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  1. Those are some lovely suggestions, Andrew, and probably more enjoyable than visiting a congested capital.

    Joy, if your group are keen not to miss London, you could catch the train to Fenchurch Street, walk five minutes to the Hop on Hop Off bus stop by the Tower of London, do a 2-3 hours bus tour, have a break overlooking the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, then head back to Tilbury. If they can cope with a moderate hill there are river cruises from Tower Pier nearby, and these can be combined with The London Eye, though that might involve queuing. Lots of choices!

  2. We saw the Pullmantur Horizon in Tenerife when we were there on QE in December. We were only a few days after you were there. I looked it up when we were home and found such amazing prices and so began researching. There really isn't much info. out there so I was really glad to see your review and found it very helpful. I was worrying about language issues, but you have sorted that for me. I have a couple of questions if you can answer please.


    What time was the emergency drill on the first day? I couldn't find it on the daily newspapers. Once a few years ago when we were in Gran Canaria on a cruise stop and had a late departure, there was another ship in that was embarking passengers that day, and as we left at about 10.15pm, their passengers were standing outside doing their emergency drill:o


    Coffees. Do they have speciality coffees and if so can you remember costs of cappuccinos? We don't drink much alcohol so coffee is what we enjoy.


    Special diets. You might not have any idea about this, but do you know if they are catered for over much?


    Thank you very much. It sounded like you enjoyed your cruises.

    Maz, you asked about coffees. See cocktail menu on post #11 for list of cappuccinos, espressos, etc. included in package, which I really enjoyed. These are served in Café Moka and the bars, and I drank filter coffee at the buffet.


    This is a great thread and it's helpful to have so many images with info to check. Thank you, Tiger 91, for taking the time and trouble to post them and to answer questions.


    I did the short version of this cruise twice last year - both great value. Someone said the cabins look small. In March I had a balcony then in Dec an inside cabin and both were well laid out, comfortable, and I slept well.


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  3. Forgive my delay replying, and thanks very much for sharing this, Dundee Cake. Here are some thoughts from my trip:


    Our embarkation was 1400 for a 1900 departure, then we were told the latest we could board was either 1545 or 1630 - we'd have liked to have seen more of Liverpool.


    We took water on board without query. There was a buffet when we arrived. The food was fine, though the hot buffet dishes could have been refreshed more often.


    There was a choice of tea bags, decaf and standard coffee, though no chocolate. Staff had to fill urns with jugs of water, causing several queues of Brits waiting for hot drinks. Asking for soya milk caused consternation.


    The service at the pool bar was slow, forgetful, and I had to borrow a drinks menu from the bar, so they missed several potential sales from us. The fruity cocktails tasted weak, sweet and artificial.


    The main restaurant had examples of the dishes outside. This was useful, but some were congealed and quite unappetising.


    We found the main shows amateurish, though we didn't mind that. We enjoyed the cabaret, despite/ because the deputy ents manager didn't know some of the songs he was singing.


    Our cabin steward was friendly and hard working, but several staff were disengaged. A steward with limited English rushed up flights of stairs to show us our cabin, ignoring our struggle to keep up and not offering to help with bags. Our dinner waiter seemed annoyed when I asked for more courses than my companion.


    CMV staff on customer service and on the ship gave contradictory information - it was unclear that there were free and regular shuttles into Dublin, and we were given two deadlines to return to the ship in Cobh.


    We had low expectations of our long weekend deal, so overall we were pleased, but I can see why the reviews are so mixed.

  4. I'm about to go on Marco Polo, so I hope you don't mind me widening this out from cabins to general tips.


    Drinks station: Are the teas and coffees of a reasonable quality? Is there much choice, such as sachets of hot chocolate, peppermint tea, etc? Is it right that the only drink station outside mealtimes is out on deck, and that it shuts at midnight? I thought about bringing a flask to fill, since we aren't allowed a kettle in the cabin.


    Dis/Embarkation times: Our cruise is due to sail at 1900 but our embarkation time is 1410, with embarkation closing at 1545. Coming home, they said it takes 90 minutes before they start disembarkation. To me, this seems like a long time to be 'processing' passengers. Is it the same on port days, and should we allow two hours to be back to the ship before sailing time?


    Food: If we board the ship around 1430, is there likely to be a welcome buffet, or should we expect to wait until the afternoon tea?


    Drink: I know that they search for alcohol, but can we bring bottles of water on board with us?


    Toiletries: Are there shower gel/ hand wash dispensers in the standard cabins, and are other toiletries provided?


    It's my first time with CMV, so all advice would be appreciated - thanks very much.:)

  5. I'm doing a weekend break to Ireland on Marco Polo. I'd agree that customer services were less helpful than their competitors - I got vague and sometimes conflicting answers. Should I expect much motion crossing the Irish Sea? Do people dress up much for the formal night? Travel kettles are banned, but is this enforced, and does the tea/coffee station have sachets of hot chocolate? Any other tips for CMV newbies? Thanks.

  6. I haven't seen sample menus online. On Horizon, each night's menu had three or four fresh choices for starter, main course and dessert, along with regular choices including Caesar salad and braised beef cheek with mashed potatoes. Premium choices including giant prawns cost 10 euros extra. Main choices included confit duck, rabbit, fish, pasta, risotto & vegetarian dishes. We were invited to choose one starter, main and dessert, and you could try other choices in the buffet if you want.


