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  1. Well I finally did it after weeks of considering it, bought 200 shares today (100 @ $8 and 100 @ 8.30). I regretted not buying it when it got down to $8 last week or whenever that was. Was only planning to buy the 100 shares as a long term investment and for the OBC perk, but I'm hoping it will jump back up to $15-$16 rather quickly again so I can sell off 100 and make my money back and still have my 100 shares for the long-term haha. We will see how it goes. I'm a bit nervous since most of the experts seem to be saying it's too risky to buy right now, but I was seriously considering buying it when it got down to $20 so I couldn't pass it up after it dipped this low a second time haha.
  2. Well someone on this thread plainly said that they were never going to issue the refunds, and your posts certainly hinted at. I didn't say you said anything about Carnival going bankrupt? I made a comment on that being the only scenario that would effect the refunds .. Cruise prices currently are WAY down from what they were a month ago for later this year, next year, all of them that I have looked at. Again, if the customer waits until the industry is back up and running to use the FCC, that's a bad decision. Prices will go back up, but they are currently down so there's no logical reason to choose FCC but not book at these low prices. The same people who help you book cruises are the same ones who cancel them? So I'm not sure how you're able to get through to book a cruise but not to cancel one. I had no problem getting through on Monday after a 30 minute wait and both cancelled and rebooked on the same call. That's how most people are doing it, not two separate calls. Or you can even do it yourself online. I don't have time to explain basic concepts of how refunds and payments work in general, but they are very much different processes. Clearly Carnival doesn't care who's paying or how they are paying when they take a payment. Refunds are a much more meticulous, manual process when there are multiple people on a reservation and payments from multiple sources (for my cruise alone I paid on 3 separate Carnival gift cards and 3 separate credit cards). Add to a manual process hundreds of thousands of refunds to be processed when the Company has been equipped to process a fraction of that each day, it's just common sense that it will take time.
  3. This is a huge reach. From what I've read Carnival has $12 Billion of liquidity currently, they have no lack of funds to issues these refunds. The delay is clearly due to the unprecedented number of refunds they are having to process at once. It takes time. I have no doubt Carnival will have some struggles coming out of this whole shutdown, but to make inflammatory claims like this is just irresponsible.
  4. While I don't think it will be the case, I've definitely had the thought of what if Carnival doesn't make it out of this and now they are holding onto over $2-3k of my money that I may never get back if they go bankrupt. Unfortunately for me, I paid primarily with Carnival gift cards so I went ahead and used the FCC to rebook another cruise for next year since I wouldn't be getting my actual money back anyways, just gift cards. If I hadn't paid most of it on gift cards though, I probably would have seriously considered getting the actual refund and waiting to rebook once things are at least back up and running again.
  5. Wouldn't your FCC just be what you paid? It shouldn't matter what is cruise price vs. OBC, what you paid it what you paid and that is what your FCC or refund will be.
  6. I'm assuming my cruise is going to be announced as canceled today (5/9/20), so thinking ahead to and have a few questions if anyone has experienced this and can help: Is carnival able to give a breakdown on how money will come back to us? For example, I've paid for a drink package, 2 excursions, a funshop purchase, and prepaid gratuities. Some I paid with giftcards but I have no idea which ones/how much. It's going to be a pain to figure out how the money is coming back to me if they can't break it down for me. Has anyone used their FCC credit to book two different cruises? Based on the current prices and what I currently have in this one, it is way more than I need to rebook just one so I was hoping to be able to split it between two but I read somewhere that in the past that wasn't allowed. If that's not allowed, where does the extra credit go, just more on board credit? If I end up with that much OBC (would be over $1,000 if I get the $600 plus any excess over what the new cruise will cost), can I buy a drink package with it? I assume I can only do that if I wait to purchase it when I get on the boat which sucks since the price will be higher but want to make sure I can at least do that because otherwise I have no idea how I will use that amount of OBC. Can the FCC be applied to a cruise that's already booked? I'm thinking of putting a deposit down on one before others start rebooking just so I can save my room. If I previously used a casino rate and will most likely rebook under a casino rate does anyone know what number I need to call? Thanks everyone!
  7. Following! We are doing this itinerary 5/9/2020 ... sooo far away.
  8. Thanks for the response, since it says they move your luggage for you to your new room on Carnival's website when do they actually do that? I'm just confused how we could be out of the first room in time and where they will be taking my luggage if the second room isn't ready yet. I guess the room being ready really isn't a big deal as long as they are handling my luggage and I'm not having to carry it around the ship.
  9. We are looking at possibly booking a back to back in may 2020. We are booking only one of the two cruises now but are hoping we will end up being able to book the other one. Since we're not booking them at the same time, I assume we will end up with different rooms. My question is, will our room on the second cruise be ready early? I've read that they move the luggage for you to your new room, but just curious how that works if rooms aren't typically ready until 1pm or so. Would there be any benefit in getting FTTF in that situation or will the room be ready early anyways since we're doing a B2B?
  10. Folllowing. I am on the Conquest on May 5th. I'm glad I found this thread because I also have FTTF and I picked a 4:00-4:30 boarding time but it would be amazing to be able to board earlier. I guess I will call too and see what they tell me for Conquest.
  11. Has anyone been on the Bob Marley Bus Adventure? I would love to hear anyone's opinions on the tour. My biggest question is how bad is the ride. I have read a few reviews that talk about how it made them have motion sickness and that's what I'm most concerned about. Thanks!
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