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  1. Booked for May 30, 2021...feel great about it!
  2. Never had an issue bringing snacks. I bring them in my big purse or the backpack when checking in at the port.
  3. A woman who pushed a small dog in a stroller, literally everywhere. And the dog and the stroller were color coordinated in elaborate outfits and decorations. If the dog had on a frilly yellow dress and bonnet, the stroller was decked out in yellow flowers, etc. Pink dress...pink stroller. Every day a different elaborate outfit. And if you were lucky enough to be stuck in an elevator with them while she fluffed and primped the poor thing, that little dog would just stare at you...like he was pleading for help.
  4. No, you can pay any amount you choose. You can log on and pay $25 a month until you reach your fair share...or you can pay for the entire cruise for all three of you. The site doesn't limit anyone how much they pay with regards to cruise fares and what person # they are in the room.
  5. It's just a flat rate for the cabin. It's under your name because you bought it. 🙂
  6. I think they're marketing the pressed juices similar to what you'd find at a cold press juice bar. Like the #1 is carrot, ginger, lime, cayenne. #5 is apple, kale, spinach, parsley (a green juice). $5 is still high, but it isn't just OJ.
  7. Great thinking! That's a ton of money saved!!
  8. Why are you thinking they won't ship? Just curious.
  9. That would be fun! Or a small $5 Dunkin or similar gift card.
  10. Yes!! Worked great for her! Two is apparently the limit.
  11. Thanks guys!! I'll tell her to split it up. 😀
  12. Asking for a friend. She's been trying for two days to purchase rewards for good Carnival cards for her upcoming final payment, but each time she gets to the check out, the website freezes and it won't proceed any further. We've tried different browsers, even her phone. Do they limit how many cards you can purchase at once, and could this be the reason for the hiccup?? She's got plenty of points, and is attempting to purchase three $500 and two $100's for a total of five cards. Is anyone else having issues lately? I purchased a single $100 card without issue yesterday.
  13. We did a cruise with almost the same amount of people as you have (2 kids, 2 parents, 2 grands). We booked two adjoining balconies, but on the reservation I put one of my kids on the grandparents room so we for sure both had rooms that slept more than two (one room had a pull out couch and the other had pullman beds). The kids took turns "sleeping over" on the pullman with grandma and grandpa. It was also nice for naps with the younger one (she was almost 4 when we went and still needed naps most days)...I could put her down and then go over onto my mom's balcony and read a book or watch tv in the room while she napped in quiet.
  14. I'm not sure if this will work for Carnival, but on RCCL this worked and works for each cruise they take. My friend does not drink, but her husband does. Her doctor gave her a letter stating that due to medication interactions she can't drink alcohol, and RCCL allowed just her husband to purchase the package. It may be worth a try to see if your mom's doctor would write a similar note, if you would rather try for the package?
  15. As the before said, it's not per day...you pay for the entire amount up front. So if you're on a 7 day cruise, and you purchase it ahead of time or on day one when you board, you pay the current day rate times 7 plus tax/tip/gratuity charge. And no, you don't get any refund if you don't drink on particular day.
  16. There isn't really a set time when it'll come available, but it eventually will. Check often, and check several times a day if you can. I was able to snag it just this morning for our cruise in October. I've read that early morning is best. I saw it, bought it, refreshed the page...and it was sold out again.
  17. It was taken in daylight, I have no idea how busy they are at night. But my concerns aren't just with sleeping hours...it's also the privacy aspect of the balcony. It seemed you could practically participate in conversation with the hot tubbers.
  18. Oh gosh, this is my exact worry 😳...and I'm NOT a worrier over details like this, typically. But this is kinda stressing me out. We're in 6310 on Magic and I didn't think a thing about it when we booked the room until I saw a video someone posted from that same room on a vlog...and RIGHT out the balcony was a hot tub and it was packed with very happy people. So now I'm a little concerned. I tried to move my room with Carnival but was told that I'd have to pay an upgrade to another deck as the only available rooms in our category are in even less ideal locations, bummer.
  19. You can get breakfast, but I don't think they'll allow you to lounge too long by the pool (unless you eat breakfast very early). They like to get people off so that they can prepare for the next group coming on (usually around 11:30 am). Also, I've found the earlier off the ship you are, the less line you have for customs. The later off the ship, the longer the customs line...so with kids that may be something to consider?? Here's what I found for breakfast times on debarkation day: The main dining room serves breakfast 6:30am-8:30am (open seating) The lido restaurant serves breakfast 6:30am-9:15am Cafe on the Way is open 6:30am-9:30am
  20. Right, the OP stated change names in the title of the post "change names without a penalty". But absolutely, adding a name is not the same as changing. I should have read the whole post, not just the title. Ha! 😊 We're getting ready to do just this with a graduation cruise for my son...we don't know the name of the friend coming yet, so we'll add a name later, just put myself on one room and my husband on the other.
  21. NAME CHANGES A name change is the cancellation of one guest and the addition of a new guest on a booking. An original guest must remain on the booking, otherwise, this is considered a full stateroom cancellation and applicable cancellation penalties will be assessed to the original guests; new guests will be subject to prevailing cruise and air rates. Please note: Carnival reserves the right to impose restrictions on name changes based on special circumstances at a sailing level. For bookings that do not include airfare booked through Carnival, and not booked under a restricted/non-refundable fare*, there is no charge for a name change. *Restricted and Non-Refundable fares include the following but not limited to these promotions: Early Saver, Pack & Go, Super Saver, etc. If your booking is made under a restricted/non-refundable fare*, please check the Terms and Conditions of the specific promotion to see if name changes are permitted. If name changes are not allowed, the original guest will be subject to a non-refundable deposit (or full fare) or applicable cancellation penalties. An additional deposit will be required for the new guest. The following name change guidelines pertain to bookings that include Carnival's Fly2Fun Flexible Air and Restricted Air: If you have booked Fly2Fun Flexible Air and it is outside of the penalty period, there is no fee for a name change; the new guest will need to purchase a new air ticket at prevailing rates. If you have booked Fly2Fun Flexible Air and it is within penalty period, the original guest is subject to applicable cancellation penalties (plus a $200 service fee if within 60 days prior to sailing); the new guest will need to purchase a new air ticket at prevailing rates. If you have booked Fly2Fun Restricted Air, at the time of booking, the air is non-refundable; the new guest will need to purchase a new air ticket at prevailing rates. To make a name change or to find out the exact fees that would be charged on your booking to do the change, please give us a call at 1-800-438-6744 and our Guest Services team will be more than happy to assist. Please note, if you are booked through a travel agency, you will need to contact your travel professional for assistance.
  22. As in ON the ship?? I had no idea! Well that changes things.
  23. We're also pretty set on taking our son and a friend on a graduation cruise next summer (eyeballing both Galveston and NOLA departures in August 2020). And side note, still in denial my little 5 lb 14 oz baby is graduating high school next year as a 6' 2" man...noooooooooo! 👶👨‍🎓😭 These are some fun recommendations, I especially like the idea of giving the boys the goodie bags! Also planned on room decor, a little money on their sail cards, casino play, specialty restaurant one night, a "legal" beer in Mexico, etc. I do wish that CCL had a mid level drink package like RCCL has. Like they have one that includes non alcoholic drinks, soda, specialty coffee, etc. CCL is just soda or booze. I'd like to get them that, as well...but doesn't look like that's going to happen.
  24. I so enjoyed reading this and following along with you! Now I want to go on vacation with you!! Ha!
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