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  7. Hi there,

    I'm just back from Pullmantur Horizon, so thank you very much for all your useful advice, particularly Kim, which helped me with packing.

    For others' benefit, around 70 per cent dressed up for the Captain's Gala Night (I wore a cocktail dress), though some at my MDR table didn't.

    As Kim says, there was dancing each afternoon by the pool (except when it was too windy). The pilates class in the gym cost 6 euros, and there was a range of activities such as quizzes, though less than with other lines I've been on.

    The muster drill was short and done in the theatre, rather than out on deck.

    I didn't try the internet and found plenty of Wi-Fi except in Casablanca, where I was on an excursion.

    That excursion cost 39 euros for four hours to Rabat, including the main mosque and a shop in Casablanca.The guide spoke English and Spanish.

    There weren't port shuttles at Tenerife, Lanzarote or Casablanca, and I was advised to take a taxi or walk. There's a local 3 euro shuttle at Malaga, not well marked and every 15-20 mins, so I missed it and walked.

    On the first day I won the competition for one of two spa treatments. My massage was pleasant, but I would have been disappointed if I'd paid full Steiner price for it.

    As stated, most staff spoke English, though announcements began in Spanish, as the majority of the passengers were Spanish. There were more English speakers than I expected, and the entertainment included Beatles and Abba nights.

    The staff were hard working and friendly, the all-inclusive was generous, and overall, I thought it was great value for money.

  8. Thank you very much for the help and advice, really useful.

    That sounds scary at Barcelona! :eek:

    Probably for another thread, but those issues remind me of Costa. I'd bought the drinks package online but it didn't show up and they couldn't guarantee payment hadn't been taken. On disembarkation day I was told I could leave my bags as I had a late flight, then the security guard wouldn't let me back on the ship because my cruise had finished, ignoring the luggage token I showed him. I had to find someone else to let me on while his back was turned!.

    I'll let you know how my short Spanish cruise goes, and thanks again.

  9. Thanks very much for advice. I've gained more idea about what it's like to be a solo English speaker on Pullmantur from this forum than anywhere else. I'm sailing on Horizon soon, so I'd be grateful for any tips:

    • Did most ladies wear dresses on the formal night?
    • Did they have exercise/dance by the pool, yoga in the gym, and so on? Karaoke?
    • Was the muster drill done early, and did it take long? It seems passengers embark and disembark at most ports.
    • Were the internet packages fairly priced/ reasonable speed?
    • Were the excursions good? Some look reasonably priced.
    • Did they charge for port shuttles, and were they disorganised?
    • Did anyone try the spa, and how would they rate it?
    • Any other advice and tips?


  10. I'm sailing on Horizon soon, so I'd be grateful for any advice about sailing with Pullmantur.

    • Do most ladies wear dresses on the formal night?
    • Were there activities where not speaking Spanish doesn't matter so much - karaoke, exercise/dance sessions, morning walks and so on?
    • Was the muster drill done early, and did it take long? It seems passengers are embarking and disembarking at most ports.
    • What were the internet packages like?
    • The excursions look quite reasonable - did anyone try them? I presume English speakers stay near the guide for a summary of the talk?..
    • Did anyone try any spa treatments? If so, what did you think, and were they sales orientated?
    • Also, were the photographers pushy, like on some other lines?
    • Any other advice and tips?


  11. Hello,

    I've scanned the leaflets with the different offers available this May, which may help you choose.

    You'll see the AI adult and young offers are on the same leaflet, and I scanned it twice to get it to fit.

    It says that the All Inclusive Young Beverage Package can only be purchased in companion with an adult AI Beverage Package, and only be purchased for guests between 4 and 17 years of age. Presumably, this is to stop people sneaking in hip flasks! :D Children less that 4 years of age do not pay.

    The Boys and Girls offer of 20 non-alcoholic drinks was €54.99 in May, saving 20%.

    Hope this helps. :)

    adult AI 05 14.pdf

    packages 05 14.pdf

    young AI 05 14.pdf

  12. There are several packages which may suit modest and non-drinkers.

    A water package offers bottles of water with meals, also there are wine and soft drink packages.

    I tried the AI deal in May. I bought it on the second day, saving €23.50. I enjoyed trying new drinks, but quickly realised I was drinking for the sake of it, and most enjoyed fresh, sparkly water, capuccinos, and the delicious coffee ice cream at the rear pool bar (cremafredda? Like a latte slushy!). The wine at dinner was ok, but nothing special.

    Happynew, if you take thermos drink holders you can take away water, ice, etc from the lido buffet. They don't like you refilling water bottles, for hygiene reasons. Also, for the first time, they refused to serve tap water at dinner, so they are getting a bit stricter.

  13. Not sure which shuttle you mean - if it's a paid one, details should be on your paperwork.

    Here's a link to Costa's How to reach Venice port:


    As the others said, Venice can be hard work, but still well worth seeing. There are many, many bridges, often clogged with people struggling with cases, though I believe there are porters available.

    I've stayed on Lido, facing the main island, which has cheaper hotels, a more relaxed, resort atmosphere and beaches. We caught a waterbus from the airport to Lido, crossed the road to our lovely hotel, then the next day caught the No 1 waterbus all the way down the Grand Canal to Piazza Roma, with great views all the way - felt like James Bond.

    Don't miss the sailaway from Venice, and hope you have a great holiday.

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