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  1. No I was invited for the first five cruises that were just for pinnacle members and some assorted travel agents call center employees and news media. This 2nd batch of three cruises are just for people that are travel agents and people that signed up with Royal Caribbean back in January to be on a test cruise. The two different series have nothing to do with each other. I was sent an invitation for each one of the cruises and if I wanted to go on it all I had to do was confirm my acceptance. I chose the ovation because it was for five days and was longer than the other four However I was invited but if I wanted to could go on all 5 Time permitting , I flew out the day before stayed at a nice hotel and spent about $1100 For just myself to participate in the five day test cruise. The second batch of the three cruises that are assigned randomly are being picked completely differently out of 350,000 volunteers for the test cruise registration back in January thAt these people signed up for. For the original five cruises the pinnacle members did not have to do anything. We get invited to non-revenue cruises from time to time meaning when it’s a brand new ship will do a three or four day Test sailing before they have paying customers. There are many great reasons to join the pinnacle club and all you have to do is have 700 nights on Royal Caribbean.
  2. It was just about have you been around anyone with coronavirus have you had any symptoms it was it and there was no temperature or pcr test before or after or during
  3. The invitation received was one specifically for each cruise with all the details in the email of what I was volunteering for. I picked the longest one and that was Ovation. It was different for us as some of the pinnacles were invited individually for each one
  4. I was invited to five of these and you are entirely correct. I flew to Seattle because it was five days and that’s what made it worthwhile
  5. I take 10 to 15 cruises a year. next year I have 24 booked for a total of 270 nights. I spent $1000 flying out to Seattle to take the ovation test cruise last week and I would do it again just to be part of cruise lines returning to sailing safe. They need us to practice their protocols and then see how people respond this is very important and I am happy to help.
  6. The harmony trans Atlantic is on some of the other ones he acknowledged as being canceled
  7. Just talked to my travel agent who is extremely knowledgeable and has bought thousands of royal Caribbean cruises including more than 40 for me and he told me this is a hoax. It was re-posted here obviously from a hoax perpetrated over on FB which makes perfect sense because nothing is ever posted accurately there
  8. Hopefully. It really is inappropriate to wear a hat, a T-shirt, shorts or any one of a number of other things into a dining room
  9. I’m on the ovation right now and it clearly says no shorts except for at lunchtime
  10. Well that’s nice if they are Royal Caribbean employees everyone I asked was a travel agent
  11. Of course , 350,000 people that have gone on Royal Caribbean signed up to be potential test cruisers.
  12. I’ve seen about 20 pinnacles and there’s about 450 travel agents and I’ve talked to about 30 of them and 90% have never even been on Royal Caribbean cruises before. It’s very disappointing considering of all the really nice loyal diamonds and diamonds pluses that would’ve loved to have come.
  13. Last night got the Independence invite So I imagine mariner will be pretty soon.
  14. Royal Caribbean has only invited a very small group of people and I’m just trying to figure out what group they’re inviting from besides pinnacles. Thanks for the reply
  15. Mariner. not yet but I’ve got three invitations for symphony….leaving tomorrow morning very early to go on the ovation in Seattle can’t wait. I don’t know if it’s worth all this for two days but the one I’m going on has five days and I think that’s worth flying out there.
  16. Are you a pinnacle? If so I would say that just like with all the other cruises they call different times based on if you have the shuttle from the ship to the airport and all that kind of stuff or you can have Xpress walk off like I like to do and not count on anybody to destroy your luggage.
  17. I called to ask that exact question and after spending 40 minutes on the phone with them they told me that there was only 10 reservations made for the ship and that the rest will be made after the registration closes. I wasn’t asking for any reason other than because I need to book an air fare because we’re inside the seven day timeframe there is no cancellation . And I live 2800 miles away from Seattle so I want the confirmation before I book the airfare and hotel
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