been on other HAL marathon long shore excursions before and yes, they can be long and tedious. However, Mont St. Michel is something to see. No matter what you decide, have a great cruise.
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