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  1. For previous cruises I was living in Canada and booked through a big box store. Each time there was a price drop I let them know and they contacted Celebrity, sometimes getting more discount than I anticipated. We now live in the UK and have recently booked direct with Celebrity. I noticed a price drop today so called them. They said they would give us $300 OBC (which did not equate to the price drop), however they said that this would be a one-time only offer and if the price was to drop again no discount would be applied to our booking. Is this a UK thing? Is it best to cancel, lose your deposit and book again if there is a big discount? It seems a bit unfair that there is one rule for one and one for the other depending on where you live!
  2. Thanks everyone. I will give them a call tomorrow.
  3. We booked a future cruise on our recent cruise to Canada and New England. We were told the booking would be transferred to our travel agent and I was just wondering, in people's experience, how long this process takes. We were booked with a big box travel agent so I presume we will receive an email from them, but I would like to know how long before I need to contact them.
  4. We are currently on the Summit deck 7 midship. I have been pleasantly surprised how fast the internet has been!
  5. Only if you are interested in the points
  6. I meant a "coach" but I am from "up North" so to me they are all buses lol
  7. Personally I would book the later one. When we disembarked in Vancouver the Skytrain was not running and therefore all the taxis were taken. It doesn't stop running too often but there is always the possibility. Maybe best to give yourselves a bit of leeway.
  8. For convenience and cost I would recommend the bus. Your cases are loaded underneath for you and you can sit and relax, rather than hoping you find a seat on the train and that there are spaces on the luggage racks!
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