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  1. Hi All! Myself, my wife, and our two boys (13 and 11) will be cruising out of the port of Miami 4/6 and returning 4/10. We have SW points so will be flying Philly to Fort Lauderdale. We will land in FLL the day before the cruise on 4/5 at 1:05PM. We will be flying out of FLL the day after the cruise 4/11 (which also happens to be both my and my older son's birthday) at 2:35PM. I need to book hotels for the night we arrive and the night before we leave. Looking for something nicer to be part of the vacation rather than just a cheapo roadside stop. Would you recommend staying in the Fort Lauderdale area or the Miami area? Or maybe one night in each to check them both out? Any good experiences or specific recommendations for a family for a place by the beach? I don't know much about either area. Any suggestions for the best approach for logistics of getting to / on the ship? I have around 50k points with Hilton and another 50k with AA that I'll try to use for those nights. (Not to mention Avis points to get around) Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice!
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