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  1. I've had 3 cruises cancelled on me by Royal. With refunds being issued in partial installments with no rhyme or reason, it has been a massive pain in the behind trying to figure out what refund is for what cruise. So frustrated, yet relieved that refunds are finally coming. Going now because I have more math to do...
  2. My April 11th Anthem was cancelled, and then May 9th Grandeur got cancelled, so what do I do? I booked a May 31st Oasis from Cape Liberty. Am I crazy or just desperate for a cruise? Maybe both?👀
  3. Seeing how I didn't get a reply yet to this question, I did some additional research and I think I found my answer. First of all, I realize that my question is very confusing. Sorry about that. This info is regarding insurance for my March 2021 cruise. What I found out is that I do NOT need 2 insurances for the same cruise. RCL's includes the Cancel for "Any Reason" provision but you get the benefit in the form of cruise CREDITS (75% of the non-refundable prepaid cruise cost). The Travelex's is CASH refund at 75% of the trip. I haven't yet paid for RCL's insurance because final payment is not
  4. I'm going on a cruise this April and have another one reserved for March 2021 (both on Royal Caribbean). For the March 2021 cruise, I purchased travel protection insurance (RCL's) and an additional Cancel for Any Reason insurance (Travelex's), and I only paid the refundable deposit and final payment is due December 2020. If the Next Cruise dept during my April cruise offers me a better offer on the March cruise than what I already have (ie, lower priced cabin, more OBC, etc), then I will likely rebook it to get the better offer. But what happens to my 2 insurances? Do they transfer automatica
  5. I'm new to RCCL. What is the benefit of moving the booking from the TA to Royal?
  6. Hey $79 pp for the day pass is a pretty good (low) price for the Beach Club IMO! On my Anthem April 2020 cruise, it's $199 pp and sold out (they limit the number of ppl so that it's not crowded) whereas my Allure March 2021 is offering $79. Both times, there will be 2 ships at Coco Cay.
  7. @DaniDanielle could you describe a little bit more about how it was the "nicest"? It will be our first time on Anthem (our first Royal Caribbean ship) in April. Thanks.
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