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  1. My April 11th Anthem was cancelled, and then May 9th Grandeur got cancelled, so what do I do? I booked a May 31st Oasis from Cape Liberty. Am I crazy or just desperate for a cruise? Maybe both?👀
  2. Seeing how I didn't get a reply yet to this question, I did some additional research and I think I found my answer. First of all, I realize that my question is very confusing. Sorry about that. This info is regarding insurance for my March 2021 cruise. What I found out is that I do NOT need 2 insurances for the same cruise. RCL's includes the Cancel for "Any Reason" provision but you get the benefit in the form of cruise CREDITS (75% of the non-refundable prepaid cruise cost). The Travelex's is CASH refund at 75% of the trip. I haven't yet paid for RCL's insurance because final payment is not until December 2020, and since Travelex insurance is more comprehensive, I plan to keep that and drop RCL's from my booking. I welcome any additional thoughts or comments from an insurance agent or insurance-savvy expert.
  3. I'm going on a cruise this April and have another one reserved for March 2021 (both on Royal Caribbean). For the March 2021 cruise, I purchased travel protection insurance (RCL's) and an additional Cancel for Any Reason insurance (Travelex's), and I only paid the refundable deposit and final payment is due December 2020. If the Next Cruise dept during my April cruise offers me a better offer on the March cruise than what I already have (ie, lower priced cabin, more OBC, etc), then I will likely rebook it to get the better offer. But what happens to my 2 insurances? Do they transfer automatically to the new booking? Do they get refunded back to me or do I have to pay again? Looking forward to your response. Thank you!
  4. I'm new to RCCL. What is the benefit of moving the booking from the TA to Royal?
  5. Hey $79 pp for the day pass is a pretty good (low) price for the Beach Club IMO! On my Anthem April 2020 cruise, it's $199 pp and sold out (they limit the number of ppl so that it's not crowded) whereas my Allure March 2021 is offering $79. Both times, there will be 2 ships at Coco Cay.
  6. @DaniDanielle could you describe a little bit more about how it was the "nicest"? It will be our first time on Anthem (our first Royal Caribbean ship) in April. Thanks.
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