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  1. Does any one have a current rate for buying Euros on O's ships? Please share. BofA will charge me $7.50 to ship to my branch unless I get 1,000 E. I do not need that many. The rate as of today is 1.1835. 500 E will cost me $591.75 plus $7.50. I might use an ATM but we are doing so many all day tours and it may get complicated.
  2. Delta has changed our flights not enough time to get thru passport control and then to the domestic terminal. We would need to spend one night in Amsterdam and catch our flight to Nice the next day. Please reply with names of hotel new the airport you would recommend. Thank you
  3. If you have flown from Lisbon after a cruise can you tell me if Delta has curb side check in? If not, how long can we expect to wait to get the bags checked in . Does Delta have those kiosks for self check at this location? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  4. Spoke with Delta to change to a day later it is just over $1,300 for the two of us. YIKES!! And the supervisor waived the $300 pp change fee. Then they said we could change to a flight that would go to Boston and it would cost $700 for the two of us. If we are not at the gate when they board we are out of luck as we would be stand by for the next available flight and who knows when that would be. The husband insists on extra leg room no guarantee of that I am not happy at all.
  5. Will try and change flights. Any suggestions on where to stay not far from airport/cruise terminal if possible. Have been to Lisbon many times. We generally stay at a pretty central location would like something not so far away.
  6. Problem is unless Delta changes our flight times we would face a large fee to change our flight to the next day. I plan to call them and see if they will work with me. I had been considering taking our bags off it is not easy with the large cases for a an 18 day trip. Have a van arranged for pick up. Thanks to everyone for your replies.
  7. Having difficulty using the new format. Delta latest flight from Lisbon is 11:45 to our home airport. The quote from Luggage Forward was $608. Not sure what we will choose to do. Still have to locate our bags and take them thru customs. If we could depend on their agent being there at the appointed time it might be the way to go.
  8. Thinking about using Luggage Forward. The person on the phone told me someone would meet us just after customs to take our bags at the cruise port in Lisbon. IF you have used this service can you share your thoughts please. Were they on time?? We have a short time from disembarkation to the airport. I have read about booked rides not arriving on time, lots of passengers seeking taxis, traffic jams and long lines at the airport. Only wish our flight was a bit later than 11:45. Was thinking it would make it easier for us as we do not have to get on line to check in our bags. We could also reserve a taxi vs the more costly Mercedes van. We have two large suitcases at 50 lbs each to ship. Will take our carry ons with us. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  9. We are arriving at the Lisbon port from Cadiz where the ship leaves at 4 PM If you disembarked an Oceania ship (not an overnight) what are the chances that the ship will be cleared prior to the 8 am disembarkation time? I understand the drive is not long but traffic and long lines at the airport could impact our prompt arrival at the departure gate.
  10. Great information from both of these posts. Unfortunately we are not doing an overnight in Lisbon. Disembarkation scheduled for 8 am and our delta flight is 11:45. O will NOT due transfers in this time frame. Our last experience with ship transfers was a disaster bus sat waiting while passengers had no clue where to bring their luggage and what bus they were on. NO thanks to 2 taxis we are not that adventurous especially with the short time we have. Have read before how long it takes in the Lisbon airport. Keeping fingers crossed and will take a chill pill on the day we get off the ship.😂
  11. Sun Transfer is the company I have been in contact with. I think the person is not a native English speaker. She finally got the message that we wanted to hire the van on a private basis and not share .
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