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  1. well said, i am a retiree and i am never surprised with the questions people ask related to this term.
  2. i think it goes by the amount of nights you have with the matching cruise line. i have 1200 nights with royal so i got the highest level. there are not many people that have more than 500 nights with 1 cruise line.
  3. alot of frequent cruisers call it diamond plus plus because it is twice the plus requirement. the dp340 thing does not work at christmas holiday time and summer break times.
  4. 2.5 years ago i joined 6 months ago they sent me notice that the program was switched to diamond and i was given a 2023 expiration date if i dont cruise. as it is kind of the middle to bottom on any other cruise line. black, i think sounds better. a cruise line should have unique level names.
  5. 1 i did 2 years ago 2 yes, they will be added later 3 status match takes only a day or two usually. they took my RC pinnacle and made it into MSC black in 30 hours. your welcome drink will be one drink. the black benefits are pretty good and black is the only level that gets the cocktail party.
  6. the 150% has saved me some money although i think it should be that amount from the start. i understand the room needs a net income but its not really fair to charge me for the second persons food,utitlities, flowrider....etc
  7. you should try MSC. i am a pinnacle on Royal ,filled out a form and they staus matched me to there highest level"black". the cabins were a little worse than royal, most of the food was better. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/manage-booking/msc-voyagers-club/status-match
  8. Hi Pinnacle here. I can certify that on empress 3 drinks and 1 table of highest points gets dinner with captain or possibly hotel director one time. That ship was a total waste of time. Not very high quality of people out of Miami smoking drugs in their rooms. I would not ever go back to this ship
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