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  1. I fully agree with the previous comment, we love the Aqua cabins because of the overhang, been under solarium many times without any issue, and Blu is terrific.
  2. Thanks for the quick response, that’s what I thought, a bummer.
  3. I’ve yet to see a question or comment regarding the balconies, if they can connect to the one next door like the traditional balconies do now.
  4. I was very surprised to see the balcony configuration that creates a large number of restricted view balconies.
  5. Who really sails for the loyalty points? That’s the farthest thing from my mind when booking a cruise. Itinerary, ship and reputation top my list. The perks that come with points are really over hyped.
  6. Just curious, why would you want to know what you are going to eat for lunch two months from now. Their are so many alternatives on the ship, I can’t imagine you won’t find something to your liking.
  7. We always bring a small gift as a gesture, something like a nice box of chocolates or similar. We enjoy having a friendly relationship with our room steward and wait staff, it makes for a more pleasant experience.
  8. You have to be careful because part of the trip you will be connecting to Canadian cell towers, can be quite expensive, check with your provider for the right package. Having said that, I’m a proponent of turning off you phone for 23 1/2 hours a day on your cruise, you’re on vacation, leave it alone and relax, life will go on without you for two weeks.
  9. I’m always amazed at the interest people express about internet utilization on the ships. IMO, I want to get away from all that stuff when on a cruise. I can see checking once or twice a day if you have any important messages, but beyond that you might as well stay home. Yet on every cruise I see people constantly checking phones and pads for various things. Come on folks, you’re supposed to be on Vacation !
  10. It is my understanding that they changed the Classic plan last year so you can now buy better wines and just pay the difference, same as premium.
  11. Can’t go wrong with Celebrity in Alaska, same experience as Princess, except Celebrity goes to Hubard glacier. Princess does offer more choices of itineraries due to the six ships in the region versus only two for Celebrity. Balcony room is a must.
  12. Have you ever seen the photos of the plastic islands in the pacific, they are huge, and guess where the plastic came from, just look in your mirror.
  13. You’re a real big help toward solving a problem, better idea would be for you to stay home.
  14. We encountered the same situation several months ago, had to cancel three days prior to cruise. The most important document you need to submit is the letter from the doctor, and the second important letter is one from Celebrity detailing what you paid and what credits they provided, which includes the port fees and taxes. Celebrity issued our credit within days without us having to even request it. I contacted the Captains club and they assisted in providing the letter detailing the charges and credits, they indicated this was a regular request they deal with. The email letter from Celebrity came within an hour. I filed everything online, but it still took a month to get reimbursed.
  15. love people like you, makes more room for the rest of us who still enjoy Celebrity.
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